Princess Nanaia Mahuta not dumping Labour for Maori party… yet

Nanaia Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta

Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta is leaving the question of her own future open and doesn’t think the Maori KingTuheiti’s rejection of the Labour Party will have an impact.

Last weekend at celebrations at Turangawaewae marae in his honour King Tuheiti spoke positively about the Maori Party and Mana Party leader Hone Harawira and said he would not be voting for Labour again.

Ms Mahuta told TVNZ’s Marae program on Sunday “it was a statement made by an individual albeit the king”.

“His statement, going into politics, is out of step with his mother and previous kings,” she said.

She doesn’t think it will “shift politics” because it will be seen as a statement of an individual.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox told the program the king’s statement was remarkable.

“People say kingitanga should not be getting into politics but they should remember the movement was born out of politics,” she said.

Ms Mahuta left the question of her future open when asked about speculation she is considering stepping down.

She says this question “gets asked every three years” and any politician worth their salt should ask if they have done their time.

Pressure on her to ditch Labour will be huge.  But if she does there will be no going back.  But back to what?  At least with the Maori Party she is likely to be part of coalition government that is going to get some concessions in exchange for Confidence and Supply.

She has ambition, in spite of being one of the laziest and lowest performing Labour MPs (and that’s a title that a lot compete for), she ran for the party leadership.  This means her self-image isn’t quite how the public perceive her.

Not loved in Labour either, the manban on the back burner, this is definitely the time for her to make a move.


– NZN via Yahoo! News

  • Nige.

    Well if she’s gone to the trouble of wearing her “maoridom” on her face then she should put her money where her mouth is (literally) and jump ship.

    I don’t see her tattooing LABOUR across her forehead.

    Decision should be easy.

    • Ruahine

      I think with Nanaia it is really a matter of putting your mouth where the money is.

  • Seriously?

    It is a shame that Ms Mahuta may be considering an end to her political career, or the need to jump waka. She has achieved so much for her people from within Labour. The list is so long I cannot even begin to list it as to do so would mean I have to leave out massively important things. I cannot even give a single example as they are just so numerous. She is tireless. Relentless. A crusader. A game-changer. If she left politics, well, it would never be the same.

    She is second only to Hone.

    National and John Key on the other hand… Sure you can point to actual things they have done and are doing. But such lip-service is not better than no-service. Give me a stanch failure any day.

  • Dave

    Her real value can be determined if she was brave or foolish enough, to resign from politics and put her unique mix of skills to the private sector.

    Im sure a major corporate would lap up the opportunity to have someone as well qualified as her within their ranks.

    • biscuit barrel

      Its mostly a completely different skill set. Its like saying someone from marketing can be mayor. Same goes for military

      • Dave

        Sometimes you need to read between the lines BB, it’s dripping in sarcasm, in my opinion she has no marketable skills for the private sector, but perhaps a Maori organisation might want her to look after their businesses and investments!

  • biscuit barrel

    ““People say kingitanga should not be getting into politics but they should remember the movement was born out of politics,”
    Thats rewriting history, first those maori leaders who thought the Maori people would be better with a king were conciously copying the Europeans, as some had been to England to meet Queen Victoria. Historically the previous kings/queen had stayed out of party politics while concentrating on issues.

    • Jimbob

      I thought that was a bit rich as well. Weren’t they simply trying to start a movement big enough to give them a stronger bargaining position in regard to their land and wars? Anyway, I hate the idea of anyone kowtowing to a “king” when its just a “treasonous” one tribe self proclaimed entity….

  • zotaccore

    But now she has a scribbly chin, so she can do anything she wants… except being an effective politician, which she isn’t. It’s a bit sad really. To have such a long “career” as a politician and to show not much for it. She may as well give it up and go be a Queen when the time comes.

  • Sailor Sam

    Marama Fox better watch her back.
    Assuming Nanaia Mahuta is going to jump out of a little whaka into the maori one, be sure she will want the co-leadership of the apartheid party as the payback.

  • shykiwibloke

    He may be King – but he still only gets one vote.