Scott Watson to get access to journalist


The full decision is available at the Courts of New Zealand web site

  • Bob Dazzler

    Lets hear what he has to say, we will read it critically and come to a view, that is life.

  • F T Bear

    I’m not sure if I care less, But I will be interested to here what Gerald Hope has to say.

    • Paul Marsden

      I care and I care a lot. This is a travesty of justice equal to or, greater than that
      of AAT. If the Police evidence is read in depth and in detail (and with a knowledge of the environment in which these alleged murders occurred), it is alarming how Watson has been framed by all and sundry in this matter. Amongst a raft (excuse the pun) of fabricated nonsense presented by the Crown vs. Watson, it is extremely telling that in a later and in a most unusual exchange of correspondence between Paul Davison and Keith Hunter, Davison attempts to justify his position and the prosecution case.
      It is highly evident that this case sits very uncomfortably with Paul Davison and that it would be the mark of the man to publicly admit it. His father, Sir Ronald Davison, former Chief Justice of NZ and a wonderful and honorable jurist, would be proud of him.

      • waldopepper

        interesting. the “scott watson is innocent” brigade write war and peace, while those opposing simply ask basic questions of what gerald hope thinks. he. his wife and the smarts are the one who lost everything. how about we leave it up to them ?

  • jedmo

    Peter Ellis anyone? Where are the journalists or people with the concern to correct the clear injustice done in his case?