Slanderous headline of the week

Can you say media bias?

Today’s slanderous headline and photo placement of the day goes to Stuff.

  • sandalwood789

    Oh dear……. :)

    John, is there something we should know? ;P

  • Hard1

    From the Defamation Act : “Honest opinion where corrupt motive attributed to plaintiff
    In any proceedings for defamation in which the defendant relies on a defence of honest opinion, the fact that the matter that is the subject of the proceedings attributes a dishonourable, corrupt, or base motive to the plaintiff does not require the defendant to prove anything that the defendant would not be required to prove if the matter did not attribute any such motive.”

    Clearly the headline coupled with the image of John Key is a case where the subject of the (possible) proceedings attributes a dishonourable, corrupt, or base motive to the plaintiff.

    If in doubt, replace image of John Key with an image of Andrew Little, Grant Robertson or Ritchie McCaw. You will see the clear intent to defame the person in the image.

    • sheppy

      Relax, it’s undoubtedly covered by the left’s shield of sanctimony – remember codes of decency only apply when it doesn’t involve an anti government message / hit job / leftest press release

      • biscuit barrel

        Did you read the story. Its the PMs comments
        Heres the clue in the first line
        “PM admits he wouldn’t want a sex offender living next door to him..”

        Its a standard headline these days where they take some ‘hot’ phrase from the story to make it a teaser. eg ” The wreckage was everywhere’ or “My life fell apart after my son…” etc etc.

        As for the defamation act, politicians arent covered by the most restrictive sections.

        • Hard1

          It’s nothing to do with the story. It is everything to do with putting the HEADLINE words “Sex offenders among us”, above the face of the PM.
          That is a direct inference, in no way mitigated with following explanations.
          The INTENT of the headline and picture coupled together was to slander the PM. Don’t you agree?

          • biscuit barrel

            Theres another one, with same pic of PM. Student help for depression. Does that mean Key is getting help for depression.
            Im not sure of this , but Im thinking the person doing the headline doesnt do the picture as well. The software may just put one from the top of the list, as there is no actual new picture connected to story. remember the stories that generic photos of fire engines, police cars, airliners. They too are matched by software when there is no specific picture.

          • PharmaBloke

            Add speech quotes and you’re ok – but they didn’t . Emailed editor for his direct response ….. Waiting ..,

    • Goldie

      I would imagine it would be hard to argue a defamation case, they would just say that the headline just states that there sex offenders among the general population, which is true. But the sneaky inference is pretty obvious.

  • Mick Ie

    Thanks Stuff. Due to your vindictiveness and manipulation you have just pushed more readers further to the right and helped increased National’s support.

  • Peter

    Just when I thought the bias in the media could no longer surprise me…. bam!
    What a nasty, utterly disgraceful and manipulative misrepresentation that is. My God, they just sink lower and lower don’t they.

  • Don O’Brien

    What percentage of the adult population would be manipulated by that?

    • Wheninrome

      The types who do not read an entire article, but just rely on a headline and picture to inform them.

  • JEL51

    That is so low. I will email my kids and request they do not click onto ‘Stuff’ when they need to catch-up with NZ news for that reason .