Social media is 75% left wing echo chamber, skint, and not actually voting for you

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

Missing Million?  They’re out there somewhere I suppose….

An Australian researches took the effort to ask people who “Liked” a cause on Facebook how engaged they really were.

More than 90 percent had signed an online petition or shared stories on social media, but less than a third had donated money – compared to almost two-thirds of those signed up to the group’s newsletter.

Only 13 percent of Facebook fans donated food or other goods to asylum seekers, and only 2.3 percent had helped the group fundraise, compared to 6.2 percent of newsletter subscribers.
“Those who had signed up to the newsletter were more likely to be engaged in more direct action towards issues of asylum,” Ms McKay notes in the study, published in the Australian Journal of Psychology.

She suggests supporting a pro-asylum seeker group in a less public way – privately signing up to a newsletter, rather than ‘liking’ their page on Facebook – is a form of “brand management” or conflict avoidance, with polls showing most Australians would prefer asylum seekers were sent away.

As for those who do like the page on Facebook, so many of them identified in her survey as having ‘left political views’ – three-quarters – that it could be a part of the Facebook “echo chamber, in which individuals are exposed only to information from like-minded individuals”.

It remains to be figured out how groups can effectively turn ‘likes’ into real action, however.

“When the cost of engaging action is low, people do little more than engage in token support.”

This is why Labour and the left in  New Zealand continue to be confused at the outcome of polls and elections.  Because “everywhere they go” they hear nothing but overwhelming anti-Key sentiment.  It feeds on itself, and they actually think this is going gangbusters.



– Newshub

  • Shalice

    I really hope the politicians are aware that there’s a silent majority who has no time to scream out for ridiculous causes on the likes of Twitter and do not look to social media for public opinion. Some of us have jobs and don’t have time to save “”. We just want our taxes reasonably spent by the government without too much meddling in our lives.

  • metalnwood

    Must explain the slant to the herald when every morning the front page seems to be the daily roundup of social media.

    • Not Clinically Insane

      That’s all their regurgitators are employed to do these days

  • BG

    The fact that Verity from the Paul Henry show admits to voting for the Greens sort of sums up the classic chardonnay socialist who believe the opinion of 12 people on Twitter is the feeling of ‘everyone’.

    • Alfred12

      The word vacuous comes to mind when I watch Verity on PH. So voting for the Greens comes as no surprise.

      • El Jorge

        Vacuous? I can hear the ocean when she opens her mouth.

    • jimknowsall

      We have to be careful that the opinion of 12 people on Whale Oil is similarly not held up as the feeling of “everyone”. The difference is that most of us can see and accept that people have widely differing opinions on stuff whereas your average SJW lefty simply can’t believe that not everyone believes the exact same things as they do, and that if your opinions do differ, it makes you an evil so and so.