Speeding is less dangerous than changing lanes

  • Hard1

    Men with talent commercial. Don’t watch the one after that if you are a pretending-to-be-humourless-to-impress-your-boss journalist.

  • Jude

    Wrong way round. It is slow drivers in the right lane that force some to pass in the inside lane. What scares me is trying to get back into the left lane and indicating but the person not letting you in! Some people are just horrid. Other pet hate is those who don’t know how to merge like a zip!
    Mount Vic tunnel can be a nightmare if you have impatient, ignorant drivers

    • johnandali

      Once upon a time, we had traffic cops in New Zealand. They were employed by the Ministry of Transport. And one day, a certain Minister (I think it may have been the same Minister who told us that the former system of trucks not being able to travel long distances, and long-distance goods had to travel by rail, would be cancelled, and he promised that there would be no increase to truck traffic on our roads), decided that the traffic cops and the police should be combined into one force. And from that day on, we saw fewer and fewer cops travelling in the traffic and pulling over bad drivers. But there is a solution….. Bring back the traffic cops. But I’m not sure if we will ever again be able to move our freight by rail – darn it. I believe that our huge traffic problems that are being ignored by MPs are due to those same MPs travelling everywhere by air, so they don’t see what the rest of us have to put up with.

      • johcar

        I think the solution lies in driver training/licensing before it gets to the enforcement part. People need to know how to drive before they get pinged.

        And the driving laws need to be amended so that don’t cater to the lowest common denominator.

        Things like keeping left on multi lane roads and understanding following distances and the effects of using a phone (not hands free) while driving and knowing how to merge into traffic and interpreting the intentions of other drivers at roundabouts rather than relying on indicators.

        Licenses are too easy to get in this country…

    • Jman

      No the video is the correct way around. This is a US video where they have left hand drive cars so everything is reversed.

  • Rebecca

    This is from the US where the “left” lane is of course NZ’s “right” lane. Certainly in Auckland there are drivers who acquire the right or middle lane at the first opportunity and tootle along, only moving left when their own exit approaches whereupon they slow down more to get through the stream of exasperated undertakers. Marvelous idea: issue tickets to slow tootlers in any lane except the left, and see how quickly they learn to be considerate of others. And oh how marvelous to be able to quote safety back at the tootlers if it’s true that driving 5km below the average speed is more dangerous than driving 5 km above it. Move over, you road hazards!

  • johcar

    Someone send this to the idiots at NZTA.

    This is EXACTLY how it should be done here.

    Travel in the left lane(s) and only use the “fast” lane to overtake. And absolutely no trucks/buses in the “fast”lane….

    • johnandali

      Can anybody tell the rest of us why trucks and buses ARE allowed in the “fast lane” on motorways? Can anybody tell the rest of us why trucks ARE allowed to overtake other trucks in passing lanes on our highways, when there is already a queue of cars waiting to pass? Can anybody tell the rest of us why so few of our main highways have passing lanes? And can anybody tell the rest of us why some main roads that have 80 or 90 kmh limits, have passing lanes where the limit is still 80 or 90?

      • johcar

        Money. And lack of proper design of so-called “motorways” in NZ.

        Real motorways don’t have onramps and offramps every kilometre or so. And this is why we have traffic jams. And the fact that no-one seems to know how to merge with faster moving traffic doesn’t help the situation at all.

  • jimknowsall

    Sounds like the US catching up with how driving in the rest of the civilised world works.

  • John

    In many parts of the country there is only one lane in each direction and many slow drivers drive as far right as they can in the lane. This is made worse because there is a number of people who still continue the 19th century war that Mr Key wishes to have a holiday to celebrants