The bigotry of low expectations hurts all of us

A propaganda video is being shown inside American high schools. It is an  animated white privilege video. Its purpose is to  encourage “racial discourse”  but it has led to a backlash from  people who  do not like the references to so-called white privilege.

“They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint. It’s a White guilt kind of video,” Don Blake, whose granddaughter attended the assembly where the video was shown, told told WWBT. “I think somebody should be held accountable for this.”

The key premise of the video is cringeworthy.  It portrays white people, specifically white men as the winner of all things while showing black people to be losers and unable to overcome any obstacles in their way. I don’t understand why the people who created this video can’t see how incredibly racist, belittling and patronising it is.  The video uses the analogy of a running race which is quite ironic considering that when it comes to real running races black people usually dominate.


Here’s my biggest issue with this video: the message it sends to young minds. To black Americans it says: the world is stacked against you. You’re just a victim of life, accept it. Take a helping hand from affirmative action, it’ll level the playing field. Somehow affirmative action will also prevent a premature death, imprisonment, and having children out of wedlock. 

To white men, this video says: you’re all jerks. You do not accomplish anything, everything is handed to you. You’ve been winning at life since you were born to your probably married white parents, you non-bastard. Screw you. You’ll skate through life with fat stacks and more luck than you deserve.

The video is nothing more than  animated bigotry. Its premise  of low expectations hurts us all.  Our skin colour does not determine if we are winners or losers our actions do. Life isn’t fair we all know that. Life is hard.  Winners succeed regardless.

One of the most successful men I know came from a very poor New Zealand family that suffered from family violence and alcoholism.  He dropped out of high school and through sheer hard work and determination built the many businesses he has today.  He had nothing but obstacles despite his skin colour being white. If I was a black skinned teen that video would make me feel terrible about myself and would foster resentment and racism toward white skinned people.A more useful and uplifting video would be one that interviewed men and women who have succeeded despite the obstacles that life put in their way.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Jeez, talk about setting kids up to fail. Every excuse you could think off.
    The authors of this are helping black kids how exactly?

    • xennex

      It hurts minorities more than people would think. It certainly doesn’t help them. There is an effect where if you tell a group of kids they have some disadvantage compared to other kids then they will perform poorly. If you just don’t tell them, they perform much better.

  • Gaynor

    Weird showing this in a country which has a black president.

  • R&BAvenger

    Look at 2 well known ‘white’ New Zealanders. Ed Hillary and Richie McCaw.
    Hillary had to overcome his natural shyness and a domineering father to get ahead in his life and achieve greatness.
    McCaw has been described as not being a naturally talented athlete, who had to work incredibly hard to achieve greatness in his sport, including while being the Captain of his nation’s greatest national sports team.

    Neither managed what they did by the colour of their skin alone. ‘White privilege” is a load of leftist nonsense. Ben Shapiro explains it best.

    Details at link :

    • Observer

      Thanks for this. I’ve seen a different version of the animated privilege video on Facebook, but with whites standing on a box watching a sports game while the other groups can barely see. No doubt my progressive/lefty friends will be sharing this one soon :)

  • veridian

    Have a look at Colin Flaherty’s channel where he documents the lie of the victimization of blacks in America.

  • Isherman

    This video was first uploaded to Youtube in 2010 by its creators, the African American Policy Forum in 2010, a year after Barack Obama took office.

    “Dr King gave his life so that America would be a place where we are judged by the content of our character, not the colour of our skin. Now we have poverty pimps being led by our current President Barack Obama, who all they talk about is the colour of his skin”
    – Black US Radio personality Craig Johnson.

    • Sally Penfold

      Exactly. And he is conveniently quiet on the part of his parentage that is white. It suits him when he wants it to. If he had very pale skin he would struggle to make this argument. Sad how many people bought it though.

  • Miguel

    What utter rubbish.
    Poor schooling? What exactly makes black schools so bad? The teachers come from the same pool as every other teacher; the buildings were once new and tidy like every other new building; the Federal government pumps in more money to poor schools to make up for a lower local tax base. Could it be…the pupils themselves that make the schools bad?!
    Similarly, what’s the problem with standardised testing? Same test for everyone is as un-racist as they get.
    I suppose black people could always look to migrate to Africa where their opportunities are bound to be so much better.

    • Observer

      Indeed, there’s even a book ‘Bad Students, Not Bad Schools’ which makes this point. Interestingly, European and Asian students in US public schools actually outperform their counter-parts in Europe and Asia on PISA.

    • Sally Penfold

      It’s more about the special funding and special exceptions to everything that he seems to be saying makes their system unworkable. As he said it’s your choice to go where you think you’re best served.

      If a lot of people from one group want to go to a specific school that’s their absolute choice. He is saying don’t DEMAND it of the public services to provide this for people. If they want it bad enough they will fight and contribute to get it for themselves.

  • Eiselmann

    Are there forms to fill out for white privilege? or a queue somewhere ….between not qualifying for state help despite critical need ,because my dad was white and male.And being told not to bother applying for promotion while working for the government because I was white and male , I seem to have missed out on my free ride…….

    HELP I’m having to make my own way in the world and take responsibility for my actions and I’m white , its not suppose to be this hard /sarc

  • oldmanNZ

    Why do people think all people are the same? Thus we can all do things equally.
    Biological we are not.
    Women are not the same as men so men and women are not equal, they different. Does not mean one is better.
    Like a ute and sports car, both have 4 wheels, but not equal.

    Black and while people are people but not the same, it is obvious. Does not mean one or other is better.

    • Observer

      Yes, the taboo issue that video certainly won’t address is human bio-diversity. For example, there are gene variants in height that have been found to differ between North and South Europeans. If they identify gene variants for other complex traits what are the odds that they’re identically distributed across groups? The current Cultural Marxist view is that all differences are due to oppression and privilege.

      • jimknowsall

        Any academic researching or propounding such views will find his career coming to an abrupt end. Even if you are a Nobel prize winner who discovered DNA and are an expert in genetics. e.g. James Watson.

  • Tiger

    Thought exactly the same, just after or around the Olympics too. Who authorised this video? Can the white folk run to the Human Rights Council? And in a country where they have a president who just happens to be black. What a load of crock.

  • JLS

    Liberals attempting to brainwash the naive young and make them dependent victims- the age old formula and an insidious cancer in the 1st world.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    “If I was a black skinned teen that video would make me feel terrible about myself and would foster resentment and racism toward white skinned people.”

    ehrrr….that was the point. NeoMarxist BS.

  • JLS

    Here’s a much better alternative-

    • Sally Penfold

      NZ should do this. We are divided and not in a useful way. Our PC ways are ruining us. We seem to be just realising this and ready to move on from it!
      (Played video at 1.25 speed, it’s still understandable.)

      Here’s his message but let’s change it from USA to NZ:
      1. This school won’t honour race or ethnicity.No matter where you came from or how you arrived here. Individual identity and character, and NZ (American) identity. If you want to honour another group, you have to leave this school. Recognise NZ pubilc schools are for NZ’ers.
      School clubs are not on race, sex or ethnic divisions, but passions and interests.

      2. You leave this school speaking and writing the English (and Maori if chosen) language.
      Other languages can be taught as extra classes but not all classes.

      3. Everything in the school reflects the elevated status of learning. Teachers are called by Mr or Mrs, not first name. There is a dress code for teachers and students.

      4. No obscene language tolerated at this school. Anything banned on radio and television, even used informally.

      5. End all self-esteem programs. Earn self-esteem by earning it instead. (aka You don’t get prizes for turning up.)

      6. Reorient the school toward academics, away from politics and propaganda.
      No racism, homophobia, gender identity, islamaphobia, condom wearing, sex as only a health issue, global warning, No more victim-hood for being different somehow.

      Such good stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sally Penfold

    The funny thing in America is that if you criticised Obama’s bad decisions, his camp and lobbyists would scream out “that’s racist”. Over and over and over. No matter how dumb or corrupt his actions the left knew they could use this cry to silence critics and deflect from the truth.
    Are their people so stupid that they forgot to point out he has lived on ‘white privilege’ too since his mother is WHITE!! Very convenient framing isn’t it?