The only way you can make the Hawkes Bay water crisis worse: Green MPs

Green Party Proud Feral

Green Party Proud Feral

Green Party MPs Catherine Delahunty and Kevin Hague will attend a public meeting in Havelock North to support local concerns about water quality.

The Wednesday night meeting is the second to be held, the first was on Tuesday night when residents called for action over the contamination that has hit more than 5000 people with a gastro bug.

A protest march is to be held on Saturday.

“We’re going to show our support for the community of Havelock North and to hear their concerns about the state of the water in their area,” the MPs said.

“It’s unacceptable that in `clean, green New Zealand’ people should have to endure an outbreak like this.”

The Greens have previously called for the government’s inquiry into the contamination to include an investigation of the impact of land use.

Ms Delahunty is the party’s water spokeswoman and Mr Hague the health spokesman.

It’s absurd really.  As if they will be any use to anyone, other than a conduit for whingers.  As it is, John Key has had to bat away calls for mandatory chlorination for the whole of New Zealand.  As you’d expect, the Media party are painting him as irresponsible and insensitive.

The New Zealand disease of overreacting, making new laws and not actually doing anything is alive and well.


– NZN via Yahoo! News

  • Seriously?

    How to bake a poor public meeting: Take a local body in self protection mode, add a large portion of people recently recovered from poisoning by incompetence, stir in an ample dollop of scaremongering and speculation, and then finally add two Green MPs. Stir vigorously. Take only as directed. May cause nausea.

    I thought the chlorination was supposed to remove the greens from the water.

  • Wolfman Jack

    Me, if I was the grand pooh-bah of the local authority they would be served a trespass notice before they flew in on a magic carpet. The extreme risk of either bathing or submersing in the local rivers is too horrible to contemplate

  • Rick H

    >>Ms Delahunty is the party’s water spokeswoman and Mr Hague the health spokesman.<<

    I call absolute BS on that statement.

    They have no constituents.
    They are spokespeople for nobody.
    They are just like a pair of Jockeys, with no horse to race; except that the jockeys would not be paid.

  • Phenandra

    The water should have been chlorinated. That’s down to the council and the locals who elected them. I don’t quite see what bringing in a couple of greens will achieve. It’s not as if either is a water or any other sort of expert – in fact both seem to have buried their educational background very deeply indeed.

  • twittertit

    Apparently this is all left wing politics is these days. Show up and ‘support the people’ and ‘show our concern’.

    How about actually drafting up a new water quality bill and tabling it as your response to the issue.

    That’s real politics. That’s real support. And that’s showing real concern.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    The number of cases appears to still be growing – I see Yahoo! News have it up to 5000 now.

  • Is a protest march going to magically clean up the boreholes?