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  • veridian

    This video is filled with some hard core signalling. Refugees should be helped as near as possible to their own homes so that they can return as soon as the conflict is over. Transporting them to an alien culture thousands of miles away is cruel and only salves the consciences of shallow virtue signallers for a few moments until something else takes their fancy.

  • Doc45

    I love watching Penn and Teller because I am a sucker for magic, sleight of hand, illusions, trickery and the like. However Penn should stick to the stage in Vegas.
    His basic error is thinking that all people are fundamentally good and that simple wariness will safeguard Americans if they take in thousands more Muslims. Sorry, Penn they are brainwashed and hard wired to be bad, to be insular, to refuse to assimilate, to strive to introduce Shariah, to insult non-Muslims, to curse the infidels. This is the commitment of all Muslims – not some tiny minority. The tiny minority maybe the crazy extremists who blow up kids but survey after survey shows that 30 to 40% on Muslim immigrants want Shariah law, want their new adopted country to be a Muslim country. They will never become Americans like the Irish, the Poles or even the Africans have done. They will breed their way to ascendancy and the Penn’s of America will wake up too late.
    Sure love everyone, respect individuals separate persons and their ideas but Islam is a political ideology as well as a bigoted religion.

  • Andinz

    Penn is closer to that religion that holds “God is love” than he is to the empty cosmos. Is he really going to cuddle up to Islamists?
    The young Pakistani will be on their death list and the police will aid other muslims in this by locking him up. The punishment for blasphemy is pretty severe in that country. No rational argument by Hitchens or Jilette will keep them out of jail in a country that lives by an insanity called Islam.
    But I like what he says and it is said better than many sermons I have heard. There have to be pragmatic answers to keep us, on the whole, safer.

  • JEL51

    If the state of Nevada took 9000, or even 90,000 it will still not help those people. We are better to support them in their camps & safe zones until they can clean-up their own mess. Penn suggests the candy floss man brings hate. I see it that he is offering protection for the hate is on the whole, outside their borders. It is nothing like hate trying to keep potential killers away from your families, it is realism.

  • Really?

    I very much doubt Christopher Hitchens would agree with him