Truth comes from kids, drunks, and apparently also sarcastic Tweets


Oddly enough, it is actually Helen Clark’s fault in the sense that it is impossible to solve these problems overnight.  They also aren’t caused overnight.  The land banking, zoning and Auckland immigration problems were all born during the Clark years.

And frustratingly, by the time the Key measures will bring relief, a Labour government may be in a position to take the credit for “fixing the damage that Key did”.

That doesn’t stop Labour from holding this issue tightly like a piece of driftwood in a stormy sea.  The Media party are on board, and they have finally found an issue that registers in John Key’s polling.

  • Martin

    There is something repulsive about Phil Twyford; I just can’t believe he cares about anything but scoring political points. Perhaps it’s the barely-concealed smirk and that same “ooh! Ooh! Miss!” tattle tale demeanour the material girl has. It all screams “unelectable!”

  • cows4me

    If the Labour and the melon loons get power I’ll bet the farm the housing crisis will be solved within a year. Of course then there will be a travel crisis. The air travel industry won’t be able to supply enough planes for the hundreds of thousands trying to leave.

    • johcar

      The only way Labour will be able to “solve” the housing crisis, in any timeframe at all (and making the big assumption that they will EVER be back in power), will be to redefine what the crisis constitutes.

      Similar to how they got the unemployment figures down by moving the unemployed onto sickness benefits instead of the dole…

  • oldmanNZ

    Im selling a rental, so actually happy house price double… Well, it actually more than 6 times the price i paid for it in 1993.

    Should i thank labour or john key?

    And as im selling, this should help the housing market too.

    • geoff2112

      474,000 house holds in Auckland….61.5% owner occupied which is 292,000 “house holds” – don’t think they will be hating the crisis…..

  • sandalwood789

    Little land, huge demand, therefore high prices.

    How would Twyford fix this? Surely it’s time for him to either “put up or shut up”.

  • Sally

    He also said “you could lease hundreds of house and earmark them for emergency houses”
    What happens to the people already living in those house?
    Are people that gullible to believe Twyford and the Labour Party have the solution?

  • Oh look who just came in behind Twyford (pic)

    • Nige.

      So he admits there is a crisis? Looks like words being put in his mouth.

  • Nige.

    The prime minister of new Zealand is responsible for ALL of new Zealand not just Auckland.

    If P.Stoner Twyfords statement were true then it would be applicable to the whole country not just the socialist run city of Auckland.

  • Jonat

    The housing crisis originated in Auckland and has affected the rest of NZ. Len Brown’s been mayor of Auckland for 6 years (Auckland house prices doubled, lowest home ownership 65 years, record homelessness) and it’s all John Key’s fault!

  • sandalwood789

    I can think of a way to kill the Auckland housing market instantly.

    Bring in a hefty “Auckland housing penalty tax” (say $500k) on every house sold between (say) Orewa and the Bombays. Any home-buyers in that area would have to pay that tax on top of the house price. The market would almost die overnight.

    Actually, $500k may not be enough. $1 million might be better.

  • Hard1

    Change really guts the lefties. They fight for their status quo. They suffer from the illusion of asymmetric insight.

    “The Misconception: You celebrate diversity and respect others’ points of view.

    The Truth: You are driven to create and form groups and then believe others are wrong just because they are others.

    The illusion of asymmetric insight makes it seem as though you know everyone else far better than they know you, and not only that, but you know them better than they know themselves. You believe the same thing about groups of which you are a member. As a whole, your group understands outsiders better than outsiders understand your group, and you understand the group better than its members know the group to which they belong.

  • Peter

    If Twitford (yes, that’s deliberate) was being completely honest, he should admit that Auckland house prices roughly double every ten years, and have done so for decades.

  • Second time around

    I suppose a person could own a sub-economic block of farm land in Clevedon without being accused by Labour of land banking? It isn’t only National supporters who stand to profit by freeing up land to allow the homeless a place to call their own and live the Kiwi dream..

  • Hard1

    Meanwhile, in Kabul….”The lack of affordable housing — driven by a rapidly rising population spurred by rural to urban migration, the wartime destruction of neighborhoods, and an influx of well-heeled foreign contractors occupying choice locations — has become one of the biggest social problems in Kabul. Critics say not enough is being done by city authorities to address the issue, as ordinary Afghans such as Saqib find themselves being pushed down — if not off — the city’s property ladder.”

    As for Hong Kong “In March 2016:
    Rents for apartments smaller than 40 sq. m. dropped 2% y-o-y, to an average of HK$400 (US$51.5) per sq. m. per month.
    Rents for 40-69.9 sq. m. apartments dropped 7% y-o-y, to HK$355 (US$45.7) per sq. m. per month.

    When there is no solution for an announced problem, is there a problem?. Or is this just normal life in the free world? There is no housing crisis. Growth brings teething problems. Auckland City Council imposed it’s Asian-centric mass housing model/high urban density Utopian dream on us, all to implement forced public transport on largely phantom commuters, when expansion was an absolute necessity. The real crisis is in the entrenched bureaucracy with wild ideas being invincible and unaccountable and mostly anonymous. And we all know Len Brown loves Yum Cha.

  • Geordie

    The man is an idiot and even some journalists are waking up to how hysterical this has all got.

    Plus interesting news about Matt McCarten getting ready to jump…or was he pushed?

  • CheesyEarWax

    Where were Twyford singing praises for John Key in 2009 when house prices collapsed by about 30% due to the GFC?

  • Petrus Calvus

    Check the article’s date. No further comment required.

  • Rick H

    New York City, 2014. Entire city area.
    Residences which are owner-occupied – 32.5% of total
    Residences which are rentals – 67.5% of the total.

    The various boroughs each have a wide range of owner-occupied residences
    Highest percentage of home ownership was Staten Island at 64.6%
    Lowest percentage of home ownership was in the Bronx – 21.2%

    So, how do Auckland percentages compare?
    What Crisis?

  • D.Dave

    They cry that ‘house ownership is unaffordable”… come all the houses are owned by someone, meaning they are all affordable to someone. Labour are bereft of ideas. Given the increase in population since the Clark years, I heard that the ‘homeless rate, as compared to now was EXACTLY the same, at 0.08 of the population. So there is no emergency, because if there is, then Labour was a major contributor all those years ago.