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  • George

    As I lie on my sun loafer gazing at the Bali surf, framed between my two size eleven plates of meat is the extravaganza of boobs, buttocks, beer bellys and bronze equally distributed between the genders and the only complexing issue confronting me today is whether my toenails need trimming. I might give it a miss. However I do feel somewhat of an outcast. I haven’t got a tat. I am tossing up whether to get angel wings sprouting from my shoulder blades or something a little more subtle like a detailed reproduction of my rib cage and internal organs on the surface of my chest, either way, I would fit right in. Seriously, if I knew twenty years ago what I’m seeing today I would have launched a worldwide franchise “Look Stink With Ink”.

    Now I totally support freedom of expression and I understand the multitude of reasons that motivate the decision to have a tattoo but what I find most puzzling are those who are experiencing a mid or late life crisis believing that having a loud “Look at me” tattoo will turn back the clock. I can safely assume most artists would prefer a smooth canvas over a wrinkled brown paper bag on which to showcase their talent. After all nature has already covered that base for the elderly by gifting us with varicose veins. So as you can tell, I might be cast on a tropical beach but I still carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

    • Korau

      You could “do your bit” for the horde of homeless wandering the streets and alleyways of New Zealand like latter day zombies, by making your home sweet home available to these luckless individuals whilst you savour the tropical delights of Bali.

      Any right thinking lefty would do no less. Throw open the castle gates, lower the drawbridge and invite the great unwashed to sample your beneficence. You could do little else! And lend them your nail clippers too.

      • peterwn

        The late Margaret Shields MP (Labour Kapiti or similar) made such a call in the early 1980’s. There was a housing squeeze in Kapiti and she called on holiday home owners to make them available to the ‘homeless’ in the off season. A very kindly Labour supporting couple did just that but they and others were not impressed at how the houses were left when the tenants moved on.

        • Wheninrome

          How on earth did they ever get them out, or ever on every Christmas were there extra places at the table, not to for get the presents.

          • peterwn

            That did not seem to be an issue. From memory the ‘scheme’ operated for several months only and those involved seemed to have found more permanent accommodation OK. Perhaps the Labour MP was implying a far larger problem than there was in reality – there was probably a handful of people who could not immediately find rental accommodation.

      • Ruahine

        The IRD will happily accept any extra tax one may wish to donate.

        • Korau

          If there was a tax on “stupid” New Zealand would easily be able to afford the lefties wet dreams.

    • Sally

      George, only yesterday my husband on seeing the creation of yesterday’s FOD told me I should do the same after my op.
      The problem would be who would see it. My inhibitions won’t allow me to parade around with it all hanging out.

      • pisces8284

        I would be terrified of cellulitis or blood poisoning, immune systems not the best post breast cancer

        • Sally

          Yep, not going there.

    • Nige.

      To me, possibly one of the most entertaining pieces you have supplied there, George.

      I love it.

    • Ruahine

      Excess sun and Tattoos. What a wonderful recipe for skin cancer in thirty years time. Never mind there will be the ‘medicinal, marijuana to keep reality at bay.

    • Wheninrome

      Reminds me of the song, Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you have on, could it be a faded rose from days gone by.
      the tatood rosebud when young becomes an overblown rose when old.

    • Damon Mudgway

      A tattoo later in life is similar in fashion to a Harley Davidson. Both now seen as essential in one’s endeavour to be old and ‘hip’.

    • Huia

      They might look okay to some on firm young bodies, but wait until they get into a rest home and we will see what they look like then.
      You wont even see the hearts tattooed on a breast because they will be hidden by a dressing gown cord.
      The blue bird on a bum will disappear to parts unknown.
      That chain around your ankle will be hiding in a pair of surgical stockings.
      Don’t know about going the full retard and getting angel wings George, perhaps you could tone it down, maybe Eagle wings might be a better idea.
      These lovely firm young bodies will never ever be so firm and in place as they are now, yet these whippersnappers cover them with graffiti. Some day they will look back and regret the Ink Invasion I am pretty certain of that.
      Nothing quite like seeing a Mother of the Bride dressed up to the nines with ” to hell with the establishment” (or words to that effect) tats on show.
      Have fun in Bali.

    • Roland

      Potatohead restaurant at sunset is nice with a couple of bevvies, alternatively for the kids it would be ‘Singlefin restaurant’ at Uluwatu :-)

  • rantykiwi

    The PR arm of the Labour party have declared a crisis in the disability sector so I guess the publication of statistics showing that all is well can’t be far away.


    • JEL51

      Mike H interviewed/ re educated a Dweeb about that earlier this morning. It was a good start to the day.

  • Huia

    I see both rags making much of John Key cleaning his cars while son Max dances around taking a selfie video clip and joking with his father.
    Normal behavior on a Saturday morning in many households I imagine, but is it really news?
    Cannot see any reason for it drawing the headlines “John Key taunted by Son” on Stuff or a dig at Max yet again by the feral herald for not washing the car (and just how do they know this?)
    Not one positive word about a the Prime Minister of a country actually washing and cleaning his own car, just snide little digs at the Key “Fleet” of cars.
    So much is happening in the world and yet they raid facebook again and again.

    • Wheninrome

      There is no truth in the rumour that the Herald is currently searching for page 3 girls, boys, gays, transgender and theys, have I forgotten anyone.

    • sarahmw

      Did you see what the fleet of cars were lol. A mini and another small car. Wow a fleet lol. Great to see down to earth people doing down to earth things.

      • InnerCityDweller

        In years gone by, it would have been “he’s got a car, so he’s rich”, but since a lot of people now sleep in cars, that line of argument won’t work any more. So now it’s two cars = fleet.

    • Wheninrome

      A case of leading by example, maybe a picture of him cleaning the windows, scrubbing down the ceilings and giving the house a bit of a waterblast might finally get through to the great unwashed that sometimes it is okay to do these things for yourself and not wait for someone else.

    • R&BAvenger

      Huia, my comment above regarding the book ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ is probably pertinent in light of your observation.

    • JEL51

      With regard to your last sentence “so much happening in the World…”.
      After watching Pamela Geller’s clip last nighthttp://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2016/08/youre-living-under-the-sharia-and-you-dont-even-know-it/ , one wonders just how much is Our media being payed and by whom? It is so obvious in so many ways.

  • R&BAvenger

    On the subject of the future of journalism in NZ, I saw this in the Weekend Press.

    A book published by a whole trove of lefty journalists, proposing a way forward for journalism in NZ.

    Their solutions? Public funding of journalism, or increased funding via a levy all because it’s a necessary public service.



    In fact the causes of the problem are staring them in the face.
    A dominant left-wing bias has resulted in their readership turning away, hence the down turn.
    That readership has focused on providers who are providing what they actually want rather than what a bunch of lefty SJWs, all singing form the same songsheet, are trying to push.

    People will not pay voluntarily for garbage, the taxpayer should not be forced to pay anything towards propping up a bunch of failed hacks.

    • InnerCityDweller

      So, correct me if I’m wrong, but these muppets, yes all 45 of them, need just over $11K to get this book made, right? If you click that link, you’ll see just over $13K goes out as a “contributor fee”, so in effect, give or take a few dollars, they are asking the public to crowd fund the (their) contributor fee?! They feel the need to push this hard because “it’s desperately needed”, yet can’t even put their money where their mouth is. If these contributors were serious, they’d wave their pathetic little fee of $300 each and self-fund the project. A left vanity project, paid for by others. Surprise, surprise.

      • Duchess of Pork

        Paid for by others, which includes taxpayers through the Creative New Zealand and AUT contributions. Troughing is inbuilt in this project.

  • KGB

    My annual adventure to a Hair Salon is always a fascinating experience. They know stuff, they know everyone’s stuff!
    Apparently “homelessness has spread to Whangamata.”
    In a small coastal town where 8/10 houses are unoccupied (landbanked), this shouldn’t surprise me. But it did, so I listened carefully to the horror stories.
    Clients are being forced to live in caravans due to builder shortages. A desperate shortage of rentals has forced families into over-crowded motels as temporary accomodation. And one poor women has her adult son living in her garage!
    But the saddest story was of a family of 5 who fled Auckland in hope of a better, more affordable lifestyle. They are living in a caravan, and cannot find an affordable house or a job. “She was in last week for a colour to cheer herself up.”
    To be fair I was totally out-numbered and had left my stilettos at home. I sat in silence reading WO :)

    • JEL51

      That’s real ‘undecover’ work, you had better send invoice to Pete ;)

    • Huia

      Technically they all have homes, garages, caravans both of which we have done plus lived in a tent for 3 months through 3 cyclones while we build a garage we could live in.
      To “flee” Auckland and not having living and work sorted before you “flee” seems to be a special kind of stupid.
      You will never convince the already indoctrinated KGB, that mindset is already in place.

  • metalnwood

    Has this unnamed editor got long with the herald? I agree with everything he says about the possible closure of the auckland pistol club.


    • Hard1

      When I moved to Auckland 3 years ago there were no noisy jets flying over my neighborhood. Now with a change to more economical flight-paths it’s an almost daily occurrence. I demand that big jet airliners stop flying over the city. A crash would be devastating. The noise interferes with my meditation. Also I want to ban noisy helicopters. My PTSD kicks in and I go into fight or flight mode. I’m sure the Council will back me on this, because I have gender identity issues(am I a real man or just pretending) and suffer from OS, where I fall in love with the aircraft and want to marry them.
      (See “A woman who has a bizarre fetish for inanimate objects has married the Eiffel Tower.” for an explanation.)

      I am beginning to have feelings for the SkyCity Tower also.

    • Mick Ie

      This reminds me of earlier news articles regarding the noise from Western Springs.
      New owners moved to nearby residences and made complaints to the Council regarding the loud noises (probably regarding Speedway rather than the concerts).
      Auckland Council need to grow a pair with some of these morons.
      What ever happened to (caveat emptor) buyer beware – especially when it is quite likely both the pistol club and Western Springs have probably been operating longer than the owners have been alive.

  • Sally

    The Labour party wants to build 100,000 houses. They say it was done in Christchurch so it can be done in Auckland
    Look want happens when there is a rush to build houses.
    Builders are going bust in Christchurch through bad management and poor quality workmanship because of lack of skilled builders. More building equates to more problems. The rush of houses that Labour want built will result with the same problems. Cowboys love it.

    • R&BAvenger

      The lessons learned from Christchurch include that the government took away the CCCs capacity to issue building consents as they were lousy at it and installed a commissioner to get them back on track. Once they met the required targets for issuing consents and had things ticking over, that ability was reinstated.

    • KGB

      Oh the irony. They were outraged about how slow the CC rebuild was. Campbell lined them up to cry about how slow it was.
      Now CC is the shinning example for “KiwiBuild.”

  • kloyd0306

    The “Shabby Little Tabloid” is showing its colours yet again with their piece on Kyle Bax’s thumbs up for Donald Trump, with this line: “Trump is known for his brazen speeches and controversial attitude towards immigrants.”

    The Herald’s bias is clear and the writer deliberately misled readers because Trump’s major election issue is with ILLEGAL immigrants, not all immigrants.


  • kayaker

    Has anyone every booked a vacation rental in New York via Craigslist? I’ve been looking at the usual sites Airbnb (who we’ve used before), HomeAway, TripAdvisor, etc. Then someone suggested Craigs. Prices are too good to be true – the two I have dealt with so far have been obvious scams. We know NYC pretty well, so I’ve had a bit of fun with them until they’ve given up.

  • johcar

    Well, that’s reassuring!

    But I’m not convinced that the message is worth the price displayed in the corner…

    Pic: (Spotted in a Newmarket shop window)

  • Sally

    Grant Bayldon, Executive director of Amnesty International NZ has laid a complaint today about Kiwi Saver managers investing in clusterbombs etc.
    A journalist at the entertainment paper will be wetting his pants.

    If this lowers the return on my kiwisaver investments I will be hopping mad.

  • Isherman

    Jenna Lynch has a crack at Twyfords call for a ‘State of Emergency”, calling it insensitive and idiotic..heh.

  • nellie

    I see Mr McCarten is being moved – aside? Cracks in the union force?