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  • Korau

    The FBI is unlikely to win against our least favourite German!

    Why, you ask, do I make such a provocative comment?

    News has come in that megaupload.org, one of the FBI controlled sites hijacked from Kim Dotcom has been found serving salacious stuff. This along with several other FBI controlled sites.

    The hijacking of the Megaupload domains was not the result of some sophisticated hack that allowed hackers to serve you salacious content, rather the FBI just “lost control” of the domains.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation fell into the same trap last year when the web addresses it seized led people onto to sites peddling salacious content, fake security software, malware, adware and bogus special offers.

    If the FBI is so disorganised that it can’t control the evidence sites, how will it ever manage to bring down big Kim? This is just another “Get Out Of Jail Free” card handed to KDC by the Americans. The previous one I commented on (piracy by US Navy) was here http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2016/07/whaleoil-general-debate-756/

    You can read more details about today’s story here http://thehackernews.com/2016/08/megaupload-domains-fbi.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheHackersNews+%28The+Hackers+News+-+Security+Blog%29&_m=3n.009a.1310.li0ao07ztu.rjm .

    Interestingly KDC is in court at the moment fighting deportation.

    Will we never be rid of this troublesome Dotcom?

    • MaryLou

      Not for years, apparently. They’ve already decided to appeal right through the Supreme Court.

  • George

    When I posted my comment yesterday relating to the elderly and tattoos, it was never my intention to start a series of “Growing old Disgracefully” but I can’t help myself, the material is so vast and so in my face. Last evening we had dinner at our hotel restaurant, part of which extends outdoors onto an extended balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. It was a glorious evening as thousands flocked to the beach to photograph the sunset, an odd but harmless ritual. All was well with the world as we prepared to settle into a smorgasbord of Bali’s finest. Several courses were served up as part of a “Taste of Bali” banquet. There was an interlude before desert, where we were entertained by a troop of Balinese dances. The final item was a graceful dance “of two birds” performed by two beautiful dainty young women. Their frailty so obvious. As is customary, the two tiny performers extended an invitation to the dinner guests to join them for a cultural experience on stage where a couple of 30 something women obliged and made an respectful attempt to dance along.

    But there were also old people there. One was a 60 something, pot bellied, tattooed Aussie male who thought it essential that the hundred or so dinner guests should be entertained by him alone as he made a mockery of the two young women who were clearly embarrassed. Imagine ordering a plate of prime scallops and the chef put a ladle of mash potatoes on top of them for garnish! That is what his contribution represented. Why oh why when you are away from home being a dick is your default mode old Aussie bloke? I can imagine next Monday morning he will be behind a desk pretending he has dignity and will be expecting respect.

    • Aucky

      It could have been worse George – you could have been stuck with him for fourteen days on a cruise or worse still on a coach tour.

      • Minnie Mouse

        Ha! Ha! George. I’ve just gone back and read your post. My sentiments exactly. I fear I need to find a therapist who can understand my reasoning for not having a tat. The thing that does my head in is a pretty young bride wearing a strapless dress and her arms and shoulders and covered in hideous tattoos. What the hell are they thinking? Then you’ve got the golden oldies who are sporting tattoos – I especially cringe when I see older women with upper arms as big as ham hocks and they’re sporting something rather puzzling i.e. there is a rather bedraggled looking woman in our town who has an image of a rottweiller dog’s face permanently inked on her arm. Another one I’ve seen is a rather large young woman who wears her hair so tightly pulled on her scalp into some sort of bun thing, and at the nape of her neck she has a sunflower! So people young and old are bitten by the tattoo bug but I will abstain thank you very much!

        • Aucky

          Don’t get me started on tats MM, particularly on women. I cannot believe the number of stunning young women who voluntarily disfigure themselves with extensive tattoos. The fad will be all over soon enough and they will have many years of regret ahead of them particularly as they age and they start to resemble old faded curtains.

          • Sagacious Blonde

            Smart school leavers should look toward a career as a tattoo removalist.
            It’s surely a sunrise industry.

          • Minnie Mouse

            The embalmers will certainly have a
            wee chuckle when they’re tending to old and hideously tattooed bodies that’s for sure. Why the hell
            people follow the trends of celebs is beyond me. Victoria Beckham is now on a mission to get hers removed. Go figure! I mean people are so stupid imo so much so if Kanye West maintained it was ‘cool’ to jump off the Empire State Building then stupid people would do it!!!!!

          • johnandali

            Having extensive tats is a very good way to ensure you never get a job.

    • JEL51

      We are so enjoying your ‘time in the sun’ George. Will look forward to how you cope with being accosted for full-publicly-displayed-street-side massage and how many time-share rooms you have been talked into buying. Let us know if we need to pass-the-hat around to get you back home ;)

      • Nige.

        See? This is why I don’t need to travel. Between George lab tested Jude and others about to take off (with Bruce I might add) I get to enjoy the world from the comfort of home 😀.

      • Aucky

        …….and the magic mushrooms George. ;-)

    • Alfred12

      George, your not staying at the Jayakarta hotel in Legian are you? We stayed there 2 years ago and it was Aussie bogan central. Old loud morbidly obese ockers, hair in braids almost wearing bintang T-Shirts. I don’t know why they leave Aussie, bars are full if them on the turps watching AFL. Just like home really.

      • johnandali

        In military circles outside of Australia, two Aussies are referred to as an ‘instant crowd”. They shout at one-another. I wonder if there is an ongoing epidemic of glue-ear in Oz.

        • Alfred12

          Possibly so, every time I see or hear a “gaggle” of ockers it reminds me of muldoons comment re raising the iq on both sides of the Tasman.

    • Dan

      I cringe at attending those cultural dance things only to be invited up at the end to join in. For some reason I am a magnet for the dancers when they drag people up on stage. I don’t dance until I hit 6 beers, then I am a legend on the dance floor (in my own little world). I am to dancing what mashed potato is to your dish, while thinking I am a juicy scallop. Maybe my friends know that and plan it all ahead of time for their own entertainment.

  • Korau

    News of “Things Yanks Do Well” has just come in.

    The Juno space probe has screamed past planet Jupiter at 208,000 kph, and successfully achieved it’s flyby goals. Now comes the download of data accumulated, which will take days.

    There are another 35 flybys scheduled between now and the end of mission in 2018.

    Take a bow NASA. Well done.

    PS. In case you wondered 208,000 kph = 57.7 kilometres PER SECOND. That’s moving.

    Edit : Obligatory spelling correction

    • peterwn

      All built on foundations that a Kiwi (the late William Pickering) played a major part to put in place.

      • Korau

        Thanks for that bit of info. Was not aware of it. Looks to have been a very bright guy.

      • MaryLou

        Well, look at that! I’ve seen the name on road signs, but had no idea who he was or what he did. What a man!


        • Karma

          If I recall, there was a This is Your Life episode about him. I think it was the days when Bob Parker was the host.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I was not aware that William Pickering Drive in Albany had this connection. Learn something new every day

  • Isherman

    Actor Gene Wilder, best known for his role as Willy Wonka, has passed away at the age of 83.

    • sarahmw

      Willie wonka and the chocolate factory, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles just a few of the classics.

    • hookerphil

      But does the reported death of an 83 y.o actor deem it necessary to be flashing as Breaking News.

      • Nige.

        It really should say *EXPECTED NEWS*

      • Aucky

        More BREAKING NEWS. Eliza McCartney is back in NZ and visiting Belmont Primary School.

        I’m wondering what sort of headline the Herald will use to announce that an asteroid is speeding towards earth and that we all have six hours to live.

        • Ruahine

          Whats the address.

      • KatB

        The best headline I saw was on Yahoo the other day. Instead of BREAKING, it said CREAKING. Finally somebody honest about the drivel they’re dishing up.

    • oldmanNZ

      Didn’t realise he was that old… Grew up watching a lot of his movies… Make me feel old.

      Funny one i like was hear no evil, see no evil with Pryor.
      Guess those two will make heaven a funny place

  • JEL51

    A headline that I (instinctively) immediately react negatively to and I am not sure my brain can explain why.. ..” UN Could Take Over the Internet ” by Joel Pollak

    • ex-JAFA

      I think we all know why that sort of headline would create a negative reaction in most thinking people. It’d be a very large nail in the coffin of free speech. Individual websites (particularly media) already shut down non-socialist views; the world’s uber-socialist organisation is hardly likely to take a different tack.

      • JEL51

        I guess one should have expected the Globalist schemers to have their sights on a key element such as the Internet. That really would take us back to the dark ages. If ever there was a reason to hope Trump makes it in,it is that alone.

    • Dan

      There are two schools of thought on how the internet got started. In my CISCO training days, it was taught that the Department of Defence created it, while the science community taught that is was a result of the Human Genome Project and a neat way for scientists worldwide to collaborate. In many ways the outcome has come to reflect both models.

      Now if the UN gets control on Oct 1, one could easily see how all that data that large internet corporations have on you could become tools for the thought police.

      I remember the time I had the best boss in the world. He demanded that we all sign employment contracts. We protested and said that we were all happy with our work and did not need a contract. His reply was that sooner or later you have a different boss who may not have the same ideals. As it turned out, he was dead right. Ditto here

      • JEL51

        Which ever its origin, it is the basic principle of Capitalism that has allowed it to mushroom into the broad, all-encompassing dynamo that it is. The UN would completely destroy the whole essence and there would be no way of holding them to account.
        (please note that it took a ‘free-not-influenced-by-Soros-filty-$s-journalist/news source’ to expose this information)

      • Ruahine

        We already have the thought police on the job. They are called Facebook Twitter and Google they would fit in quite well with the UN. More free money.

  • sandalwood789

    This new left-wing “think tank” called ESRA – I’ve just noticed what spelling that backwards gives you. Mmmmph…. (stifled laugh).

    • Kiwiracer

      I had a look at the website, there are a lot of academics involved, many still studying and teaching, or both.
      I’m thinking there’s going to be a lot of clickbait coming out of this.

      • Sally

        When I google ESRA I get the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA). Sounds about right for left-wing think tank – putting everyone to sleep.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Sue Bradford and think is an oxymoron. Come to think of it, if an academic believes that redistribution is the economic answer, then the same goes for them.

  • KGB

    Now they’re pimping 69 year olds living in campervans. No back story, no detail, no credibility.
    At 69 today there are only two reasons for living in a camper, bad decisions or lifestyle choice.
    Divorce, failed business, bad luck, poor investments, all fall in the bad decision basket. I should know, I’ve made a few.
    Everyone else I know is living the rate-free, mortgage-free dream driving around NZ playing bowls and catching fish.
    I suppose it makes a change from homeless stories and 5 children in a van, or am I heartless?

    • Aucky

      I’m 72 KGB and I have been blessed with a successful and happy career so I’m probably not in a position to criticise this woman. NZ has a comprehensive safety net for its older population and there’s no need for her to be in her current environment. I’m the first to admit that it’s not easy for a single person to live alone when totally dependent on the state but tens of thousands of pensioners do it and do it well. Rather than act as a mouthpiece for the Media Party she could do far worse that visit her local Citizens Advice Bureau and check that she is receiving all of the benefits to which she is entitled and just as importantly get their help in joining her up to social networking organisations in her area.

      • KGB

        Yes, I agree it would be sad and lonely living alone in her camper.
        My criticism is how you get to that situation. How did one live through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, without accumulating assets?
        I know a couple who guaranteed their sons business and lost $500k. They lost the house and now live a motor home. They’re happy, they own their mistake.
        The real story should be how it gets to this. Lessons in life, and personal responsibility.

      • In Vino Veritas

        She is right. It shouldn’t have come to this. But it did, and no matter what she, or anyone else says, its her fault for not saving. And the woman with 5 kids the same. Her (clearly) ex partner isn’t paying up for the kids that they could not afford. Seems a common refrain “kids they could not afford”.

    • Sally

      These stories are all coming via the Labour/Green homeless enquiry. They are going around the country listening to the stories of homelessness. It is not 1000’s or even 100’s attending. But the Labour/Green will use these people to beat the homeless drum. Their names will come up at QT and in the media and hoping the public will buy into the story there is a huge problem and it is all the government’s fault and not personal life choices.
      I am not sure if I feel sorry for these people being used by political parties or do they really think by telling their story they will skip the queue and gain help without taking responsibility for their own lives.
      All I know if I was in the similar situation I wouldn’t be telling the world.

      • Seriously?

        Yes. I saw one on TV3 news. A midwife explaining that she has had mothers give birth under cellphone light because they could not afford to pay their power bill and the power had been cut off. No one seems to have asked the midwife the obvious question: why the mother was not delivering her baby in a hospital. That is free thanks to the tax-payer.

        • In Vino Veritas

          And they didn’t ask the even more sickeningly obvious question: “Why are you having a baby when you clearly cannot afford to care for it?”
          And these people expect sympathy? They should be ridiculed.

          • rantykiwi

            And the children removed from their care at birth.

          • Seriously?

            To be fair, it was the midwife telling the story, not the mother.

          • johnandali

            But every baby is a meal ticket. Sorry, I meant a booze, drugs, gambling ticket, which is why so many people who are on benefits can’t afford to pay for their rent, power, food – the necessities of life, because the money they’re given by the taxpayers is needed for other things.

        • Ruahine

          Probably not homeless just hopeless.

        • MrHippo

          Or charging the phone without power…

    • dennis

      She is probably eligible for tax payer funded retirement apartment at no cost to her. This is a non story.

      • Mark

        ?? How do I get that? I’m not there yet & I was kinda hoping I might be living in a campervan by the time I retire,but this sounds interesting!

        • dennis

          It’s means tested. I think you need assets of less than $175k. Apply to winz when you are 65. I did it last year for my father who unfortunately died just before he was eligible. Some people have their money in trusts which means they have no assets in their name. Although Winz has got onto that trick which I feel is fair.

    • Seriously?

      I while back the Labour party put out a call for people to tell them their stories of poverty. The email was posted on here, I think by SB who is on their email list. I wonder whether the people we are seeing at the roadshow bleatfest are a product of that trawling.

    • johnandali

      And if you drive around Australia, you will find huge caravan parks full of retired people and homeless people. If you’re towing a caravan around Oz, it’s best to stay at caravan parks designated for travellers. Our politically-minded left-wing media are very careful to totally ignore how people live and work in other Western countries. Remember the hoo-ha about zero hours in NZ, It’s a normal system overseas, but from the screaming by our media, you’d think that we were the only country doing it. Every overseas country has similar (or worse) problems with poverty, crime, policing, health, housing, education, welfare etc, etc. But our media never, ever mention that.

      • Ruahine

        The Media will if and when their buddies the ever Left get back into power.

  • rantykiwi

    It’s time for JK et al to step up and sort out why the NZ public are being ripped off for petrol. I’ve just had a call from a mate in Melbourne who filled up with 91 this morning at 99.9c/l.

    A bit of research of excise rates leads me to show that the non-excise/GST component on that A$1.00 fuel is A$0.513

    The same research into the cheapest Auckland 91 I can find on Pricewatch at NZ$1.68/l shows a non-excise/GST component of NZ$0.788.

    At today’s exchange rate of .958 that’s NZ$0.536 vs NZ$0.788, so the oil companies here are making 47% more on every litre they sell. Something smells bad, and it’s time for an enquiry and action to sort it out.

    • Seriously?

      I agree that the disparity is hard to see as justified, even allowing for the extra cost in getting a relatively small amount of fuel to NZ. It smells a bit.

      But having said that, 79 cents a litre is a somewhat surprisingly small amount. To extract it, refine it, ship it to NZ, supply it to the pump, and run the station. I don’t know if you could by a litre of coke for that amount. In fact you might struggle to by a litre of water for that amount.

      • rantykiwi

        If they can do it in Australia for 2/3 the cost and survive then even the NZ economies of scale don’t justify the disparity.

        • Mark

          Until the Govt is willing to cut their Margin (Tax & Tax),which they get by providing Zero service,why should the Petrol Companies do anything other than try & maximise theirs,which is not high,thou it may be higher than other markets.

    • MarcWills

      Two weeks ago all brands upped their prices by 6 cents/l. The following weekend most supermarket chains were offering 20 – 40 cents/l discount on purchases over $150 – 200. Quelle surprise!

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Once again it is one of those ‘free’ things that are actually paid for but hidden elsewhere within the cost of goods.
        The supermarket discounts annoy me most as I don’t use the coupons and I know I’m paying for someone else or even worse just handing the supermarket extra money so to speak. Even if I did I use the petrol vouchers I wouldn’t shop at a particular store because of a fuel discount – esp when all are the same most times anyway.

    • johnandali

      The Brits pay more per litre than we do. And they are much closer to the areas where the stuff is produced. An added insult in the UK, is that if you want to check your tyres at a service station, you have to pay for the air.

      In respect to the Aussie prices, you also have to understand that the travel distances in Australia are huge compared to ours.

      • rantykiwi

        I’ve just done the sums for the UK too – 61.8c/l pre excise/VAT.

        And if travel distances in Aus are greater than our, so is the delivery cost for the fuel which should reduce the differential

        • johnandali

          The average price per litre in the UK today is one pound and two pence, which equates to close to $2 here. You should also remember that GST in Aust is 10%, and the Aust $ is worth about NZ $1.10 (it was NZ $1.35 not so long ago). You will also recall that a few short months ago, we were paying around $2 per litre in NZ, and we have recently bought petrol in Taupo for $1.61.

          I just wish that the road tax that comprises a huge amount of what we pay for petrol in NZ, would be spent on the roads. For those of us living north of Auckland, we pay millions in road taxes, and the only improved roading we get is toll roads, where we have to pay again. And the new extension to the Northern Motorway to Warkworth will incur yet another toll. Daylight robbery. PS. And don’t forget we pay GST on our petrol too, which means we are paying GST on our road taxed petrol. A tax on a tax.

          • rantykiwi

            I’ve done all the sums taking into account appropriate GST/VAT and excise, and current exchange rates. The retail price I used for the UK was higher than you suggest – their oil company price would be very close to Aus.

  • edenman

    Here we go again. A Newspaper reports that coffee drinkers will pay more. Being an avid coffee drinker I decided to read on. Yes it was a promoted story. A climate science report at the behest of Fairtrade Australia & NZ. An expected answer, like asking the question is ‘is the Pope Catholic’.

  • TC

    Drifting to the left

  • goodwitheu
    • Isherman

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  • Seriously?

    On the alleged Owen Franks eye-gouging, and the media frenzy over it…

    It seems plain that the one angle we keep seeing of the incident looks bad for Franks. But it also seems pretty obvious that when the citing commissioner reviewed it (as he did), and he saw footage from all of the other angles available (as he did), he concluded there was nothing to take action over.

    Given that the citing commissioners seems happy to take a hard line on things, why doubt his conclusion in this instance? More particularly, why doubt it without taking a look at the same thing the commissioner took a look at.

    If Franks was thin skinned or litigious, he may we have a case for defamation about some of the things being said about it.