2016 New Zealand’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Winner – Pete Rainey


Last local body election we uncovered all sorts of ratbags running for council, crooks, liars, criminals, and just out and out dodgy bastards. Maybe that put some of the ratbags off running this time because they knew they would be held to account.

So this election cycle we have mainly been highlighting people who are either dead set useless, don’t understand conflicts of interest, or have their nose so deep in the trough they must struggle to breathe.

This is why we have settled on well known trougher and three times nominated Pete Rainey as our winner of New Zealand’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician.

To refresh your memories Pete Rainey won a nomination for troughing vast amounts of cash from the council on an annual basis.

Then he won a second nomination for abusing poor people in Nelson who wanted car parks so they could safely buy cigarettes.

And his final nomination came for hatching a plan to strip Nelson sports of their rights to sell food and drink at their venues, in favour of letting the council take over these concessions.

It is about time Sam Lotu-Iiga made it unbelievably clear that troughers can’t trough and serve on the council they are bludging off. These ratbags need to be completely away from any decisions about funding, if only so the public can believe their rates are not being used to provide jobs for the boys.


  • XCIA

    There should be an examination before a panel of experienced psychiatrists for all those wanting to run for public office to eliminate idiots such as this. We should be striving at all times for quality, not quantity.

    • SirHoraceGentleman

      As they almost all have narcissistic personality disorder this would eliminate most of them.

  • Sailor Sam

    But seeingas Sam L-L is also a trougher, is it a case of “use a thief to catch a thief?”