E-cigarettes can help people quit

Out of all the methods available to smokers to help them to quit, I am not surprised that  e-cigarettes are popular. Nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges while very helpful, all lack one vital psychological ingredient. They don’t look like a cigarette, they don’t taste like a cigarette and they do not  involve inhaling and exhaling  the nicotine.  The beauty of an e-cigarette is that smokers  can reduce the amount of nicotine they are using while still enjoy the vaping experience. Once they have beaten their nicotine habit they can continue to vape with many nicotine free flavours available to them.

Another benefit that cannot be ignored is the money they will save. According to NZ Vapor, the sponsor of Whaleoil General debate and Whaleoil backchat, “vaping will save the smoker about 80% of smoking costs – you can vape full time for around $5-$7 a week (Based on 20 cigarettes a day)”

Paris (AFP) – E-cigarettes may have helped some 18,000 smokers in England kick the tobacco habit last year, according to research released Wednesday.

The survey-based study was not a clinical trial, which means the link between the use of nicotine delivery devices and the number of people who quit smoking is not iron clad.

Indeed, other research has challenged the idea that e-cigarettes are an effective substitute for tobacco, with some studies even suggesting they are a “gateway” to adolescent addiction.

But a team of scientists led by Emma Beard of University College London, along with experts not involved in the study, said the new evidence that “vaping” can help smokers stop was compelling.

“Successful quit attempts increased over the period of time that electronic cigarettes became popular,” commented Ann McNeill, an expert on tobacco addiction at King’s College London who did not take part in the research.

“In my view, smokers struggling to stop should try all possible methods, including e-cigarettes.”

…John Britton, director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, welcomed the new findings, even as he called for more research.

A one-percent, year-on-year drop in adult smokers in Britain indicates that something is driving trends in the right direction, he said in a commentary, also in The BMJ.

“Successful quitting through substitution with e-cigarettes is one likely major contributor,” he wrote.

Another report on e-cigarettes in Britain, released at the same time, similarly concluded the devices may help smokers get the tobacco monkey off their backs.

The Cochrane Review — updated from 2014 — also found that there were no serious side effects associated with e-cigarette use.



  • oldmanNZ

    And non smokers can take up vaping, and excuse to pop out of the building at work every hour to have a… Smoke?

    • Goldie

      Yes, there will be some that will use that as an excuse to get additional breaks. But you also don’t have to stand or sit there and finish a whole cigarette. I find that 4 or 5 puffs on an ecig can be enough to keep me going, all done in less than a minute.

    • Jimmy Rustle

      Vaping leaves nothing on exhale you can vape indoors…

      • James M

        Technically you are right, and the smoke-free act also does not state anything prohibiting Vaping indoors.

        BUT do consider others. They might not necessarily like inhaling the blueberry muffin flavored vapor that has just been inside somebody else’s lungs.

        • Neil

          or indeed any breath thats been in anyone elses lungs?

  • Brian Dingwall

    Apparently in Sweden <5% of men smoke, and Sweden has the lowest lung cancer incidence amongst European men. They use snus, a tobacco "tea-bag" that is pressed aganst the gums. I'd never heard of them.

    Full story here in other typically excellent post by Matt Ridley: http://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/junk-science-and-snus/

  • James M

    It worked for me. I had given up hope on patches and gum. They didn’t do a damn thing for me.

    There was about a 2 week transition period between the real thing and vaping until vaping became the full time thing.

    I had tried giving up so many times over a 9 year period with nothing more then a week at best without a cigarette. Vaping busted that previous 1 week record by about 140 weeks and counting.

    proof, results yada yada yada. If you need to quit E-cigs/Vaping can be an extremely effective option.

  • Damon Mudgway

    e-cigs have to be a far better vice than the real thing. Too long have big tabacco been putting absolute rubbish and not much tobacco in their product. Vaping appears to be a common sense response to the fact smokers have been ripped off with a shonky product.

    As a puro (Cuban cigar) smoker, I get pretty miffed that my irregular treat gets lumped in with the crap that cigarettes represent, including the ridiculous taxes.

  • cod

    A mate of mine , smoker for 35 years, recently gave up with vaping, said to me “he was surprised how easy it was” and at 95% cheaper and 95% better for you it was a total no brainer. Mostly he was just tired of being ripped off by the govt on his one remaining pleasure.

    • Neil

      or maybe he just wanted to live longer and the cost had little to do with it…like me