7.1 Quake at sea near Ruatoria / Te Araroa, 30cm tsunami hitting East Cape [UPDATED]








Issued by Civil Defence

Issued by Civil Defence


And now for plain absurdity:





At 4:37am today a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck 100km off the coast of East Cape. The tsunami experts panel is active and is assessing the situation with the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM)


So far there are no reports of fatalities, injuries or significant damage, but power may be out.

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) has issued a tsunami warning for East Coast of the North Island.

Aftershocks continue even now, some significant (M5+)





Oh for crying out loud….


People in Auckland are well served by their Civil Defense…



East or West, Insert Time

  • dumbshit

    The timing of this quake, brings to mind a need for a universal warning system. I wonder if the “ripple control” system, that power companies use to control hot water power, may be adapted to also trigger an alert, in homes in vulnerable areas.

    • Bryan

      Japan has a system for Tsunami warning that operates through the texting system and sends a mass message right across all phone companies in the area effected to all their customers, and it works very well they say

      • InnerCityDweller

        I have an app on my phone, which replaced the Civil Defence app. It keeps beeping, warning me of High Winds etc. The quake and possible Tsunami? Not a beep… Does anyone have an app that worked in this case?

        • jimknowsall

          I used to receive CD texts, but they seem to have stopped. Just signed up again, but it says it excludes weather warnings. Not sure what is going on with it.

  • R&BAvenger

    Felt it here in Christchurch. A steady rolling motion. Went back to sleep. Hope it’s no more than that closer to the epicenter.

    • Nessie

      It woke me up, but the house just rattled gently here near Pahiatua. Not like the local ones where the ‘deep throat’ rumble tells me that the house is going to buck a bit. There is a certain pitch that puts me on full flight alert.

  • Spiker

    Quite a decent shake felt at Whakatane. Apparently I’m in the dog box because I stayed in bed. Didn’t see the point of wasting sleep time when Mrs Spiker would be monitoring all known forms of communications for updates.
    Edit and there it goes again..

    • Sally

      I can remember as a kid when the whole town was made to evacuate to the hills behind the town after a tsunami warning. It was quite a social occasion.

      • Spiker

        Yes I remember that as well. We lived near Opotiki at the time, surfers all headed to the beach.

        • pidge

          I heard about that incident…

      • MaryLou

        We got quite practiced at hiding under desks during the 1987 Edgcumbe earthquakes. We were in Paengaroa at the time, but they were still well-felt. My Dad was working for Broadcasting at the time so I spent a lot of time going on trips with him checking the masts and stations. Wasn’t overly interested in that, but quite amazing the gashes in the earth that opened up all over the countryside.

        • Spiker

          We live 1.5ks from the rupture across SH2. It’s a constant reminder of the power thats under us.

        • JC

          One of our senior radio technicians and a female assistant was doing some work on that mountain behind Kaweau at the time.. the Rotorua Daily Post reported him as saying “The earth moved beneath us”.


    • D.Dave

      I did the same in the CHCH, one 6 years ago. I couldn’t see the point in leaping out of bed in to the unknown. Mrs DD was halfway to the stairs when I pointed out, they may not even be there. It was dark and we couldn’t see, and the bed was warm.

  • Huia

    There was a series of earthquakes felt here yesterday on the Coromandel yesterday.
    Didn’t get up when this one happened but did get a good shake up.

  • Sailor Sam

    Read about this quake on facebook from friends in Europe, thus went to Geonet.
    MSM was a distant last for information.
    Did not feel a thing in Matamata, just one picture on the bedroom wall slightly askew.
    A few pavers, standing on edge in the back yard, are still standing on edge.

  • Huia

    Gee, just had another one.

  • Rebecca

    Tsunamis are to be expected from a National government led by Jonkey. Mickey Savage would turn in his grave (maybe he did.)

  • Dumrse

    Auckland needs to be careful its Latte’s don’t slop in the bowl. Trains have stopped running in Auckland ………. as only Auckland can.

    • shykiwibloke

      Does seem to be over cautious, but there is a real reason. Std procedure is to check bridges after an earthquake. Even a quick visual check takes time. This applies to the all railways, not just Auckland, but hold ups for freight trains aren’t so obvious to the public.

    • shykiwibloke

      Also remember Britomart is below sea level.

  • Jafarma

    It woke me up at Mt Maunganui, I heard a few rattles, then rolled over and went back to sleep. I’m looking out to sea, it’s so flat you would water ski off the beach so await a minnie tsunami. At least if its a few centimetres high it should be easy to see.


    • Spiker

      Better luck next time?

    • Effluent

      Yes, but what about the Ngati Whatua room?

    • dumbshit

      Wonder if they will install bilge pumps in “lennys underground link”? There’s an new one, trains with life jackets, under the seats!

      • pidge

        I call the CRL “Len’s Tunnel of Love”

  • oldmanNZ

    Think a tsunami of homeless is about to hit Auckland.

    Indication is that they will arrive by train,

    • johcar

      … but will be late..

  • spanishbride

    Hmmm we are right on the beach. The water is lapping at the rocks ten metres away from the front of the house. Should I make a run for it? One metre high waves? Will they wash our windows or knock the house down? Decisions. decisions.

    • Bryan

      remember this one from the Japan quakes and how flat the water was at first and then all suddenly the flood became massive and that the whole point, it can look like nothing at first and then behind it come the real nasty ones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0YOXVlPUu4

      • MaryLou

        Gosh, it’s amazing how “nothing” it seems at first. No wonder people get caught out.

        • Bryan

          that’s the whole point Marylou that Civil defence cannot get through to people if can look like normal , but the quake force is travelling so fast that when the sea bottom and top narrow it just pushes the water up like a wall and then pushes that wall inland like a tractor pushing everything in front of it, and nothing can stop it, and if you see it !! you are too late you will never outrun it

  • Doc45

    One of these days a very big wave will roll in and most people will simply say – “not another one – nothing ever happens with these warnings, I can go back to sleep”.

  • GoingRight

    Woken at around 4.40am with sliding doors rattling fiercely! Thought of earthquake crossed our minds. We are in Parnell, Auckland on 5th floor of apartment building. Think had I been up I would have felt it vibrating on the floor as we have done in the past. Sounds like little damage around the country, thank goodness.

    • Greg M

      Same here on Federal St, it woke us up with the rumbling.


  • Nige.

    Are you speaking from fact? As I understand when the water is shallower there is less room for water and so the tsunami gets worse.

    • biscuit barrel

      yes thats right. In 1947 there was a similar quake to this morning just it was closer down the coast to Gisborne. tsunamis were huge then over 10m. but it was in a small area near the quake.
      Auckland is a bit different as the Auckland council tsunami records show. 1960 Chile Quake 1.5m at Gt Barrier island and 0.6m at Auckland, 1877 Chile Port Charles 3.6m 0.2m at Auckland.
      The Gulf is a relatively narrow opening which widens out and a long distance with shallower water so the wave loses energy. East Cape is like Japan only a short distance to the deep water. Cook St has the deep water near to the coast.

  • jimknowsall

    It brings to mind when there was a tsunami warning a few years ago and the poor civil defence guy was being eviscerated on Paul Henry because all he could do was tow the official line which was, ludicrously, to tell people whether to evacuate after the time the tsunami was expected to arrive.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Rattled the house about as much as a fully loaded log truck does on it’s way past here in Paengoroa. Business as usual.