A little late, but Hamilton and Palmerston North are ecstatic


New Zealand researchers have discovered that a vaccine used here against meningococcal disease also protects against gonorrhoea.

The findings, presented in Britain today, should help a century-long search for a vaccine for the sexually transmitted disease.

New Zealand has 3000 cases of gonorrhoea reported a year.

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris presented the findings in Britain today.

She said it was likely to be of huge international interest, as there was no vaccine against gonorrhoea, which was becoming resistant to antibiotics.

“It was a vaccine used in New Zealand that had a reasonable effect, given it was targeting a different disease and what we can learn from this is how that vaccine worked, so that immediately gives rise to opportunities to develop a much more effective vaccine against gonorrhoea.”

There seems to be a cruel joke in the fact that gonorrhoea looks like a couple of hairy bollocks but it is actually a disease that women suffer.

The final challenge lies in deciding to get inoculated.  It’s basically saying “ok, I admit I’m a slut, but I might as well be a safe slut”.

Hard to see a future where we immunise babies against measles and rubella and gonorrhoea at the same time.  You know, in case you daughter grows up to be the town bike.



  • Aucky

    The jab should be a reasonably easy sell to young blokes. Almost like a badge of honour. Having seen a couple of mates in my younger days suffer excruciating pain from gonorrhea along with the embarassment of having a notifiable disease and attendance at the STD Clinic it would be a no-brainer not to get the shot.

  • JEL51

    Chose recommended on editorial basis. Good to see the sabbatical has had a restorative effect.

  • Grizz30

    You only have to have sex once to get gonorhoea. Having the vaccine does not mean you are promiscuous.