A “World Class” Library for Marlborough?


Apparently the staff of the Marlborough District council have more integrity than the councillors, because the tip line has been running hot with stories about the council running publicly excluded meetings to push through the funding for the $24m Library in Blenheim

Mayor Sowman and the councillors are trying hush this up, so Mayor Sowman can benevolently endow another expensive vanity project on the ratepayers of Marlborough without giving them a chance to complain.

Or a chance to vote out the pro “World Class” $24m Library councillors at the upcoming election.

Can anyone in Marlborough tell us why $24m should be spent on a library when book sales are falling rapidly and more and more people are using devices like Kindles or iPads to read?

And can anyone tell us why the council staff have to leak to ensure the voting public know about the $24m Library, something that should be the focal point of the election campaign, especially after the monumental cost overruns associated with the “World Class” Theatre?

  • Bob Dazzler

    Brilliant, another field of bunnies.

  • Hard1

    It must be all that leaching from the millions of treated fence posts entering the water supply, combined with all the wine freebies, causing temporary derangement syndrome among Mayor Sowman and the councillors .
    Someone tell them it’s NOT THEIR MONEY!

  • Chris

    We have our “World Class Theatre” here now still not finished and millions of dollars over budget, so if the new library is budgeted for $24mil then that cost will be around $50 mil when finished. Sowman is bowing out of council at this election so he will want to leave another “legacy” for the poor punters of Marlborough to pay for.

  • peterwn

    If Andrew Carnegie was around today he would be donating money for broadband, not libraries. While USA communities benefited from his generosity in providing public libraries, some NZ communities did too.

  • exactchange

    Cheaper by far to provide a tablet and internet connection to the handful of folk who don’t have them already. A few hours a month helpdesk at the local community centre. Point them at the library digital collection. Sorted.

  • Kiwi As

    Question. Can anyone in Marlborough tell us why $24m should be spent on a library ?
    Answer. Ego trippers and troughers.
    The pic. of sowman (such an appropriate name) basically reinforces the fact !!!

  • Dog Breath

    It must be so dissapointing for naysayers having to sit back and watch visionaries develop and rebuild Blenheim into one of the best towns in NZ, try naming a town that is better. Started with the CBD being rebuilt, the roads being ripped up into a deep trench and new infrastructure put in, the forum was built. As a result areas of town that were dead or dying are today active and busy. Next was stadium 2000 stage 1 boy the naysayers had plenty to moan about that one and what happened. It was built and what a magnificant facility it is, then came stage 2 the aquatic centre added to the facility, if we thought it was great before this enhancement made it “world class” and the naysayers had plenty to say about that. Next was Clubs of Marlborough another reason for naysayers to bay for blood and what we were the visionaries thinking by adding on a conference centre but again it was built and what a magnificant facility it is and what a success the conference centre has been. The visionaries are clearly on drugs when they dreamt up the car park building again the naysayers had a field day and again it was built and shock horror to the naysayers it actually has people parking cars in the parking building who would have thought. So what’s next for the visionaries let’s build a magnificant theatre and let’s put it where the conference centre and car parking building is. The naysayers are now fuming how dare the visionaries actually come up with a complex that not only provides a venue for shows and concerts but also attract people from Nelson because they have nothing mainly because the naysayers are winning in Nelson. The naysayers declare the visionaries are insane with all this visionary stuff and how stupid it is to align the theatre with the conference centre and have conference people use the theatre and have them park their vechiles in the nearby car park. Clearly the visionaries are destroying the town. Just when the naysayers thought it could not get worse the visionaries decide to build a new airport terminal and then expand it. What region would ever think to build a new airport terminal and then expand it clearly the visionaries are not reading the tea leaves right as no other regionall airport would do such and insane thing. Now the visionaries are looking at a new library. Perfect ammunition for naysayers who think that the new library will just be about books. What don’t tell me the visionaries are thinking about a library that provides facilities beyond just books and its design takes into account todays and tomorrows world clearly they are more insane than the naysayers thought when all the previous facilities were thought of and built. Guess what naysayers once again the visionaries will build a “world class” facility and once again it will work out just fine and will be wonderful for all. It’s time to rally naysayers because at some point the visionaries will want to rebuild the athletic park into a “world class” facility so start foaming at the mouth now so that you are ready to rip into the visionaries once again when that time comes.
    What if the naysayers had their way, what would Blenheim look like today with the do nothings in charge. The forum would be a paddock with sheep in it, the CBD would be a broken down hovel full of derelict buildings, no stadium, no clubs of Marlborough, no conference centre, no car park building, no theatre and no to anything else. There is a reason why naysayers are never elected to anything or never get to impose their do nothing on society as a whole. The naysayers had the opportunity to come forward and be candidates for local council elections but instead they do nothing which of course is their modus operandi.