Would you pay for an ad-free Whaleoil?


If you are already supporting Whaleoil financially, please, for the moment, pretend you are not, then answer the questions on our Whaleoil survey if you haven’t already.

Whaleoil will remain free to access to anyone.  We are just trying to ascertain if there is an interest in being able to pay to make the ads disappear.  One way or another, we need some money to pay for it all…

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  • Mountie

    I have no problem with the ads in fact at times I find them useful to check out products.

    • Wheninrome

      I am on fibre but not sure why they load so slowly, help anyone, a bigger plan maybe.

      • Old Kiwi

        Fibre to the house but wi-fi within maybe? If on wi-fi, it will dictate your speed. Not sure what wi-fi speeds are available these days with the newer routers.

        • Wheninrome

          You may be right I have a new spark 5g router. The phone operates off this as well, not wired in. Someone said get larger plan.

          • Old Kiwi

            Think of it in terms of plumbing. If you have a 300mm water pipe to your house but retain the 12mm pipes within you will get even volume flow from each tap without drop off, but the speed of flow is very much restricted by the 12mm piping. I imagine the wi-fi speed will be max of 10% of your fibre at best. Lots of friends have expressed disappointment at fibre speeds. On wi-fi? Yes. Well think of it in terms of plumbing……
            Fibre promotional material neglects to explain that.

  • Martin

    Yup, I would prefer more in-depth reporting and WO made video news than ad-free provided it didn’t compromise your ability to report on nefarious activity by advertisers.
    Great job as you are though, I have cancelled my herald sub and will take up an incite sub.

  • Bluemanning

    The whaleoil ads are a good indication of WO supporters and demographics. I would miss the ads personally.

    • johcar

      You know the ads are driven primarily from your browsing history….?

  • jimknowsall

    No, probably not. Sorry. I don’t mind somewhat relevant ads, but it has to be said that those on WO are pretty tacky and scammy which I don’t think helps create the look of a trustworthy site. I know you probably don’t get to control the content, but right now for instance I’ve got:
    – Akl mum makes 18k a month for doing nothing
    – Some homeless man makes 400k in a month
    – Foods you must not eat
    There is then often a bunch of clickbait such as how unbelievable some US D-list celeb I never knew from the 80s looks today, or Thai girls offering premium services.
    At least the specific ads like Southern Autos in Manukau are potentially useful, but these other ones are just awful.

    • johcar

      And they consume my mobile data cap and page load speed is compromised on a mobile device, even on 4G….

  • Jude

    The ads don’t bother me too much although that horrible toe nail one did gross me out. Have not seen that one for awhile. I do not believe it is fair to expect “free” news via this blog.
    The news and analysis are worth paying for even if the amount varies from person to person.
    I hope new people reading and appreciating the blog, at least pay by AP the amount they would have paid to read Herald or Dom post😉

  • Ruahine

    Quite happy with the ads.

    • sandalwood789

      Same here – they don’t bother me.

  • Boondecker

    The enjoyment of WO is certainly worth something for all the education, news and fun I get from it. I wouldn’t be averse to a subscription.

  • cows4me

    I don’t mind the ads but I seem to get lots on agriculture machinery and from spoilt milk buyers while some say they get ads from pretty women offering various services, what happened to mine?

  • Andrew Gibson

    Sometimes I find it difficult to access Whaleoil; I don’t know if its my connection, the number people online or the ads. If it’s the ads, then yes an ad-free version might be worthwhile paying for. Although personally I like the ads; if it’s a slow day they are a nice distraction…

  • Eborst

    I suspect the “fringe” readers, who may actually be the people who would learn the most by reading Whale Oil, would disappear if they have to pay.
    The breadth of Whale Oil influence may diminish?