Almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants



Do you think the Aborigines,the Maori and the American Indians were happy about British immigration into their countries? The difference between those indigenous cultures and ours in Australia and New Zealand is that the power is in our hands. Unlike those cultures we can limit who we let into our country and prevent them from becoming the dominant culture.

Australia is an immigrant country but its blend of cultures up until now have assimilated to the dominant Australian culture. They share many values and believe in democracy and equal rights. Even though Australia does not face the same issues as Europe our nearest neighbour is already extremely worried as this latest poll shows.

…poll showing almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants.

Forty-nine per cent of people surveyed in an Essential poll agreed that Muslims should be blocked from the country while 40 per cent disagreed with the idea. There was 60 per cent support for the ban among coalition voters, 40 per cent from Labor and a surprising 34 per cent from Greens voters.

More than a third felt Muslims did not integrate into Australian society as their main reason for supporting a ban, with some citing concerns about terrorism and lack of uptake of Australian values, the poll showed.

…One Nation leader Pauline Hanson snatched headlines last week when she called for such a ban, saying that Australia was in danger of being swamped by Muslims who had “a culture and ideology incompatible with our own”.

The call was rejected by senior government figures including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who stressed Australia was the world’s most successful multicultural society.

Greens immigration spokesman Nick McKim said he had no doubt the majority of Australians were welcoming and open-hearted.

But the poll’s results were what happened when major parties capitulated to One Nation.

“They continually sidle over, cuddle up to Pauline Hanson and refuse to call her out,” he told reporters in Hobart.

Pauline Hanson was democratically elected. It is disgraceful how she has been treated by other politicians who question her right to be there and to represent her constituency.

He was not asked about the response of Greens voters.

Meanwhile, Mr Turnbull today announced Australia would keep its refugee intake at nearly 19,000 a year…


  • R&BAvenger

    People don’t make these choices in polls based on what major political parties are doing. Like me, they see the news and read articles online about what is happening in other countries outside of our own.
    They weigh up the facts and decide that mass Muslim migration is not in the best interests of their country’s future.

  • JC

    Historically one people come to dominate another due to some superiority of culture or land and resource use.

    Its thus difficult to argue against the colonisation of the US, Canada, Oz or NZ because the migrants made things better.

    Also historically colonisation by pure force of arms without a superior land use or culture hasn’t worked too well.. think of the 2000 years of invasions of Britain, they came to conquer but they either left with their tails between their legs or were assimilated to the land and culture of Britain. In its turn Britain conquered much of the world and where they stayed they created vast wealth, welfare and buoyant democracies the like of which the world had never seen.

    The Muslims conquered and ruled pretty well for some hundreds of years but by the Late Middle Ages they fell away because of an increasing inferior culture and religion; they left behind sinkholes of savagery and ignorance.

    Its come to this.. you can be a good person or a good Muslim. If the former you will add greatly to any civilisation regardless of culture or religion but a “good” Muslim destroys civilisations and no country that respects humanity should have a bar of them.


    • Larry

      And democracy has been the driver of a better standard of living for people the world over. Communism has failed miserably to improve the lot of the people. The Middle eastern muslim countries would still be living in mud huts without the windfall that oil has brought them.

  • Isherman

    The Outraged will simply use this to run a campaign pointing out how “racist” (sic)Australia is at its core, the hangover from the White Australia policy days, and try and shame mainstream politicians into adopting that view. The keyboard campaign against anyone supporting the notion of halting immigration from Islamic countries will be in full force, and it’ll be nasty.

  • Duchess of Pork

    The embedded video in this link will give any viewer an excellent insight into the world’s most successful multicultural society. On display is a Muslim armed with a large knife chasing a 59 year old man into a hair salon operating from a garage. Frightened customers lock the door and assist the wounded man as his blood drips onto the floor, whilst other brave neighbours confront the Muslim in an attempt to disarm him before police arrive to subdue and arrest the attacker.

    Warning: The video is punctuated with profanity and anti-Muslim sentiment. I recommend Mr Turnball view it, visit and talk with those who now have first-hand knowledge of where the worship of multiculturalism is taking us. And tell them face to face that the primary duty of a government is to ensure the safety of their people.

  • Boondecker

    Looks like Pauline Hansen was right all along then, doesn’t it. A little bit extreme with her terminology but right nonetheless.

  • cows4me

    Maybe surveys should target the indigenous populations of countries like Aus, NZ etc, see how they feel about Muslim immigration. I suspect the vast majority would be against Muslim immigration but a survey of this type will not happen as it would put a lie to many politicians claiming those opposed to Muslim immigration are racist, even though race has nothing to do with the Muslim problem, it’s an ideological problem.

  • Eiselmann

    The cartoon is an interesting lesson that I’m not sure the drawer intended.

    The lesson the carton (unintentionally gives) is that you have to take a stand against a culture that seeks to impose itself on your culture, while you can.

    If we followed the example of Native Americans and not resist Muslim immigration/expansion then we will end up like the Native Americans are today….

  • lyall

    People seem to forget that many Maori, Aborigines and native Americans violently resisted European conquests, they too were warlike people who also had a culture of bloodthirsty conquest and invasion. Their failure to resist was based largely on the technology divide and the fact that the British Empire were very apt at placating conquered peoples with weasel worded treaties that became the alternative to genocide!
    The government in Australia and NZ has the opportunity to listen to their people on issues like this and act accordingly as they are fortunate enough to have a stable democracy, if they decide to ignore democracy for some loftier ideal then they are putting these migrants at risk of violence just as early European migrants were at risk, although they generally came prepared!

  • MaryLou

    Whilst I agree 100% that allowing an influx of people that won’t/can’t assimilate into our culture can do nothing good for any of the inhabitants of any of the above-mentioned countries, I d fee I have a wee bit of a crack at this bit:

    “Australia is an immigrant country but its blend of cultures up until now have assimilated to the dominant Australian culture. ”

    NZ is a different case to Australia – there simply hasn’t been the same level of support – the land was never negotiated over, and there was never a Treaty. The Aborigines have had it rough – I couldn’t in all conscience call what’s happened there “assimilation”.

    • pidge

      Maori have had it better than just about ANY other “we were here first” group – The various invaders of the British Isles weren’t exactly the nice to the current inhabitants. I understand my ancestors we forcibly resettled from Ireland to Northern England, though I’m trying to track down when that happened.

    • spanishbride

      You are quite right, the aboriginals were hunted like animals. Australia’s history of how the indigenous people were treated is hideous. They did things like giving them poisoned flour. Nothing to be proud of there. In contrast, how the Maori were treated was fantastic in comparison.

  • sandalwood789

    “…almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants.”

    That is great news! What is not so great is that Australia is taking almost 19,000 “refugees” per year. That’s a *huge* number.
    Ok, it’s not of German proportions but it is ridiculously big. You can guarantee that 99.99% of those people will be Muslims too.