Andrew Little draws level: today is the day

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The excitement at Fraser House is palpable:  Andrew is about to set a new record, as long as he can get through today.  With his Chief of Staff gone, and a number of press secretaries running off before they can get pushed, the uncertainty is building… who will be in Andy’s ear now?

And will he dare go public on policy?  Will he dare give his opinion to media? 

After a quiet weekend, yesterday was similarly safe.


Two tweets yesterday.  Both wrote themselves.  Even Andrew doesn’t stuff those up.

Nothing on Facebook since last week.

No public press utterings that made it to the front pages.

14, and with it, a new record, is looking good!

  • Second time around

    He spoke on RNZ this morning, essentially accepting that the people who refuse orchard picking jobs were a pretty useless lot, but then saying that the employers should make a greater effort, make the workers lunch, go round and pick them up in the morning if their car’s WOF has expired, and pay them more because these (non) workers often had 40 years of (non) work ahead of them and deserved better.

    • oldmanNZ

      That is almost funny if he was joking..
      Next, the employer should also pick the fruits for them.

      And maybe tuck them in bed after a days work and read bedtime stories.

      • Don’t forget the nightcap of a good but cheap chardonnay

    • kiwisnab

      I listened to this interview this morning in frustration. I was close to turning the radio off. Listening to the interview I though of Sue Bradford and her new leftwing left tank, the ESRA. I have started reading her thesis on Left Think Tanks in NZ.

      I am hopeful that some good will come out of this organisation – well thought out policy ideas that will challenge the status quo and promote a quality public debate on issues.

      The fact that Little now wants employers to make the employees lunch, among other things, shows the lack of understanding Little has of the current social fabric in this country and lack of ideas to motivate people to partcipate in the country.

      There are people in this country who do not want to work.

      • Usaywot

        And really what incentive is there for slackers to work? They can sit on their fat backsides and get the dole…which is more than generous, they can deal P or they can burgle houses. Few consequences for any of that.

  • Wheninrome

    Surely the painting is a misstep, although one of his predecessors would have signed it as an original work.

    • he didn’t organise it, some idiot supporter did. Hard to blame him for that.

      • In Vino Veritas

        It shouldn’t be hard for the media to blame him, after all it was Key’s fault the soap thing came up on radio.

      • Wheninrome

        Just maybe The party of idiot supporters.

    • Isherman

      And it’s a rug, not a painting.

  • shykiwibloke

    I guess the departing Kevin Hague can justifyably put the following on his cv from his time in the party:- “experience with twits and tweets” – which makes him the ideal candidate for his new job!

  • In Vino Veritas

    “will he dare go public on policy?” No.
    “Will he dare give his opinion to media? ” No.
    Maybe he’s finally figuring out that saying nothing is in his best interest. Though I see he has been made into a rug. I’m sure the media will be all over that one harping about dignity and votes. But then, if Labour get a couple of dollars per mat, then they’ll be thankful for the fundraising……

  • Sally

    Can’t hide today, parliament is sitting.

  • Boondecker

    I heard Little suggested the naked portrait rug of him was “a heroic piece of artwork”. Surely that should have ‘hung’ him right back at zero?

    • Isherman

      We can let him off that one. He had nothing to do with the work, and he is definately going to be asked about it, so he gets right of response. What’s the right thing to say to that though?, lol.

      • Steely Man

        This is an excellent question that deserves a page of its own. Surely he could point out that its hard to get rugs to match the curtains these days….

      • Mick Ie

        “It could be worse; It could have been a seat cover…”

  • twittertit

    I think that tweet of his with the satirical press release constitutes a ‘balls up’ in some form.

    Pun totally not intentional.

  • Nermal

    Working on the principle: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open his mouth and remove all doubt

    • hsvmaloo

      Then he’s guaranteed to rise in his poll ratings.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Andy gives a whole new meaning today to carpetbagger and retread. I will not give the link, the whole picture has left me nauseous all day!

  • Keeping Stock

    Re-set the clock. The taxpayer is going to be paying for Matt McCarten’s sideways shift to Auckland. From the Herald:

    Labour leader Andrew Little says his adviser Matt McCarten’s taxpayer-funded salary is within the rules because McCarten will be doing “outreach” work for Little rather than campaign work.

    McCarten is leaving his job as Little’s chief of staff to head a new Auckland office for Little as part of Little’s election year strategy.

    That office was on a lease taken out by the Labour Party but Little’s Parliamentary budget was paying for some of it at market rates under a sublease agreement.

    Staff would be a mix of party workers and those, including McCarten, whose salaries were paid out of Little’s Parliamentary budget.

    Parliament’s rules provide some flexibility on how political parties use their staffing allocations but prohibit taxpayer-paid staff from campaigning.

    That includes trying to sign up party members, get donations or ask for votes. However, there has always been a thin line between Parliamentary and campaign-related work, especially for those in more political positions.

    Little said McCarten’s work was not campaigning but “outreach” for Little such as organising events and meetings when Little was in Auckland.

    He denied he was trying to use taxpayer funds for campaign-related work, saying party work would be done by party workers in the same office rather than McCarten and other Parliamentary-funded staff.

    Little is dancing on the head of a pin. You don’t go from being Chief of Staff to being a meeting and events organiser. Clearly McCarten is going to be the go-to person for campaigns in Auckland, especially those involving union muscle.

    Labour; ripping the tax-payer off for 100 years.

  • Cadwallader

    No! Angry has fallen from his horse…”$1,000,000 homes is scandalous!” Sorry Angry that is reality when a country is positive, attractive, enterprising and successful. I understand that you do not nor ever will understand enterprise and success but I think you now start at the bottom rung of you ladder again. Don’t worry you’ll have Winston, Materia and others down there for company.

  • Bruce Rayner

    Whaleoil should drop this, its making AA think before putting brain in gear, and I miss his ‘well thought out’ statements. LOL