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Another safe day for Andrew Little yesterday.  No original Facebook posting, but he did repost a media piece on the Housing Crisis which got one loyal follower all hot an bothered.  (caution: unedited) 


Rhys feels that Andrew Little doesn’t have any balls, that he must grow a pair and call John Key out for the corruption that is so very clear to him.  But not Andy.  Or, if it is clear to Andy, he doesn’t have “the balls” to say so.

I don’t want to deny you the replies that Rhys got.  Andrew Little clearly has a very energetic and loyal following.


As for Tweeting, just one, late in the evening


Once again, no public statements on policy.  Yesterday was headed up by Twyford and King talking about houses and sugar tax.

So far Andrew’s loyal helpers are running brilliant interference, and Andrew himself is keeping himself away from anything that could get in him trouble.

A new record is entirely possible.

  • Isherman

    The “Angry’ tactic wasn’t working so well, looks like he’s now adopted the Hillary Clinton playbook instead…just say nothing.

    • sonovaMin

      Is he ill then like Hillary? He looks very green about the gills and very grey. Next they will be rouging him up for TV. He is also very liverish on occasions.

      • Isherman

        Hmmm, perhaps. With all the shouting etc previously, perhaps blood pressure was an issue:)

      • From the way his voice croaks after just 3 or 4 mins speaking I’d say he should get his throat are checked for lesions. This is exactly how my mate sounded, before being diagnosed with full on cancer. He’s dead now.

  • murrayirwin

    I wonder – is it just possible Rhys actually believes what he has written?

  • andrewo

    If you want a real laugh, read ‘Helena’ on the Daily Blog. It’s a treat! I think she hears voices.