Another begging letter from Broke Andrew


So let me get this straight. Andrew Little wants to use other people’s money to build houses so that people who cannot afford a house, can have a house. In the same email, he is asking for other people’s money to fund his political party. His party cannot afford to fight an election so he needs our money so he can win an election…maybe.

It’s nice that the Labour Party are so concerned about charity for others but the problem is that the political party is a charity case itself. Taxpayers are already footing the bill for Matt McCarten.

It’s important people know this: John Key has just ordered his MPs to vote against a proposal to build 100,000 new affordable homes.Yet again, he’s rejected a common-sense step to help fix the crisis.Just this week, the average price of an Auckland home hit a staggering $1,000,000. What chance do young families have of ever making the Kiwi Dream a reality?John Key has shown he has no intention of building more houses. Today’s vote proves it.

The Labour Party  have a dream. It is the dream of winning the election. What chance do they have of making the dream a reality?

The need for a programme to build more affordable homes is now urgent. To fix this crisis, we need a government committed to making it a priority…

The  Labour parties need for more money to fight the election campaign is now urgent. To fix this crisis we need  to make it a priority to give them money.

We need a government that is committed to every New Zealander having a warm, dry home to live in.

But Juana, we can’t do that without your help. We need to raise every dollar we can to have the best possible chance of beating National next year.

Will you donate to our campaign fund now, and help change the government in 2017?


As with all donations to Labour, whatever you donate will be spent carefully to ensure the best bang for buck in making sure New Zealanders who vote next year know the choice they face: a National Party who refuse to build houses, or Labour with our comprehensive plan to fix the housing crisis. Please click here to make a donation today.Thousands of New Zealanders are trying to get the chance to own their first home, but under National they’re being shut out. The government I lead will back the Kiwi Dream of home ownership.

Thank you,

Andrew Little
Labour Leader

-via e-mail

  • Isherman

    So to be clear, Andrew Little is stating as fact that the National led government is “a National government that refuse to build houses” is he?

    • R&BAvenger

      I guess that’s right to the extent that it isn’t the job of ‘the government’ to ‘build houses’, just facilitate the right environment to enable that to happen. Whether that is state housing renewal by Housing NZ or the private sector in renewal of housing stock/development/building subdivisions.
      Tony Alexander was interviewed in Nigel latta’s latest ‘Hard Stuff’ programme on immigration. rather than blaming ‘immigration’ as the sole cause of rising house prices, he pointed the finger at all the rules and regulations around housing as being a significant cause.
      Thanks Dunne and Labour for voting against RMA reform.

      • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

        It’s not even the job of government to facilitate the right environment. The govt’s job is to stop HINDERING the right environment by abrogating its power and letting people choose how to spend their own money.

        Watch out for socialist thinking, it creeps up on us unbeknownst.

    • peterwn

      The one aspect that niggles me is the number of Housing Corp houses that are apparently unoccupied. I know there are reasons for this but then a project to reduce this number by 50 – 70% would send a strong signal that the Government is serious with housing. There is also an empty jail in Wellington that could be used to provided accommodation to those who have previously dirtied their nests.

  • johcar

    Where do I start!?!

    Even with a bottomless pit of money, Angry and his friends would have an unwinnable battle in front of them.

    This is for many reasons, including the (lack of) calibre of Labour’s leader and MPs and potential candidates, the angry negativity spouted at every press conference and (primarily, IMO), the fact that the majority of New Zealanders are quite happy with the status quo…

  • Seriously?

    I’m unsure I understand what an “affordable home” means when Labour use the term. I wish they would explain that. What style, where, how expensive to develop, sale price.

    I suspect they are talking about taxpayer subsidised homes, and not apartments or the like (which don’t seem to to be good enough for Labour’s target market).

    • shykiwibloke

      He will promise mansions and deliver a troughers report on tents

    • kayaker

      Affordable is such a subjective word. Everyone’s affordable will be different. He’s giving out false hope to those who won’t think it through and who will buy into it = votes. It’s like a scam.

  • PhantomsDoc

    SB, perhapse you could ask them to send you their “comprehensive” plan to fix housing, because what they’ve released so far is rather incomprehensive.

  • In Vino Veritas

    In America in 1999, Bill Clinton signed off on the repeal of parts of the Glass-Steagall Act, whilst simultaneously instructing at worst, or advising at best, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to start lending to “poorer” people who could not afford a house.

    Of course, those poorer people started defaulting on their loans, often almost immediately. The Glass-Steagall repeal mean that Banks could offer products that they had previously been unable to.

    According to Clinton, the repeal would “enhance the stability of our financial services system” by permitting
    financial firms to “diversify their product offerings and thus their
    sources of revenue” and make financial firms “better equipped to compete
    in global financial markets.” Anyone ever heard of collateralised debt obligations? They were a new Bank offering encouraged by Clinton. Went well, didn’t it?

    Just another example of a socialist artificially changing a simple system so it collapses upon itself. Angry Andy of course, is a financial illiterate. This is a guy that has worked for how many years? And accrued how many assets? And he wants us to believe that houses can be built affordably when land prices make up 80% of the cost in Auckland. The man is a numpty.

    • RoboRob

      Strangely few people seem to realise that the Clintons almost single handedly caused the GFC. The concept of encouraging banks to lend to people without requiring any test or documentation to confirm they could afford the payments, brilliance !

      • biscuit barrel

        Didnt happen.
        Did the Clintons tell the ANZ bank in Australia to make low doc loans ?

        “The questions to answers on notice also reveal that at the height of the financial crisis in September 2008, 24 per cent of ANZ’s Australian home loan portfolio were low doc loans. The percentage of low doc loans in ANZ’s Australian home loan portfolio ranged between 24 per cent and 25 per cent until March 2011, before falling to 21 per cent in September 2011. ”

        Thats 24% of their portfolio of home loans! The idea that the Clintons were behind the GFC ignores the housing bubble under George Bush who was the President at the time.

    • biscuit barrel

      None of that is true . Fanny mae and Freddie mac were private companies, and their shares were listed on stock market. As well they didnt lend to homeowners at all. They only dealt with banks and other mortgage companies who would sell their loans to them.
      They lost their federal guarantee in 1968, but of course were too big to fail.

      A bit like South Canterbury Finance bailed out by NZ taxpayer. Did Bill English tell SCF to make risky loans?. Of course not

      The reasons for Fannie Mack and Freddie may to fail were varied. They were mislead over the credit ratings and they made false accounts eg
      “In December, 2011, six Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives including Daniel Mudd were charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with securities fraud.[78] “The SEC alleges they ‘knew and approved of’ misleading statements claiming the companies had minimal exposure to subprime loans at the height of home mortgage bubble.”

      Glass Stegal had nothing to do with the housing bubble directly. We can see that in UK had a housing bubble as well but no Glass Steagal

  • Hard1

    “a National Party who refuse to build houses”

    This is an anatomically correct statement. Political Parties do not build houses. Never have done, never will. However, on closer examination, it is obvious that the Labour Party also refuses to build houses. They can order houses be built. National is doing that right now.

    So just another day in the Office for Andy, about as uniform as a Pringle. Comes out with a meaningless and totally inaccurate slur. Better off begging down Queen Street.

    • shykiwibloke

      The economy remains a complete mystery to this one. He lives in a world of wrestling money from those who work to fund out of date dreams.

      • RoboRob

        Him and Tryford. I heard Tryford say that labour could fix the housing problem in auckland overnight by simply leasing 10,000 houses. Strangely he seemed to think that doing so would increase the housing supply in Auckland.

        Perhaps he thought that if they kicked out the existing ‘rich’ tenants, leased the homes and gave them to the poor to live in for a token rent that the housing chrisis would be solved :)

    • OneTrack

      I wouldn’t be so sure. In the left’s favoured environment there would only be a Ministry of Housing (KiwiBuild) who would be fully responsible for any housing. None of these privately owned building companies would be allowed.

  • Eiselmann

    Angry your letter has touched my heart. I am in procession of a house that could easily be made available to a young New Zealander just trying to get on the property market and as such I realize now that I am part of the describe

    . So thanks to your inspiring letter I will soon put my house on the market for say ….$300,000 a figure I am sure you will agree would allow a young kiwi family on to the property market. Its warm, dry, has a garage and million dollar views.

    And with that sale I will purchase three houses within half a mile of my current house.

    Because unlike the world you’re trying to sell to young New Zealanders, where no one can get on to the property market,…. in a little place I like to call ‘reality’ there are 11 properties for sale, within a mile of my house, for less than $150,000….

    • Rick H

      And therein is exacty the problem. Location.

      How many English kids can afford a home in the middle of London?
      Or aussies in the upper-priced parts of Sydney?

      There is zero housing “crisis” in New Zealand.
      The “crisis” is only in the minds of those without a home of their own, who refuse to work, or refuse to move to where they can afford.

      • Eiselmann

        Agreed…two years ago, I was three years into my ‘Labour party definition of being homeless’, staring down the barrel of real homelessness , when I moved out of Auckland to buy a house for 45k , buy this house in Auckland and you wouldn’t get much change out of 700k.

        My rates are cheaper , insurance much cheaper, internet better , even with Mongrel Mob gang in town the crime rate down here is nothing approaching one o your better Auckland Suburbs . I can get to Taupo or the National Park quicker than it takes most Aucklanders to drive home from work…. and most of those 11 properties I mentioned are actually under 100k ……

        Angry is so blinded by Auckland that he can’t , or doesn’t want to, see the multitude of home ownership options for young kiwi’s within yelling distance of his home town…..accentuate the negative , eliminate the positive, is a dangerous message to sell

  • STAG

    I’ve decided to double my donation to National, well done Andy.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Little is just a Labour loser mouthing off . He can mouth off as he will never have to actually deliver what he spouts. Very shortly he will be gone and no one will recall who he was.

    • STAG

      His mouthing off might just have landed him in court thanks to his “Stinks to high heaven” brain fade.

      • murrayirwin

        Has there been some development?

    • Luke Lucas

      But we want him to stay

      • PhantomsDoc

        But they may replace him with someone better. Remember, we wanted Cunliffe to stay, but, Labour managed to find someone better then too.

  • cows4me

    “what ever you donate will be spent carefully”, hey Andy your great grandfather left a fortune in gold and I know where it is currently hidden. The estimated value of this gold is about 2 million dollars but the gold is in a foreign country. I need at least $5000 to retrieve it, upon my return I will split 50/50. Do you want to be rich, do you want to fund you beloved Labour Party, interested, please ring 027………………..

  • Big_Al

    I’m sure that most of you, just like myself, would love to donate to Andy’s worthy cause but because we could’nt get change for a 10cent coin we were unable to contribute.
    Sorry Andy. By the way, how did the sale of those awesome mugs go?? Oh!! is that right! they did’nt. Never mind, them’s the breaks.

    • murrayirwin

      Big_Al – you can buy the one I bought? Oh wait, that’s right, I didn’t buy one…

  • Karma

    Those Nigerian prince spam emails seem to suck a few people into parting with vast sums of money. I’m surprised the Labour Party hasn’t tried this tactic.

    • murrayirwin

      I thought this was the same tactic?

      • Karma

        Yes, but the Nigerians do it better.

  • XCIA

    I remember an old proverb that was relayed to me many years ago by a venerable Chinese gentleman. “To be successful in business, do business with successful people”. On that score alone, Andrew is stuffed.

  • kayaker

    Up until recently I was receiving these email letters too. Then I started responding back telling them in quite professional and polite terms what I think. The emails have now stopped coming.

  • Luke Lucas

    the tone and language of the email clearly shows the demographic he is (attempting) to appeal to. To be frank, it’s quite pathetic

  • Sailor Sam

    What would concern me is that any moneys donated could go to house a little party’s “outreach” office in Auckland.

  • Hard1

    Labour today is like a game of Chess with 64 pieces on the board. Nothing can be done, until an angry swipe scatters the pieces to the floor, and the players start fighting.

  • Jaffa

    Andrew, your dream is my nightmare!

  • paul468

    Bet he doesn’t spend the money on so much as a lick of paint. Anyways, easy as; just buy a house anywhere but Auckland. Emergency eliminated.

  • arnietm

    Andrew, you seem completely sure that you will increase the number of houses by a huge total. Will you resign if you do not within 2 years? I think you may succeed in dropping house prices because IMOP the country will go back that fast if you get in, given your current policies.

  • Rick H

    How come Andy and Chris are banging on and on and on about people owning their own homes, when Helen and Michael kept repeating that “home ownership is bad, and you are better off renting”?