Another case of twisting Western beliefs to justify Sharia law

Born-This-WayCultural Jihad is often in waged using our own western ideals laws and values against us. In France, for example, the Burkini is justified by appealing to the French’s  belief in freedom of religion and freedom of choice.  Now in Britain, the moral and cultural boundaries about marriage are being challenged.  Using the West’s acceptance of people being born gay  this Muslim man is trying to justify Sharia law by claiming that one aspect of it has nothing to do with Islam but is something that you are born with.  Believe it or not, he is claiming that Polygamy  or the desire for more than one wife is something that he was born with.  It is nothing to do with Islam, he was just born that way. I call Taqiyya on that spin. Piers Morgan is right. Azad Chaiwala is trying to introduce Sharia law through a back door.

An Muslim who runs polygamy matchmaking websites today claimed men who want a second wife are born that way – just as homosexuals are born gay.

Azad Chaiwala caused outrage as he said he was ‘coming out’ on Good Morning Britain, as he defended his websites and, which now have more than 100,000 members.

He told Piers Morgan: ‘There’s an institute in this country called marriage and we must admit it breaks down because of infidelity and there are a lot of men, decent men, who it’s hard for them because of the advertising and the media, and they don’t want to have affairs but they have an urge.



‘It’s just like we say that a person is born gay and comes out at some point, I believe that I was born polygamous and I came out and I am giving everybody strength to be that.’

The claim was a response to Piers Morgan’s claim that a site promoting polygamy, which is illegal in the UK, was an attempt to introduce Sharia law through the backdoor.

Morgan said: ‘There will be a lot of people in this country saying “well hang on, we don’t have Sharia law here, we don’t have multiple wives for husbands. You want to have your cake and eat it and if you want to have this, go and live in a Muslim country where its law that you can do what your doing”.’

The interview caused outrage on social media…
One Twitter user…wrote: ‘Disgusted…- yet another example of a ‘Muslim’ man twisting words to suit himself.’

Joanna Jackson wrote: ‘How is he even allowed to have this website? Polygamy is illegal. What a crock.’

Another user wrote: ‘Really creepy segment on ITV #GMB second wife site? What on earth is happening in this country?’

Others suggested the entrepreneur should be arrested for creating the websites, because they promote polygamy, which is illegal in Britain.

Although Mr Chaiwala claims that people can have second wives in faith-based services, or civil ceremonies, although they will not be recognised under UK law.




  • oldmanNZ

    What a analogy, “like some people are born gay”

    Its like saying some people hunt animals, you shoul be able to hunt humans.

    And some people are born evil, or pedo, does not make it right.

    One thing for sure, is people are not born islamic.

  • JEL51

    Step by step….

  • Jannie

    I haven’t seen the interview, but I hope that Piers Morgan was as sanctimonious here as he normally is with anything else he disagrees with.

    • Superman

      I haven’t seen it either but Piers probably agreed.

  • Hedgehog

    I wonder if Mr Chaiwala would be equally happy if a woman wanted 2 husbands. I doubt it, sort of sharia law against sharia law.
    Personally one has alway been enough for me, but I have no problem with a person wanting 2 or more partners as long as it’s not a male only thing.

    • Andinz

      Perhaps you may have a problem if the community is required to contribute towards support for the families of polygamous groups. There is also the problem of overlapping groups, sharing of diseases, loyalty and property concerns. Good luck!

      • Raibert

        Don’t understand this, why would there be any difference in the support the community would be required to contribute? Surely if a “family” contained multiple husbands or wives the community support would be the same. I also struggle with the idea that the community need to be involved in any free adults decision on how many partners they may want. Please note I say “free” adults and mean it, not those forced into a situation by religious or societal controls.

  • iera

    The website screenshot shows Qur’an 4:3 – which they quote twice – but only a partial text and also ‘out of context’. The complete text regards guardians marrying female orphans and dealing justly with them in respect to affording their Mahr (dowry).

    To only partly quote Qur’an 4:3 is similar to using Mark 12:31 to say
    “Love your neighbour” without the explanation “as yourself”.

    But Azad Chaiwala’s “Bigger Happier Families” will out-number the host population faster.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Muslims are quite open about their intentions. Following the introduction of a law in Italy allowing civil unions for same sex couples Muslim councils immediately demanded the legalisation of polygamy claiming it was a civil right and Italy would benefit from the large numbers of Muslim births it would promote. There it is in one, out in the open, cultural jihad on the move. The taqiyya lies in the accompanying welfare jihad. The West needs to hit this practice and hit it hard before our economies tank from from exorbitant benefits drain. Too bad about Muslim (and some Western) squealing over infringement to rights. My tax dollar is not intended to support your sexual proclivity.