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If you are already supporting Whaleoil financially, please, for the moment, pretend you are not, then answer the questions on our Whaleoil survey if you haven’t already.

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  • peterwn

    For a couple of reasons I do not financially support Whaleoil, so I am not taking the survey. Assuming I did, I have no ‘problem’ with the current level of advertising, indeed I find some of it hilarious (eg that placed by an independent WRC candidate who supports light rail). Where the line would be crossed in my opinion is these force fed videos on MSM web sites where you have to get in quick with the mouse to stop them. Hope this comment is of assistance.

    • Nige.

      Those are the lowest of the low. They are insulting. If I come across them I shut the whole lot down and look somewhere else. They put me off that much.

    • Eiselmann

      I’m the same ,not able to financially support WO at this time, (thou that will change once I’m in a better situation ) , I don’t have any issue with the level of ad’s , they are unobtrusive (not the dreaded pop ups ) and I get told that thousands of beautiful women in Russia and Asia are queuing up to marry me , which I can tell you is quite a surprise and a nice ego boost

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Said it previously but I do support with a small monthly donation and top ups now and again. I am happy to pay but it would depend on the amount?
    As for the ads:
    I hate ads that ‘move’ and so much as I might want to ignore them my peripheral vision keeps getting drawn in.
    I also feel it’s a bit creepy that no sooner have I bought something on-line that I start getting ads pop up from that supplier. I know, I know it’s how the internet works but still unsettling.
    Like peterwn those videos that suddenly scream at me – unfortunately I tend not to notice it is a video until they start up.

  • Odd Ball

    Since this post keeps reaapearing, I’ll give some more feedback. At present I do the occassional donation.
    I would be happy to subscribe to an ad free blog, because the biggest issue I have with this site, is that it never works reliably on our computers or tablets consistently.