Auckland Mayor Campaign Videos

So all readers can assess whether these candidates are up to it.

Palino has well-constructed video.

Phil Goff has two videos, one on his website (which can’t be embedded) which is a bit like Goff himself, a bit boring and light on detail. The only video he has on Youtube is the video of his launch:

Vic Crone has several videos on her Youtube channel…they are rather annoying, with her utterly crass Westie accent and screechy delivery of corporate weasel words without actually saying a single meaningful thing. She has a couple of videos with some endorsements though I’m not sure having Jenny Shipley as one was a particularly wise move.

David Hay doesn’t have a video at all.

Which leaves Mark Thomas…who has a somewhat weird video that rabbits on about Mark himself with lots of irrelevant information, rather than telling voters why they should vote for Mark.

  • Rebecca

    I think Johns plan is simply the Auckland we have already with a bit of spit and polish plus a new city – somewhere – no talk on how it fits in
    Vic has a lot more videos than shown here
    She has experience in corporations that are closer to a council style so I fell she should have the management ability to deal appropriately with them
    Palino brings some coffee and cake experience
    Not understanding the push for Palino on this forum – money?

    • Keeping Stock

      I don’t think there should be any surprise at all at John Palino being Cam’s preferred candidate; he’s hardly made any secret of that, or his distaste for what any other candidate offers.

    • spanishbride

      Hardly a push more like a nudge ;)

      • Rebecca

        Fair enough – if you want a right leaning candidate to win I would start pushing elsewhere were we have a fighting chance
        Right or wrong Palino is damaged goods
        No point in flogging a dead horse

        • Sally

          I call it balancing up the scales. All we get from the media is Goff and Crone. People need to be reminded that there other options beside these 2. It is not up to the media to decide who is mayor.

          • Precisely. The Media party decided early on there should be a two horse race. As for claims of Palino being damaged goods? It wasn’t him caught with his pants down in the Ngati Whatua room.

          • Rebecca

            Very true
            but right or wrong – the media keep dragging him into this history for some reason – his launch interview at his coffee shop was all about this and his late night meetings in car parks- sadly for John

        • And Vic isn’t? Go ask some people in corporate Auckland what they think. Why is she on the bludge when her main claim to fame was there was plenty of money flowing in. Here’s a clue…there is no money and no corporate support.

        • spanishbride

          No right leaning candidate has a chance because there are too many of them. Only one should be standing and if they cared about a right leaning Mayor they would meet and discuss who has the best chance and the others would drop out after endorsing their choice.They have handed the Mayoralty to a has been for lack of coordination so they are all wasting their time.

    • Ghost

      Palino at least raises the issue of developing another area, something that the others seem incapable of seeing as a potential solution, they seem to be focused on “fixing” the current situation, political speak for “we really have not idea on what to do”.
      I think developing a new area to spread the city load is an interesting and natural progression, I would think potentially the geography of the west Auckland would be a better fit than out south for Auckland as a whole, but perhaps it would make sense to spread towards the Tron / Tauranga for industrial commerce
      So what is Vic offering you for the thumbs up – money? (bit of a grubby thing to say but hey, you started it :p )

      • Rebecca

        Sadly no money :-)
        Just applying my common sense
        Simply trying to understand the nudge vs the closer more relevant qualifications on Vic and others
        Shame this is all we have to offer Auckland – could be worse – we could be in the USA voting of a president…arrr

        • Nige.

          Unfortunately this is what we get when we have massive amounts of beurocracy and not a hell of a lot of pay for the top jobs. Can you imagine what the job must be like if your against spending?

          Cut the beurocracy. Shrink the government.

        • I have had not pleasant dealings with Crone, her backers and supporters. They are the most dishonest people I have dealt with in a long time. Anyone picked by Boag is tainted by Boag.

    • She ahs a great CV and not much else.

    • I’m not paid a cent, and there is no push. You might like to refrain from such aspersions.

  • Martin

    It’s telling that Phil Goff couldn’t get through the first part of his speech without looking at his notes, having forgotten the word “innovative”.
    When I think of worn out Labour Party career politicians looking for a new trough, “innovative” is one of the last words that springs to my mind also.
    If Auckland vote in Goff, they’ll not deserve all they don’t get.

  • Builder

    I like Palino’s message, a new satellite city with properly planned infrastructure could solve a lot of the problems Auckland has. I have seen it work in Asia, whole new cities can pop up quickly with the right planning in place that supports investment and development, not like Auckland with road blocks at every turn. It would be competition for Auckland and I believe there would be strong demand for it.

    The voice recording was awful, he needs a better mic or sound editing to fix.

  • layoutman

    None of the above really float my boat, Palino seems too much of a used car/snake oil salesman selling a non-existent utopia type city (although smart expansion idea is good where are the plans to fix/improve what we have). Also damaged by post election issues last time (media can take the blame for that)
    Vic seems to have the right business background and I’ve not spotted any out and out lies – but there seems to be lots of negative background chatter on her which is off putting.
    Goff – Never going to get my vote – total tougher and to many out and out lies – while I understand you can’t outright leave work to campaign for a year – to do so while being paid as an MP is an issue for me, made worse by pretending hes not Labour or using parliamentary funds to do it.
    Mark Thomas – not look at him so but also seems to be selling ‘Mark’ rather than solutions.
    SO… in a city our size I find us in the current american election cycle where in the end the people will be the losers regardless of the outcome.