BDS Movement one of the many faces of terrorism


Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked. [File photo]

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked hit the nail on the head when she said that criticism of Israel is legitimate. Liberals can criticise Israel because they do not like what they think it does, just as I can criticise Islamic countries because of what I think that they do. The BDS movement, however, doesn’t just criticise, it actively works to undermine Israels’s right to exist as a country and a people.

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked branded the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement a form of “terrorism”, in remarks made yesterday.

Speaking at a Jewish National Fund (JNF) conference in New York, the hardline right-wing minister compared the BDS campaign to tunnels under the Gaza border fence.

“Sometimes the BDS movement’s funding sources are identical to those funding the terrorist organisations,” Shaked claimed, adding: “This is the new face of terrorism.”

The minister claimed that while “criticism of Israel is legitimate”, criticism “that attempts to undermine Israel’s right to exist is illegitimate.”

Therefore, Shaked said: “The BDS is illegitimate. I define it thus: BDS is another branch of terrorism in the modern age.”

… “there are also some young Jewish liberals who get confused and are led astray by this movement.”

“They swallow the lies that the Palestinian propaganda disseminates. They have fallen into this web and are not even aware of the fact that the mechanisms pulling the strings are terrorists from radical Islam.”



  • waldopepper

    crikey dick ! wish our politicians looked like that ! boy oh boy a lincoln toy !

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      Mind your lip! You’ll upset Kevlar and Materia.

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      More to the point, I wish our mob had a set of “stones”, to match hers!

  • Isherman

    As well as that, BDS is really for the cowards, those who don’t quite have the stones to admit plainly and openly that what they don’t believe the State of Israel is legitimate, or should exist. In that regard, they are less honest than Hamas.

    • curry4me

      It’d be nice to see a Trump White house put them on the terror watch list.

  • Tiger

    Yep, would you ever see a Muslim country have a justice minister like Ayelet? Generation X are coming guys and she is the face of the leaders of this generation. Call it as it is, competent and photogenic.

    • Isherman

      She might be easy on the eye, but as a Justice minister, particularly if you get on the wrong side of her, she makes Judith seem like a big softy.

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        Mmmmmm…….. Ayelet can come and give me a spanking any day…….. ;)

  • Media Steriliser

    Did a quick search to no avail so wondering if anyone knows if there is an opposite to the BDS ie. promoting Israeli goods, companies etc