Black lives matter f-all to Black Lives Matter

We see the same in New Zealand, to a lesser degree.  Where Maori will rear up against a cartoon about child abuse instead of rearing up about child abuse.

  • Boondecker

    Milo – always on point and the consummate life troll. It just amazes me a humourous intelligent articulate openly gay ‘alt-right’ Brit can have such a powerful impact on American politics. I suppose that is the exact reason why though.

    • Andy

      Milo has taken the “do not feed the troll” meme to new levels now that his Breitbart headlines are being quoted verbatim by Hillary Clinton during her campaign speeches

      • Boondecker

        Saw that. Except she’s internet illiterate (or so she pretends she has been with her emails) and spouted scripted speech headlines and had no idea what any of the articles mentioned content was. She also has no idea what “alt-right” is – which made her look doubly stupid.

        Since then, she made another muddled confused speech today with no real message or point other than to indicate she is not happy Donald Trump beat her to Mexico like he did Louisiana. She is a sad sorry sick case.

  • JLS

    The trouble is that the adherents and apologists have no understanding of statistics, nor wish to.

  • sandalwood789

    Milo has more courage, wit and common-sense than the whole of our parliament put together. Maybe he can come here and we can arrange for him to set up a “benevolent dictatorship” here.

  • September Reynolds

    Milo reminds me of a young gay Christopher Hitchens trolling American society with the truth, LOL

  • September Reynolds

    Chris Rock is hilarious in this, a very interesting take on racism:

  • Bob Dazzler

    Does Hillary Clinton have early onset Alzheimer’s?