Bruce the Wandering Whale’s adventures in Prague: Part One

Bruce the Wandering Whale at the very start of his big adventure in Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand PHOTO-Whaleoil

Bruce the Wandering Whale at home in Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand just before he left on his great adventure around NZ.

As some of you may already know Bruce the Wandering Whale has been travelling for months around New Zealand and photos of his adventures have been posted to his facebook page. Recently he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse so he packed his suitcase once again and headed overseas to Prague for his big OE.

PHOTO-Bruce the Wandering Whale facebook page

PHOTO-Bruce the Wandering Whale facebook page

*Guest Post.


We had a quick walk over the Karlův Most  before the crowds. The picture is looking back up the hill to the Castle then went to meet a Czech friend (living in NZ, but over visiting her friends and rellies), and wandered up to the Pražský Hrad (Prague Castle) for a quick catch up and a coffee. Had to queue a little bit to get in – security was checking bags following a wee incident (like we had) with a journalist proving they could do something dumb: smuggling a pistol and a machete into the castle grounds. Funny how security take a dim view of that kind of thing…

The view from the cafe was special (and the macchiato was good for the soul too) Our Czech friend walked us up to the ticket office where she left us to do our thing. So we bought a pass for a number of venues and started walking.We visited the St Vitus Cathedral first and spent about an hour marvelling at the gilt and architecture and age of the building.


Photo provided -Whaleoil


Photo provided -Whaleoil


Photo provided -Whaleoil


Photo provided -Whaleoil


Photo provided -Whaleoil

After a number of hours of walking and photography, we decided that a lunch stop (an opportunity to recharge the phones) was required, so we found a cafe and enjoyed a panini and a beer and a Becherovka. Bruce got a little light-headed after a sip of the aperitif, so I will have to watch him…


Bruce the Wandering Whale in Prague Photo provided -Whaleoil

Spent nearly six hours at the Castle and saw most of what is publicly available. Last time I was here we only spent a couple of hours here, so I am glad I planned for a whole day sightseeing at the one venue…Back to the hotel for a pivo and a shower before dinner, with one last photo opportunity:


Bruce the Wandering Whale in Prague Photo provided -Whaleoil

The following is a picture from the Charles Bridge looking back up the hill to the Castle



  • JEL51

    Johcar, shoulder to shoulder tourists, pleased you won’t be lonely. Great photos.

    • Sally

      Trying to take a photo without other tourists in it is one of the greatest challenges for mankind in Europe.

      • johcar

        Cheers – timing is everything (in life, as in photography)..

  • Les couilles de chien.

    Well done, have just shown the photos to the tribe, much amusement that he was with us a couple of weeks ago and is now overseas, much amusement that is with everyone except the legiron who just doesn’t get it!