Cash gets cooler

  • oldmanNZ

    getting harder and harder to photocopy

  • Totara

    I wonder whether the Aussies will be as slow as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to roll out their new banknotes.

    Our new brighter $5 & $10 notes were released last October, but I would estimate that more than 80% of the ones I get as change from the supermarket are still the old type.

    The new brighter $20, $50 & $100 notes were released in May, and I have seen a small number of the $20 notes in my change. But as for the $50 and $100 notes, even the bank tellers that I have asked have only seen the occasional example, and never actually have one available. They seem to be as rare as the Kōkako and Mohua birds supposedly on their reverse.