Celia rates the Wellington candidates for Mayor

justin Lester

Celia Wade-Brown, the outgoing Mayor of Wellington rates the contenders seeking to replace her.

She has backed Justin Lester, her deputy.

Celia Wade-Brown revealed she would rank Justin Lester No 1 on her voting paper for October’s election.

She also took something of a parting shot at the other contenders for her job, labelling them a mix of disruptive, dishonest and lacking the breadth of knowledge required to be mayor of the capital city.


In her eyes, Lester was the most capable of the eight mayoral candidates on offer to promote consensus.

“It’s just his way of working … although he’s a member of the Labour Party, he doesn’t just work with Labour councillors or Greens. He works with everyone.”

Lester would do the best job of working with council chief executive Kevin Lavery, who was “talented and communicative, but can be a little strong-minded sometimes”, she said.

Lester, 37, has spent the past six years on the council, three of those as deputy mayor.

So, he gets along well with others.

Perhaps a little too well if the truth be told…and it will be.


– Fairfax

  • Vutekno

    Many would see Celia Lying-Down’s recommendation as a kiss of death!
    Such a recommendation will ensure that many would not vote for him.

    As for her snide comment about Kevin Lavery , that suggests Wellington voters are probably fortunate to have a “strong minded” chief who has no doubt stood up to Celia’s silly ideas.

  • Keeping Stock

    If there’s truth to be told, here’s hoping it will indeed be told before the polls close, not afterwards as with Len Brown.

  • Wayne Hodge

    It is clear that The DomPost is firmly behind Lester’s campaign. This so called news was front page in today’s DomPost. The puffery of Lester by Wade-Brown was more an advertisement for Lester than of any real news. Then the “dirty Politics’ hit-job was also front page with Wade-Brown’s attacks front and centre.

    A mayor who has achieved very little grandstands about her Labour nominee for Mayor and attacks everyone else. Our media decline yet further.

  • Minnie Mouse

    Really? And Wellingtonians should listen to Celia’s point of view because of what exactly? How the hell she ever became Mayor of Wellington is a mystery to me. Let’s hope the Wellingtonians make a better choice this time around.

  • El Jorge

    Did he enjoy local delights in Hong Kong?

  • Torry

    Justin certainly does get along well with others, especially when travelling overseas. Or perhaps I am meant to believe this description belongs to one of his travel buddies councillors Nicola Young or Paul Eagle? Two of these three will want to clear up the gossip.