Colin Craig – a superb long summary of a day at court

Anna Leask is a rose among thorns at The NZ Clickbait.  A solid reporter.  And listening to the testimony personally and then seeing it written about, I can confirm this is solid reporting:  this is a fair representation of the day.

I’m going to do something I haven’t done for years:  send you off to read a NZ Herald article.

Rachel MacGregor on Colin Craig – in her own words – by Anna Leask

(Just one niggle:  douchebag is one word)

  • Big_Al

    Wow! That was very interesting reading. Graig certainly is a “douche bag” in every sense of the word. He is obviously a Liar and a Manipulator and this current court case is showing that quite clearly. With his character and behaviour now out in the open i can’t see the future defamation cases going well for him either.

    • Mick Ie

      Depending on the outcome of this case, it will be very interesting to see whether he will offer to settle out of court. With an attached confidentiality agreement of course,

  • Huia

    Very interesting and well written, douchebag hits the nail right on the head.
    Horrible position for MacGregor to be in, especially when she obviously had high ambitions for her career and he has destroyed that.
    Odd man.
    Cannot believe his wife is right there beside him, I would have kicked him to the kerb long ago.

  • George Carter

    It doesn’t read well for him does it?

  • shykiwibloke

    Well done – kudos to Anna. I think it is a good thing to praise accurate reporting where it happens, in the hope it encourages more of the same!

  • Prosecution is basically setting the scene that Mr Craig’s word isn’t very good. They are destroying his reputation in an attempt to ensure that when he claims he is in the right, it will be said by a man who has been shown to be allegedly manipulative, dishonest and has questionable standards of social behaviour.

  • Mother of ten

    I think as far as Colin Craig goes, Christine Rankin summed it up best when she forgot to put the phone down properly!

  • George Carter

    That’s a good point Pete. It’s easy to get caught up in the other stuff at times.

  • Jman

    What a sleazeball Craig is. We probably all owe Rachel McGregor our thanks for tanking his political ambitions. Craigs reputation is absolutely sunk after this. As far as the actual court case goes, I’m no lawyer but I can’t see this going Craigs way.

  • Kahukowhai

    Obviously this is more than just a defamation case, it is about Craig’s future political career, and he has dragged innocent third parties into it, showing him to be a nasty character. By besmirching the character of Rachel MacGregor it gets him off the hook with his wife who will believe he never did any of this sexual harrassment stuff.

  • Kahukowhai

    Williams strikes me entirely differently from Craig. Colin Craig is a narcissist, who should never have been courted by the Christian political community in the first place.

  • Kahukowhai

    The difference is that so far, Craig has been able to claim that he did not sexually harass Rachel MacGregor, because of the confidentiality agreement she chose to stick to. This defamation case is about many things, one of the key ones is can he keep pretending to his wife that he did not sexually harass MacGregor? Even if defamation is not proven it is hard for him to argue that all these witnesses lied against him and his reputation has taken a big hit.

  • Andy

    Surely an employer has to address wage concerns of an employee, certainly not use sexual favours in bargaining.