Colin Craig, and the object lesson of why your enemy’s enemy isn’t always your friend

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When Colin Craig published his “Dirty Politics” booklet and then slapped a defamation suit on Cameron Slater, the Slater haters were all cock-a-hoop at the possibilities offered by Mr Craig.

Finally, someone with both the funds and the intent to take that Slater guy down.  Amusingly, even though Colin Craig was the leader of a right-wing party, the hard left flocked to him to support his fight against Cam.

Readers won’t be surprised that Martin Martyn Bradbury has met with Colin Craig to give Craig advice on evidence and strategy.  After all, the world knows that everything that Martin Bradbury touches turns to gold.

Other Slater haters, such as Lyn Prentice and Pete George sided with Colin Craig as the “hard done by” party, and in their enthusiasm managed to allegedly breach court ordered suppression a number of times.   No doubt it was all worth it, because whatever it takes to finally get rid of Cameron Slater is time and money well spent.

Ben Rachinger had similar support, for similar reasoning: that to help anyone that can potentially damage Slater is a “good thing”, and it doesn’t matter what other faults that person may present.

The first tactical error is to assume Cam makes stuff ups.  If he did, then it would indeed be just a matter of dragging him through the courts.  The facts will simply back it up, and that’s that.

It may pay to remind people that Nicky Hager never set out a case that Slater lies.  Very much the opposite in fact.  He presented the book and didn’t call it a work of fiction.

Additionally, after an extensive security services investigation including a 7 hour interview/interrogation of Cam Slater, nobody could find anything that was illegal.  Not even with Cam Slater’s own emails, his own words.

Such is the lust out there to turn Slater into a shadow of his former self, that due diligence is thrown to the wind time and time again.

Colin Craig was like a godsend.  A messiah, in fact.  A man who could bleed Slater dry through the courts, has the intention, the energy and the motivation to see it through.

People who want Slater out of the picture flocked to Colin Craig and offered their help.

Not once did they actually consider that what Colin Craig allegedly faces in court right now could be true.  Nope, a “typical hit job” by Slater and his pals will mean there was very little truth to it.

Oops.  (allegedly)

Or, they knew it was true and considered the cost of being seen as pro-Colin Craig the price of doing business.

What was revealed in court yesterday has until now been under the most suffocating of suppression orders.  Orders Mr Craig himself has allegedly breached at will, but Cam Slater has been totally silent on the matter.  This has provided a very one-sided picture for Colin’s new “friends”.  They were kind of led down the garden path of believing Mr Craig’s account.

All this time, people who don’t think much of Slater have been getting over-excited at the thought that all that he had was a poem and a lot of hype, when in fact he holds hundreds of pieces of evidence that can be used to allegedly confirm the very things Mr Craig claims are allegedly defaming of him.

The Williams court case needs to go through to the end, and Colin Craig still gets his chance to present a defense.  There will be many witnesses and cross examination by both sides before it is all over.

Oddly enough, it will play out two more times from the perspective of Colin Craig being a defendant as both Cam Slater and John Stringer will essentially bring the same defamation case to court.   After all that, Colin Craig still needs to take Cam Slater and John Stinger to court for cases 4 and 5

But if there is one thing that is starting to become clear to Slater haters, is that they have once again backed the wrong horse.  Next time you see someone upset with Cam Slater, before you run over and offer to help, you might just first want to ask:  Why?

  • Dave

    Excellent, the truth comes out eventually.

    • shykiwibloke

      Yes it does – but rarely before the chicken-lickens have all rushed off to another ‘sky is falling’ party and don’t heed the historical correction of fact.

  • oldmanNZ

    A modification to the proverb.

    The enemy of your enemy is your freind… Unless he is a clown, dont be friends with clowns.

  • Korau

    If Craig falls heavily in this first fence, will he offer to settle out of cour for the next two cases, and would the other two take the offer (dollars)? Or will he go for the expensive trifecta?

    Plenty of twists and turns left here.

    Edit : Spelling, again!

    • Curly1952

      My thoughts exactly Korau. If Craig losses this one would it be worth fighting the other two IF the evidence is very similar.

    • peterwn

      Another twist – if Craig offers to settle for $x (called a ‘Calderbank’ offer), the offer is rejected, the matter goes to court, and an amount less than $x is awarded, costs would be awarded on the basis that Craig ‘won’. The existence of a Calderbank offer is not disclosed to the court until the case has concluded but is then disclosed when the judge is making a ‘costs’ decision. Therefore a party receiving such an offer to settle will take it very seriously and if reasonable will probably accept it.

      • Yes, that will come into play in this case.

  • Old Kiwi

    Not seen the photo in this post before. Brilliant – looks like something from Harry Potter. The tinfoil hat wearer watching Bradbury on the telly – priceless

  • JEL51

    Oh, we did miss the Truth but we still have pages of it here right now. It can’t be an easy process for any, especially Jordan at the moment, so wish all the best and await with interest.

    • peterwn

      Jordan will be OK. That his case has got to court comparatively quickly is because he has his feet firmly on the ground and approaches things with a focused mind and razor sharp precision.

      • JEL51

        Good to hear.

      • Keeping Stock

        My only worry is that Jordan may have sleletons in his closet that might be exposed on cross-examination. I seem to remember Hager had a go at him in Dirty Politics.

        Then again, if the judge allows his past and his reputation to be attacked by Hager, then Jordan’s lawyers should be allowed a level of lattitude on cross-examination, which could be worth the price of admission alone!

  • Boondecker

    Those that “sided” with Craig must have felt pretty disheartened by yesterday evening. Any public sympathy they may have anticipated dried up withing hours of the reported court revelations, certainly going by what was appearing in reaction on social media. Even the MSM articles, in publishing purely the facts as presented in court, came across as fairly damning. I bet Martyn Martin Wrongly will be the most disheartened. And on a positive note, that’s a really good thing.

    • Wait until today’s evidence is presented.

      • LesleyNZ

        Gosh – if it is more than what was on yesterday do you reckon that the news might need censoring – being on at 6pm with kids watching.

    • Kevin

      Quite. It’s going to be quite difficult for him to reconcile his being a male feminist with the allegations put forward in court re Colin Craig.

  • johcar

    To paraphrase the immortal words of Monty Python (Life of Brian): Colin Craig “is not the messiah, he’s just a silly boy”

  • LesleyNZ

    Watching the Colin Craig news story last night was… well… we both cringed. Thank goodness none of the young ones were watching. Certainly would not want to explain what the texts meant. Colin Craig’s wife needs a loyalty medal.

  • Big_Al

    I hate to admit it, but for the first time in a long time, i actually enjoyed reading the current court update in the Craig case. “Yes” full of juicy tit bits it was. Looks like the MSM have got it in for him as well and are showing no mercy. The harassment was obviously more involved than i had realised and all the dirty laundry is being aired.
    I’d say he has’nt got a leg to stand on and must really be squirming right now.
    I wonder if Mrs Craig actually knew the full extent of it.

  • Dale

    Hope at the end of this very sorry mess there are some very handsome payments to those Craig is suing.

  • Toby

    Master play by Cam.