Comment of the Day

Danyl makes a perceptive comment at his blog:

There were a bunch of stories the other day aboutJohn Key washing his car, and it generated contemptuous groans from the online left. But if you’re someone who isn’t obsessed with politics, seeing the head of government making fun of himself, washing his car, spending time with his son – these are, y’know, likable things to most people. If I think my way through most of our crop of successful politicians its not hard to think of the stories they want to tell about themselves. Bill English is a gruff farmer. Paula Bennett is a feisty westie. Judith Collins is Crusher. Winston Peters is a wily old fox who keeps ’em honest.

Then he gets to Andrew Little.

Andrew Little’s lack of popularity has been a topic of discussion recently, and I have no idea of how he wants to be seen in a positive light. What does he want people to say about him? Right now he’s just a grim, irritable man rasping away on my TV or radio all the time. People inside left-wing political parties gossip constantly about MPs and leaders and staffers and candidates and office-holders, and pretty much everyone else, and even though they’re consumed by gossip, they seem weirdly oblivious to its significance.

Our exclusive INCITE polling by Curia shows this clearly. Andrew Little’s approval ratings are sliding into deep negatives.

We call this the Little Tax and explain it in our commentary on the polling.

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  • JEL51

    If Andy served two terms as Prime Minister followed by one as Governor General, then had an incident while painting his own roof once he retired, maybe then people may have reason to remember him. Just sayin’

  • sandalwood789

    Little will be continually handicapped by being the spitting image of Wallace in the “Wallace and Gromit” cartoons.

    • Rick H

      And with the intelligence, but NOT the wit, of one Homer J.

  • JC

    Something I don’t see much written about, if at all.. is the perception we have that a politician will or wont “grow” into the job he seeks.

    I don’t think many would have doubted that Key would grow into the job as PM because his whole backstory and career was one of growth in whatever he wanted to achieve. OTOH few of us thought Bill English would grow into the PMs job.. but it was always clear he’d grow into the Finance job.

    Conversely Paula B has definitely “grown” and now looks the spitting image of Muldoon and even has one or two of the mannerisms. But is she PM material?.. her backstory, her present physical appearance and possible “promoted one step beyond her level of competence” perception doesn’t feel like it.

    No worries about Little Andy though, he’s growing nicely into our perception of a grouchy old unionist spearheading a bunch of prehistoric Mustache Petes reminiscent of the New York Dons of Godfather fame.. he feels like a regression to the 1970s.. that decade of nil growth and union blackmail.