Coughing hell!

…the supposedly “very healthy” Hillary Clinton had one of her worst coughing fits yet during a campaign stop in Cleveland, Ohio.

Speaking through an almost impenetrably hoarse voice, the former FLOTUS attempted to give a speech for several minutes, unable to even so much as finish a sentence without her infectious cough breaking in.

At several points in the video, staffers could be seen handing Mrs. Clinton a throat lozenge while she sipped water to no avail. Even Hillary’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, almost stepped in to help placate the fit.

Coughing for over a minute, Hillary finally quipped that it was all just an allergic reaction, with her opponent Donald Trump as the catalyst: “Every time I think of Trump I get allergic.”

The cough would not subside.

How exactly does this impact the election? Probably very little. The Hillary campaign, in unison with her media sycophants, will all say the fit is “much ado about nothing” and then proceed to fire the next analyst who questions the merits of Hillary’s health.

MSNBC actually cut live coverage of the speech in an attempt to hide Hillary’s coughing. None of this comes as a surprise, since every leftist from Slate to late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been painting Hillary’s health skeptics as crackpot conspiracy theorists “living on a prayer,” Bon Jovi-style. Anyone with even the faintest memory of the 2008 election can see the hypocrisy since one of their biggest arguments against John McCain was both his age and poor health.

All of this should matter, of course, and no, we shouldn’t take Hillary’s or her doctor’s word for it. As Ben Shapiro stated: “Hillary lies about everything. Everything. Her pathological dishonesty means that unwillingness to come completely clean about her medical records looks more dishonest than it would with another candidate.”

I’d be lying if I denied I want Hillary to keel over a few days before election day.  The carnage would be spectacular.  She must be on an evil cocktail of drugs already, and even that can’t suppress the need to cough for long enough to make it through a speech.  The best medical care money can buy is unable to make this look any better than it is.  The American public are being sold a mirage.  Even if she makes it past the election, it is unlikely she will last a full term.


– Truth Revolt

  • Nige.

    She reminds me of the movie “weekend at Bernie’s”. (Oh the irony).

    She’s being propped up and made to look alive least the establishment get into trouble for backing the wrong guy.

    • Wheninrome

      Perhaps she is just going to be a puppet and Bill will return pulling the strings behind her.

      • Nige.

        It was often said it was her doing the string pulling behind bill

        • Wheninrome

          Well it could be poised for a right tangle then.

    • KatB

      It reminds me of the movie “Dave”. Kevin Kline plays a guy that looks just like the POTUS and he does impersonations of the POTUS until one day the real President has a massive stroke and is comatose but they don’t tell the public this, they just get Dave the impersonator to stand in. Life imiting art?

  • Rebecca

    Love it
    Cant wait for Trump to jump on this

  • MaryLou

    This is strange. It can only mean her successor was likely chosen by the party in the full knowledge he is going to be POTUS without much of a wait. Maybe we should be hearing a bit more about him?!?

    • Boondecker

      His biggest challenges as back-up boy is trying to convince the voting public that Hilliary is healthy and not corrupt. He made a hash of it on CNN the other day, they started laughing at him.

  • cows4me

    She’ll be right, she only coughs when she’s telling the truth.

  • Day Day

    I like the way Trump had both his & running mates jets parked up next to Hillary’s.

  • Huia

    The woman is clearly sick, she appears to be wearing a catheter and bag hence the trouser suits. It is extremely dishonest, although typical Clinton not to admit to the voters that she is ill.
    They are voting for her, they deserve the respect of being given the choice if she is not capable of doing the job.
    It was bad enough when Richard Nixon got as drunk as a skunk and tried to “push” the button and annihilate the Russians, he had to be dragged off forcibly by his minders, and now they have an incompetent, lying, traitorous Hillary wanting the be in charge when her mental and physical state is so questionable.

  • papagaya

    It’s been fascinating and dispiriting to see the mainstream media throw up an enormous firewall against any suggestions that her health may be suspect. The woman suffered a blood clot to a vein in her brain. This should be enough to give any rational observer legitimate grounds for concern. The mainstream media wants Hillary in power at all costs. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Boondecker

    MSNBC tried to cut away from this latest coughing fit in Cleveland and shortly after laid the blame for her ‘turn’ on the pollen allergy she has. The only problem for them was they don’t control people from ‘fact checking’ and it was quickly found the allergy level readings for Cleveland in the time she was there was low to good. Just more examples of the incredible lies and bias of mainstream media.

    • symgardiner

      Also pollen allergy when they are going into Autumn? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Genevieve

    Who are we to judge? #people with allergies lives matter….
    She’s just choking on her own words.

  • JEL51

    I have to disagree to an extent that I doubt that Bill will make it to election day if she keeps pushing him out on stage for her cause. I see he was hiding behind the apron strings yesterday over the Clinton Foundation, so I wouldn’t mind betting if Assange’s disclosures come out with him coping the blame, he will be overcome with coronary reaction. I somehow feel she has been the driver all along.

  • Observer

    There was a close-up at the Convention that made it appear she had undergone a tongue biopsy. Interesting listening to the interview that got CNN’s Dr Drew Pinsky fired. The hosts obviously were expecting him to dismiss the health concerns as nonsense. Instead, Dr Pinsky said he had grave concerns about her health and treatment. Next minute – his show is cancelled. It has also come out that he was pressured by CNN to recant.

    ““CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a source told Richard Johnson of Page Six. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

    What followed, according to a source close to Pinsky, was a series of nasty phone calls and e-mails which were described as “downright scary and creepy.”

    The fact that Dr. Pinsky was asked to retract his comments, and even received “scary” calls and emails over what he said, can lead one to believe that it was indeed his concern for Clinton’s health that lead to his show being cancelled.”

  • Big_Al

    I think that this sums it up pretty well

  • symgardiner

    Bernie must feel completely cheated. If only this had turned up a few months earlier. He could have been up against The Don.

  • Hard1

    Snopes. CLAIM: Leaked medical records document that Hillary Clinton exhibits signs of dementia and serious illness.
    Here’s what we do know: Clinton’s doctor has attested to her well-being at the start of her campaign, releasing a detailed letter about her medical history that ultimately stated that Clinton was “fit to serve” as the president. (This letter was more detailed than the one Trump’s doctor released, which merely described Trump’s health with lofty adjectives.)

    Clinton’s doctor reiterated those claims recently — in response to fake medical records that surfaced on the internet — saying yet again Clinton is in “excellent” condition to be president. Right now, there’s no compelling reason to think otherwise.

    Trump’s Doctor’s letter has many problems, however;
    “The note begins as an open letter, “To Whom My Concern,” apparently meaning, “To whom it may concern.” The email from Mr. Trump that contained the note said it was from his doctor, Jacob. According to an obituary, Jacob Bornstein died in 2010; the note lists Jacob Bornstein as Mr. Trump’s previous physician.”