Cedric the useless hitchhiker has another day in the sun


The adventures of a French tourist arrested after a West Coast tantrum have gone from bad to worse.

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre pleaded guilty on Tuesday to wilful damage, after damaging a State Highway 6 road sign when he became frustrated at being unable to hitch a ride.

Outside court, Rault-Verpre said New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand”.

Now, he has admitted stealing a $1000 sleeping bag from a Kathmandu store in Auckland on September 9th.

Police spoke to Rault-Verpre when he arrived at the Christchurch District Court on Friday morning.

In court, he pleaded guilty to one count of shoplifting.


Can we just get past the idea that this is a tourist that was hard done by?

Get him to pay his fines, keep him in custody until he does, and then deport the little French fry.


– Newshub

  • Carl

    On the radio it just said that after talking to his lawyer that he will pay $4000 and leave the country. What an idiot.

    • XCIA

      3K for the sign and 1K for the sleeping bag, leaving us to pick up his lawyers tabs.

  • Tyler Durden

    Somewhere in France there is a Village missing it’s Idiot!

    I believe he may have escaped from one of these….



    Edit > Spelling

    • DeplorableHungarianPhrasebook

      “Les crétins des Alps.”

      French expression originally referring to Alpine villagers who suffered iodine deficiency which led to… well, cretinism. Now more usually applied to politicians.

      We can’t mock, because NZ has a low-iodine environment, and if it weren’t for our treated table salt, we’d all be cretins of the Alps.

  • Christie

    A tourist wrecking a road sign is bad enough – funny how he managed to get a bit of sympathy. Don’t know why – it is not what we expect from tourists. But he would have been much better keeping his head down – Kathmandu have obviously been looking for him. What an idiot.

  • Sally

    Cedric has paid his $4000, got his passport back and is leaving NZ. I don’t think he will be returning to NZ.

    • Aucky

      Cedric has gotten off scotfree. $3000 goes to Fulton Hogan, $1000 to Kathmandu as the RRP for a sleeping bag which he presumably get to keep and diddley squat to the taxpayer.

      Another limp wristed decision from the judiciary.

    • sheppy

      Good! At least the judiciary didn’t waste expensive prison time on the scumbag

    • JohnO

      What a pity we cannot get rid of Fat Kim the german krim so easily.

      • brian

        So…. if your a nickle and dime scumbag you get kicked straight out …if you are a “mega” scum bag, not so quick.

  • Big_Al

    Well, all the motorists that passed him by certainly dodged a bullet. This thieving little frog obviously could’nt be trusted and would have probably stolen from a good samaratin. Collect the money he owes and kick him out. Good riddance.

  • waldopepper

    for me the stand out of the story is this $1000 sleeping bag. last one i bought was a spiderman one for the kids for $25. this one must be something special. does it cook you bacon and eggs in the morning ? roll itself up ? time travel ? perhaps its a double and comes with raquel welch installed ?

    • RightAtUni

      A sleeping bag is an important piece of equipment, your life line in the back country. Items that use high quality components generally cost more

    • Dumrse

      I’m with you. It looks like the first $950.00 is for the Katmandu label leaving us 50 to stay warm. They are not a cheap shopping destination. That said, they carry good lines.

    • Spiker

      Mrs Spiker works at Kathmandu and she didnt even know they had a $1000 sleeping bag. Most expensive in their store is $700

  • Sailor Sam

    Cheese surrender monkey.