Dickhead candidate gets his beans

Local body politicians are prone to grandiose schemes and even more grandiose statements that boil down to nothing but hot air.

Latterly they like to push out their grandiosity on Facebook believing, wrongly, that Facebook likes are votes.


And then sometimes they get their beans…


  • dumbshit

    Grant Fuller nails the replies. Amazing how many people are swayed by airy fairy rhetoric though.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    He lost me at “overarching”.

  • sandalwood789

    “Vibrancy, pride and spirit.” *I’d* need to have some “spirit” after reading such nonsense.

  • JEL51

    Luv the ‘real’ people. That brought tears to my eyes.

  • johcar

    Why is it that so many of these idiot/dodgy local body politicians seem to be South Island-based? Surely we have our fair share in the north???

    • Dave

      From memory, the north island has one, who out does all others put together, his name is Len…… Just add up Lens legacy, I guarantee his councils increase in current debt and future commitments outdoes the sum of all other councils debts in the South Island twice over.

      • Kevin

        Wait until Goff gets in. Then Auckland’s incompetent mayoralty won’t just be Auckland’s problem – it’d be New Zealand’s problem.

      • johcar

        True. But to be fair, Loosepants isn’t a candidate this time around (thank goodness!!!)

  • Dave

    Good grief, the rant about vibrancy, pride and spirit reminded me of Maslows Hierachy of needs as one moves to Esteem, then Self Actualising. He seriously needs to read Maslow and think a little, once people have the basics (food water, shelter, love/BELONGING) they feel safe, their esteem rises and so on. The good people of Blenheim just want the basics, not a Mayor who is so out of touch he thinks a little FB speech can tell them to sit down, shut up, and be happy. Time to roll him Blenhiem.

    Fuller & Craill have it right, maybe they should run for council and mayor.


  • Bling Bling

    The level of debate in Marlborough is woeful. It can’t be raised. Apparently bringing people to $10 town will solve all the rate issues caused by the theatre et al. And what will they do for a living???? Then there are theatre Luvvie candidates (Mark Peters who has been seconded to theatre trust and Priscilla Cuddon, her mum is one of the theatre fund raisers). As Mr Crail says low incomes (the mean is $28K); to which can be added a gutted middle class post GFC; an an ageing population; potentially leaking sewage into the Taylor river means a trip into reality is seriously needed. It is not business as usual for the troughing town Granddads. But if you are not born here you are not in the race, so fresh ideas and an appreciation of recent history in the UK and USA a la Trump are impervious to the local culture.

    Leggett to his credit, despite politicking does not come naturally to him, is at least competent. But is likely to fall into the thralls of the in group and council staff but apparently did stand up to being bankrolled, so it is rumoured Then there are the school teachers who want to relive the glory days of the staff room. Mr Dawson at the Renwick meeting seems to take spin a face value and announced that Blenheim was the sunniest place in the world. He is well informed! After 3 years he did not know where the regulatory section of council was or who ran it. He also was critical of the theatre at the Renwick meeting despite having been a banker who should have understood the numbers, and having earlier on been on the theatre trust! None of this will make the Marlborough Express of course. John Davis is likened to Trump but fails to understand local government: the Council already has a CeO! and that bullying autocracy won’t fly and that the law, the RMA, ain’t going to be bulldozed by the council for his next subdivision. Colin King wants to fix the problems: the embedded locals say there is none. There is a consensus that change is needed- people know it but won’t say it.

    • Jazzmo

      You are spot on in all respect. But how is it the said Leggett can be appointed by his own Council to team up with the CEO to undertake a “full review of the theatre” when his campaign manager is a theatre Trustee? It is his committee (Community & Finance) that allowed this mess to develop unchallenged in the first place. And he is a lawyer no less?

      • Bling Bling

        Dear Jazzmo. “Our friends” can do whatever they like, conflicts don’t matter; it is all about entitlement to trough and have things funded by the dopes. The election but for a few candidates who want reform is a farce of the smart set utilising the naive set. It doesn’t matter about being a lawyer: the greater the entitlement ($); the bigger the egotistical self importance, then the less important are the rules of professional propriety & transparency matter. No wonder talented people leave this town: it lives in a cocoon thinking its image is as good as the blurb on the back label of a bottle of wine and immune from the outside world.

  • margaretmclarey

    Dickhead candidate gets his bean- really? From 3 people (obviously at least one that runs this site- even I found that pretty easy to work out!) negatively commenting on a Facebook post? Seriously?

    • Luke Lucas

      Agreed Margaret, can’t for the life of me figure out why this has made WOBH

      • Nige.

        We don’t need to justify why anything hits the blog. The writers write and submit to the editor for submission and it is either run with or not. The owner can and will write whatever takes his fancy on any given day.

        • Luke Lucas

          Thanks for clarifying that… I probably should have said – who gives a toss?

          • Nige.

            [Mod] We call that suicide by moderator. Thanks for keeping it civil for as long as you could.