Dodgy Labour ratbag and mate of Phil Goff’s at it again [UPDATED]


Former Labour candidate, mate of Phil Goff’s and convicted ratbag Daljit Singh is at it again.

A former Labour Party candidate convicted of electoral fraud for registering ineligible voters is facing action for his part in an immigration job-selling scam.

The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal found Daljit Singh, a senior Sikh leader, was paid offshore to hide the scam.

It noted it had seen “multiple cases” involving suspected job-selling.

Read the full decision here.  

The victim, Parminder Gill, said his parents paid $16,000 through Indian bank accounts to Mr Singh and his New Zealand employer for a restaurant job and visa.

But when he arrived he was paid $120 a week, plus food and accommodation, and his employer later reduced even those wages.

Mr Singh was sentenced to five months community detention and 200 hours of community work over the registering of 116 voters in the Otara-Papatoetoe area, where he stood unsuccessfully for the local board in 2010, when they lived in places as far away as Timaru, Tauranga and India.

The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal upheld the complaints against him that he did not provide his client with written information, invoices and updates.

It said there was a coherent claim by Mr Gill that Mr Singh and the employer “conspired to exploit the complainant, using promises of immigration opportunities, and payments to be made in India”.

It said such scams worked by part of the immigration fee being used to “purchase employment in New Zealand with or without the funds being remitted to New Zealand”.

The parties would then present that employment to Immigration New Zealand as genuine in order to gain visas fraudulently.

“In such cases, there is potential tax evasion, immigration fraud, breach of employment laws, and human trafficking issues.”

Mr Gill later applied for residence as a restaurant manager but Immigration New Zealand refused, finding the business was not financially sustainable.

It noted such cases were difficult to prove in criminal courts but it had a lower burden of proof.

“Was I to be deciding this complaint treating the complainant as having an onus of proof, the adviser enjoying a right to silence, with beyond reasonable doubt as the standard of proof; Mr Singh could have confidence I could not find he was a party to soliciting and receiving fees of $16,000 for his services, paid indirectly.

“However, he is not in that position. In these circumstances it is consistent with the allegation that he required fees to be paid offshore and colluded with employers to manufacture immigration opportunities.

“Mr Singh says it was difficult to communicate in writing with his client. Had he made proper inquiries regarding the reasons for that, he would likely have discovered that this was related to him being exploited by the employer.

“Where a migrant in a managerial position has no internet access and cannot readily receive letters, is an issue that ought to trigger concern and meaningful inquiries; it is an unusual situation in New Zealand.”

Mr Singh has already lost his adviser licence and faces a possible fine, costs and reparations when the tribunal decides on what sanctions to impose.

Dodgy is as dodgy does. Perhaps he could stand for the Conservative party next time around.



– RadioNZ

  • MarcWills

    We need to scrap the opportunity for people who come to NZ on a special or student temporary work visa to later convert that temporary visa into a residence permit. This will solve most of the current scams in action – probably there are over 100,000 hopefuls in the current 2 year qualifying lead time who will be taught a lesson. They will have paid all this money for a scam job/visitor permit, but if the law is changed, it will be all for nothing. A temporary permit should be just that. When it expires, you go home and take your chances in the normal immigrant application queue.

    I’ve heard some Chinese are paying more than $120,000 for some of these scam student visa opportunities to local immigrant resident employers, with no intention of actually studying. The resident permit at the end of the 2 years is the goal.

    • contractor

      Exactly. And “we” want more from the hordes of cultures whose ethics are way below ours? Nuts.
      “Dodgy” is far too polite. More like crooked, lying, conniving, deceitful, law breaking.

    • Observer

      Longer term what are the odds that NZ’s level of corruption comes more into line with the levels in Asia?

    • Win

      Paying $120K is a great investment, because once they have PR they will be able to bring in a large contingent of relatives who can claim superannuation and other benefits as of right. So the $120K is repaid many, many times over.

  • XCIA

    I know it’s in the realms of fantasy, but I wish there was a genuine five star candidate who would come forward and promise to put things back to where they were before Hyde tinkered with it and PDB screwed it. If Montreal can do it, why can’t we.