Dodgy theatre, dodgy council, dodgy media…why did no one act?


After we busted John Leggett and the Marlborough Express tried to ignore the story there still remain a number of unanswered questions that I am sure the ratepayers of Marlborough wants answers to.

For a start, let’s examine this “world class” theatre malarky.

The council and the backers of the theatre must seriously think that the wine industry will continue to be strong there and “hopefully”, one day, all the “movie stars” of the world will just fly on in and while there doing their up-market shopping at The Warehouse and Farmers and the $2 shops they get so worn out that they want to catch a Broadway show direct from New friggin’ York.

There was never a valid business case for this white elephant. Now the council is committing more ratepayers cash after burning $5 million with the loan guarantee.

It took a brave staffer and some braver staff at the Mex to finally get some traction on this by leaking the audio of Leggett’s hypocrisy.

Then there is this comment in the article:

Public-excluded meetings were usually held for genuine reasons of commercial sensitivity.

“I have a view that using this sort of thing for political expediency is just despicable, and it is harmful to credibility – particularly for the person that actually recorded and released it,” he said.

Sowman said it raised the question of how many other recordings were made.  

Good point there from Sowman. Let’s just say enough to make the council’s life a living hell, especially the video…now that was an eye-opener.

Which raises another question. Will the Mex run those audio files and the video?

Or are they too beholden to the power of the advertising dollar, it must be real hard to hold ratbags to account when they are your first and third biggest advertisers.

The one thing the Mex got right is that there is skullduggery in politics in Marlborough…I love skullduggery, it makes me happy…

Politics in Marlborough isn’t going to improve until the local media starts to take their responsibilities seriously.

I’m happy to work with them on the stories.


-Marlborough Express

  • Chris

    It is going to be a very interesting election down here in Marlborough. There has been a lot of skulduggery going on in council, not only with the theatre but the environment plan as well. And the word round the traps is that the “council” is paranoid that one certain mayoral candidate will get in as he has said he will have a clean out in the halls of power.

  • So the Marlborough Express already have all the audio and the video, but they decided there was no public interest?


    • BigNose

      They need a real journalist like Hagar to do the exposing.

  • biscuit barrel

    Oh no. A basket of despicables.
    Somehow no one at the Mex or the council seems to ‘get it’ they are talking about millions of $ of ratepayers money which effectively have ‘gone up with the stage curtain’.