Ele Ludemann on Labour’s dodgy polls

Ele Ludemann is a very, very capable woman who blogs about politics. Here at Whaleoil,we enjoy reading what Ele has to say, and wish she would say a bit more of it as she is a very wise judge of politics.

She absolutely nails Labour and their dodgy polling with this fantastic post.

Individual polls are probably only of interest to political tragics but others might take more interest in the trends which have National in the mid 40s and suggest the UMR poll is an outlier.

Labour could have set a silly precedent and dug a hole for itself by releasing its own poll.   

The media will want to know what the party’s internal polling shows next time one of the public ones doesn’t fit the party’s narrative.

If Labour doesn’t release it the obvious conclusion will be that it isn’t favourable either.

Had it not lost its spin doctors, one of them might have warned the party of that.

Spot on Ele, we will always be expecting Labour’s polling to be released as they have now set the precedent.

And we will want to see the questions and the raw data too, so we can be sure that someone isn’t rigging the numbers.


– Home Paddock

  • shykiwibloke

    Love to listen in on the water cooler talk at Labours polling company. Topics like how closely the related stats matched the collected data, and how many hands it goes through – and perhaps views on how financially constrained the polling for labour is.
    Anyways my first thought is I would think twice before using that company as the figures don’t seem to match reality. Not a good advert for them.

  • Homepaddock

    Thank you for the compliment. Fresh from your sabbatical you’ll understand why I’ve chosen to spend less time blogging.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Spot on and such economical way to put it. It really does seem that Labour have taken too much of a lead from the Media party along with the artificial buoyancy from social media.
    How so? They think we all accept what they say what is really is what is while instead we are scratching our heads saying “what is this?