Even the NZ Clickbait is calling for Hillary to come clean

Bill Clinton, with Hillary and daughter Chelsea, braves the downpour that marred the 2004 dedication ceremony for the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, in Little Rock, Arkansas. By Rick Wilking.

Hillary Clinton has stumbled, verbally and physically, in the past few days. Her abuse of Trump supporters, or “half” of them, as a “basket of deplorables”, was a lapse of political judgment that forced her to make an abject apology. Then yesterday illness struck at a 9/11 anniversary event in New York and she seemed to collapse as aids helped her into her car. Her verbal gaffe might pale by comparison with Donald Trump’s frequent remarks on a scale of offence, but people expect better of Clinton.

Her uncharacteristic loss of self-control, coupled with the physical evidence yesterday, suggests the stress of the campaign is becoming too much. She is seeing her substantial post-conventions poll lead dwindle to nothing despite Trump’s continuing troubles. Just a week or so ago his rhetoric was becoming so excessive it sounded like he was no longer campaigning seriously. But yesterday he restrained himself from making any immediate comment on his rival’s health, a subject he raised weeks ago and was scorned for it.

Clinton will turn 69 next month, Trump is 70. Both are old to be running for President. The state of their health is a legitimate consideration for American voters. Trump has provided a medical report which sounds more like his language than any doctor’s but Clinton has now given the voters more cause to wonder.

She needs to be completely candid on the subject in the days ahead and give Americans no further reason to wonder whether she can handle the stress. Gruelling as America’s presidential campaigns always are, they are testing candidates for an office that carries immense and terrible responsibilities. Incumbents age visibly in a short time.

Everyone but the most sycophantic and self interested are still pretending there is nothing seriously wrong.  Close examination of the video yesterday clearly showed her barely able to stand, and when she needed to take three or four steps into the van, she was able to put her first foot out and then her legs went to jelly.

Media were kept away, so there is no official media coverage.  Only videos from two members of the public made it online.   One of them had its rights purchased later in the day, and the rights holder set to removing all the non-licensed copies from the Internet.

Twitter had a video clip in a tweet, and that disappeared as well, no doubt enforced by the new owner.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

The pressure isn’t going away:



– NZ Herald

  • Boondecker

    Yep, and the word from the so-called ‘alt-right’ blogs are coming down hard on Hillary and those removing YouTube clips as a result. It smacks of cover-up through and through. It’s amazing what a storm 18 seconds of footage can create – mind you, there was the Zapruder cilp was 26 seconds albeit with a small time lapse.

    I note with interest Alex Jones is stating she will be forced to pull out of the race within the week. http://www.infowars.com/total-proof-hillary-is-seriously-ill-set-to-drop-out/

    • Rebecca

      Just watched…wow is all I can say

  • shykiwibloke

    For a moment – just presume Hillary is telling the truth about her health. Wouldn’t there be a dose of irony that years of lies have been glossed over, and when she finally tells the truth and could do with sympathy – no one believes her.
    If she is not telling the truth about health, I could well believe that bottling all those lies have taken a physical toll on the woman. Either way, a ton of trouble of her own making it would seem. I would not wish Parkinson’s, Pneumonia or any other serious illness on anybody btw.

    • Ross

      That would be the best case of “the boy who cried wolf” ever!

      • shykiwibloke

        That is exactly what I was thinking. Political textbook stuff for years to come.

  • cows4me
  • KatB

    The picture above, are Bill and Chelsea holding Hillary’s hands still? Seems to be a lot of hand holding going on.

    • Greg M

      Not holding her hands, but holding her up. )

  • DeplorablePersonOfColor:WHITE

    “Abject” apology it was not. She apologised for suggesting it was ‘half’ of Trump’s supporters without revising her estimate (upward or downward).

    The health comments from only a week or so ago were dismissed as outlandish conspiracy theories. If even a small part of them are true, we will increasingly see it for ourselves. (as long as the security people don’t block ALL the cameras)

  • I thought Hillary wa doing an impersonation of Ozzy Osbourne dressed as she was…..

  • Ross

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.. and I’ve got a damn cough from all the smoke!

    There are so many holes in this story… one minute they’re saying that a few fellow staffers have also had mild forms of this “pneumonia” but on the other hand saying it’s not contagious. Why did they change the NYPD and Secret Service protocols and NOT take her to a hospital but to her daughters house? We’ve all noticed the cough she’s had for the past 6 weeks, but if indeed pneumonia was the cause of that, why was pneumonia only diagnosed last Friday?

    They’re being very cute with the “truth”. She maintains she’s been told to rest up for 5 days, so let’s just see what kind of recovery she makes. Of course I don’t mean her any harm and wish her to recover, but stop treating people like they’re fools.

    • Nige.

      She even admits theres smoke.

    • Dan

      How long does pneumonia last for? Ok – rest for 5 days. But that does not explain the 270-odd no press conference days, etc.

  • sheppy

    I wonder who gains power if Hillary gets in and her health fails. Specifically who gets power and why aren’t they standing in the first place?
    Something here doesn’t pass the sniff test

    • Old Man, Torbay.

      If the president is unable to carry out the duties of office, then the vice president steps up to the plate.

      • sheppy

        Is he electable, or just an unpopular puppet master?

  • papagaya

    If she does get elected, expect her to be the least visible president in living memory. There will be very few press conferences and no way to tell how many hours a day she’s actually working.

    • Sailor Sam

      Bill will be in his element, 3rd term president.
      Come back Monica – all is forgiven.

  • Mike

    I’d prefer that both of them go to an independent doctor (or board of doctors) and have a proper physical, the results would not need to be disclosed but if either of them were found to have a ailment that could prevent them from carrying our their duties (if elected) they were removed from the ballot.