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Just exactly how good is this guy?

The way Beauden Barrett is playing calls for a paranormal investigation.

Exhibit One for the Ghostbusters would be the try he scored against the Pumas late in the first half last night in Hamilton.

The bounce of a rugby ball, as the great basketball coach Steve McKean used to joke, was always a mystery because it was “shaped like a damned peanut.”

But when Ben Smith clipped a little kick inside the Argentina 22 for Barrett to chase last night, you somehow knew it would skip away from desperate fullback Joaquin Tuculet, and sit up at chest height for the flying Barrett to scoot in for a try under the bar.

And not once, but twice, in the passage of play before his brilliant feed to Ryan Crotty for a try in the second half, Barrett would mesmerise Puma defenders so thoroughly he was stepping past them as if they were tailors’ dummies.We’ve seen some great players in the 10 jersey in the All Blacks. The greatest, Dan Carter, has just left.

But Barrett brings something entirely his own to the position. It’s sometimes hard not to laugh out loud at the weirdly sensational way the game itself seems to accommodate his every daring, exciting move.

Once he starts kicking penalties and conversions as well, we’d have nothing left to criticise…


– Phil Gifford, Stuff

  • Aucky

    The wine has just been getting finer in recent years at Number 10. Merts, then DC and who knows what Beauden can achieve. You have to feel for Cruden, Sopoaga and all of the talented youngsters waiting in the wings in provincial rugby.

  • dumbshit

    He certainly made for a despondent plane ride home for the argies. Seems a very humble dude as well, must have very proud parents.

    • Aucky

      And another Barrett pressing hard for AB selection in Scott Barrett. Isn’t there also one playing for the NZ Under 21s? There must have been some awesome backyard footy played.

      • Carl

        Jordie Barrett playing for Canterbury in the NPC at the moment and he is a good player.

        • AL357

          His parents have great sporting genes too – it’s great to see them used so well and wisely by the offspring!

      • Not Clinically Insane

        There’s five Barrett boys
        Kane played for Taranaki and the Blues but concussion has had him out for the last two years
        Scott is playing for Canterbury and the Crusaders
        Blake is playing club footy in Taranaki and the Taranaki B squad
        Jordie played for the U20s and in Canterbury studying

        • Dave

          Wow. What a family, getting to their boys games would be a little difficult. Hat tip to the parents for raising such talented sports people and Sucesful adults. Can the whingers and lefties please have a look…….

          • Not Clinically Insane

            There’s also four girls as well I think

  • Barrett seems to possess dancing skills that from the viewer in the stand look a little amateurish, but down on the paddock, pure mesmerising brilliance. Let us hope he continues with this phenomenal form against the English and the Lions next year.

  • Isherman

    He showed why he’s the hottest ticket right now, but I cant talk about mesmerising the defence without a mention to Ben Smith either. The second half of that game was telling for me, after the way they let the Pumas in during the first 40, it showed they can correct a few things on the day and make anything possible. That all said, I’m glad the Puma’s gave them a nudge, they’ll only be better for it so we can thank them for that. We’re sure as hell not going to be tested like that by the Aussies.

  • Davo42

    Watching Barret miss his first 2 kicks made me wonder if it was the LED blinking drone filming from behind the posts in his direct line of sight that put him off. I noticed that Sky stopped using it after his second missed attempt where Barret appeared to gesture at the drone as he returned to his position.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Love the talent…..
    ABs always have rising stars to take over as seniors depart, perfect seamlessness …..
    Another decent bloke :-)

  • Gavin

    Always love Phil Gifford’s writings.