Face of the Day


Poor Sir Butch.


First the stores that carry his name are in the news because of financial problem (he no longer owns them though) and now his beloved Warriors have ensured the final nail has gone into the 2016 coffin.

He might need a new hobby.


  • Jafarma

    There is hope if there is a clean out of players past their use by date, starting with Vatuvei.

    • Taser

      I agree. It’s not all a coach problem. It appears to be too buddy buddy there. While thats good, there needs to be a line between players and coaching staff. Plus all this namby pamby patting each other on back, hugging looks girly on the field. The other thing that needs to stop is when a player mucks up the other players pat them on the shoulder saying “Its Ok” instead of roaring at them so they don’t do it again because you’re not playing for ice creams.
      Get rid of a few of the older players and bring in some new blood.

  • Sally

    Peter Leitch needs a medal for the loyalist fan.

  • Raibert

    The Butch should surely begin following the All Blacks, they know how to WIN!l

  • Butch is a good genuine bloke who has time for a lot of people.

    Regarding the Warriors. The pacific island culture within the Warriors has always been to strong and until that culture changes they will never win a premiership. The Warriors have never handled the pressures of big time football, especially when it matters.