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Nobody does curmudgeonly like Winston.  But when you play against the Speaker of the House, it’s not an even fight.

Winston Peters has chosen to walk out of parliament’s debating chamber rather than apologise for interjecting “that’s crap” during question time.

Finance Minister Bill English was speaking at the time but Mr Peters had just had a run-in with Speaker David Carter.

Carter thought the remark had been about his own ruling, which Mr Peters denied.

“I was talking about the minister’s answer,” he said.

“I took it very much to be a criticism of myself,” Carter said, ordering Mr Peters to apologise or leave.

“I don’t want to waste parliament’s time by apologising to you over this matter,” Peters said as he left.

“It was crap and it is crap.”


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  • XCIA

    More like he had an appointment to meet with Mr Daniels in Bellamy’s.

  • Slightly flawed.

    Personally I’m sick of hearing about Winston, seems to me he’s all puff and no substance…hopefully he’ll not be kingmaker (again) and then he can retire to his fishing up north.

  • shykiwibloke

    So we reward behaviour against the rules of our highest court with publicity. Seems parliament needs demerit points that lead to a expulsion from parliament. We have to deal with petty councils rules and licence demerits so why should our representatives get away with no consequences for their actions?

  • Mike

    He probably just wanted to get to the pub early…

  • More proof he is losing it, stealing Angry’s lines.

  • Curly1952

    The way he speaks to people in Parliament is as if he knows best and sounds like an angry father berating his children.
    He is well past helping New Zealand and New Zealanders and is only in the game for himself. The sooner he hangs up his Parliamentary suit the better

  • GoingRight

    Is that the correct clip? Add: the one we watched yesterday I though was a little different.

  • R&BAvenger

    We are paying this waste of space and his team of no-hopers to perform this nonsense on our coin. The rules regarding behavior of MP’s in the house during question time need a radical overhaul to deal with recidivist offenders.

  • Pete

    How about the leaders budget is reduced $10 000 per expulsion of them or any of their party members? The cost of the time wasting is not acceptable