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Eddie Jones believes England will profit from the familiarity of New Zealand gained by their players during next summer’s British and Irish Lions tour as they seek to close the gap on the world champions.

The Lions face a brutal 10-fixture itinerary culminating in a three-Test series against the All Blacks, who have not lost a game on home soil since 2009 and are storming through the current Rugby Championship.

A Grand Slam and 3-0 series whitewash of Australia have lifted England to second in the global rankings, but they are unable to measure themselves against New Zealand until 2018.

Instead, Jones hopes the Lions will take a host of his players on tour knowing that the experience accumulated will benefit the Red Rose.

“Familiarity is important – knowing who you’re playing against in terms of what they’re good at, what they’re not good at, where they’re mentally weak, where you can get at them and how you can expose them,” Jones said.

“Playing against New Zealand’s players is a massive advantage because you need to know your opposition and you need to know your foe.

“We’d be hopeful that we’d get at least 15 players and a couple of coaches on that tour.”

…Despite their ominous form, Jones is convinced they are vulnerable.

“They’re good, they’re bloody good, but they are beatable. Like every team, they are beatable,” Jones said.

Can’t wait for the Lions to come here to be sent home as a bunch of screeching little kitties.


– Newshub

  • Curly1952

    He also said yesterday that the AB’s had “significant weaknesses”.
    Two things about that, if there are “significant weaknesses” you need the quality of players to exploit those weaknesses and then you need the quality to score more points than that the AB’s, none of which the POms remotely have.
    Starting the mind games years away from being good enough to win won’t work Eddie

  • yoyoyo

    Good luck to him – I think he will need it but time will surely tell if he his assumptions are correct.
    He has a 45% wining record against the AB’s as coach having coached 11 and won 5 which is probably better then most.

  • Nechtan

    Eddie assumes that plenty of “his” English players will be selected for the Lions.

    • George Carter

      I think considering the way England have been tracking under his tenure he’s got a good chance of being right.

  • Embeeare

    I love the way history repeats; won’t ever forget the last Lions series when a newish first five burst on to the international scene. He destroyed the Lions and went on to be a pretty good player from memory …
    And now, just in time, another has burst on to the scene.
    I reckon he might turn out to be a pretty good sort of player too …
    Those northern hemisphere coaches and players must just despair.
    Playing mind games this far out won’t disrupt the black team!

  • George Carter

    I think what he said is valid, nothing particularly outrageous and certainly not disrespectful. What’s funnier however is how quickly kiwis are biting back in response to what is a fairly run of the mill comment :-)

  • Brian_Smaller

    No losses on home soil since 2009. One thing in sports about winning streaks and records – they eventually get broken. England have a good talent pool – they just need the right coaching. I believe they will be the hard to beat team in the coming decade.

    • Nige.

      England have been able to do something that the Australians couldn’t: Get behind a foreign coach.

      I can’t help but feel we dodged a bullet by the the Aussies pushing back against Robbie Deans

  • R&BAvenger

    Eddie Jones is singing the same tune since he was the Aussie coach. Look how that turned out. Granted no opponent should be taken lightly and I’m sure that Hansen will ensure his charges are focused on the job and of the Lion’s tour and when they encounter the England team.
    We will all know the result after the 80 minutes of each encounter otherwise it’s pure speculation

  • BG

    The itinerary would have to be the most impossible task in world rugby. All 5 Super franchises, a Barbarian XV and NZ Maori! Did they not see what happened to Wales against a 2nd string Chiefs?

    If they come away with a 50% winning percentage I’d be surprised. It’s going to be a bloodbath

  • Tom

    Dont bet your house on the lions losing.

  • “Brutal 10 fixture itinerary” I remember when a tour was between 24 and 32 matches. Very few luxuries, non professional and 2 or 3 months away from home. The game of Rugby was perhaps not as fast back then…….but it was definitely “brutal”.

    • MarcWills

      Within those long tours there were effectively 2 teams – one test team, and the other for the mid-week provincial matches. For this 10 fixture tour there are no ‘easy’ games and therefore no respite for the test squad. There will be burnout.

      • Gatland is expecting to bring 37 players on the Lions tour in 2017, so he is bringing two and a half teams. Players wages bill……$ 6.3 million. I would expect plenty of rotation with 37 players. 10 games over 6 weeks…..if they get burnout then they shouldn’t be playing the game.