Facebook censors Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba

Facebook and twitter have censored and banned conservative voices many times but they usually at least pretend that they are doing it for some other reason. Twitter said Breitbart’s journalist Milo’s critical article of the Ghostbusters movie caused hundreds of nasty troll messages, hence his complete ban. In this case, Facebook didn’t even bother to give a fake reason for their censorship of Andrew Torba, founder and CEO of the free speech platform Gab.

Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba was temporarily banned from Facebook last night after sharing a link to Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous Faggot tour trailer just hours before his event at Texas Tech university.
Torba documented the temporary suspension from Facebook on Twitter and Gab, relaying his confusion as to the reason of his ban and the removal of the post, which purely consisted of a link to the video and the comment, “Wew lads… Coming to college campuses everywhere. Release the frogs.”

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Well folks, it’s happening.

They are shutting me up.

24 hour ban. http://www.gab.ai 


“I shared a link to Milo’s new tour trailer on Facebook hours before his first live show. About an hour before the show at Texas Tech, Milo started actively posting on Gab promoting it. During the livestream I went to check my Facebook only to find that I was logged out. When I logged back in, I was told the link to Milo’s trailer had been removed for me because it broke community guidelines,” Torba told Breitbart Tech.

I was not told which guidelines and was not given the choice to remove the content myself. Instead it was removed for me. I decided to test and see what was really removed- my copy above the link or the link itself,” he explained. “I shared the video link again, and this time within minutes I was locked out of my account, the content automatically removed, and a 24 hour ban notice for being a bad boy and sharing a harmless promotional video.”

…“At Gab, this is everything we are fighting back against,” he continued. “Instead of ‘big brother social’ knowing best, Gab places the onus on the user to create their own experience and filter out people, words or topics they do not want to see on Gab. We will continue to put people first and promote free speech and expression online for all.”


  • Jimmy Rustle

    Gab is excellent the self filtering allows community’s of like minded to speak freely without butthurt SJW’s or jews to come in and scream “Shut it down”

  • Damon Mudgway

    Mark Zuckerberg is a prat. Pure and simple. Money doth not make the man.

    • Nige.

      “you can buy up half of the nation, but you can’t buy class” -Lemmy

      • Damon Mudgway

        Lemmy…the nicest bogan ever to have lived.

  • Jman

    This has probably more to do with Facebook not wanting their platform being used to promote a rival product rather than Facebook clamping down on right-wing free speech. Either way, I expect the Streisand Effect will come into play.

  • WaveAtTheBridge

    The Gabfather should set up a rival to facebook too!