Farrar attacked by violent harpy of the hard left

David Farrar has been threatened with the breaking of his legs and a violent mugging in a dark alley by former Fairfax journalist Rachel Stewart.

The nastiness of the hard left is revealed once more.


Farrar reports:

So (now former – see update below) Fairfax columnist Rachel Stewart is openly boasting that she wants to break my legs and meet me in a dark alley. She emphasizes she isn’t kidding.

My crime was to critique her views that we should reduce the dairy herd by 80% and that no one would be eating meat in 10 years time. I never attacked her personally in any way – I just criticized her policies and predictions.

She seems to object to some of the comments on Kiwiblog and thinks this justifies her violent outbursts. Never mind that I of course do not see or read the vast majority of the 1.8 million comments on Kiwiblog and there is a well utilised procedure for people to complain about comments they think should be removed. Every week and sometimes every day I deal with complaints about comments from people who bother to use the process.

The real irony is that Rachel Stewart got a lot of publicity when she had threats of violence against her (which I condemned at the time). However she thinks that it is fine for her to be the one making the threats. Is this irony or hypocrisy?

I too condemned the threats of violence against her.

Stuff reported at the time:

Stewart said she accepted people would disagree with her or criticise her work, and she welcomed robust debate. However, responses of an overtly sexual or derogatory nature abusing individuals were offensive and unnecessary.

And all I did was critique her policy proposal and prediction. And her response was to abuse me and threaten violence against me.

Stewart said she was appalled that several prominent members of Federated Farmers and Dairy NZ “favourited” or retweeted crude comments. Dairy NZ did not respond to questions.

And 14 people have favourited her threats of violence against me. Again the hypocrisy is rather over whelming.

I urge David to report such threats to the Police. Every violent threat I get I report to Police as a matter of policy. One person has already been convicted as a result.

Rachel Stewart just seems to be yet another Social Justice Bully who runs for her safe space when people challenge her views. She hates it when it nastiness comes calling on her but is perfectly happy dishing it out on others.


– Kiwiblog

  • oldmanNZ

    The anti bully internet law should also be used in this case…

    Let see if these “journalist” will used the “in the public interest” defense in this case.

  • Intrigued

    This is utterly appalling and criminal behaviour from Stewart and she well and truly deserves the SJB label.

    I can’t think what possessed her to make these threats of violence other than that she has no answer to Farrar’s critique of her arguments. Which is the typical response from SJB’s.

    • BigNose

      “I can’t think what possessed her”. 11:25pm on a Saturday? Alcohol, I’d say.

  • Big_Al

    What a piece of work this Stewart is. A complaint to police needs to be made under the new internet bullying legislation. She deserves all she gets, and just how can Fairfax continue to use her as a columnist is beyond me. We don’t need or want anyone of this ilk in or near our media.

  • shykiwibloke

    And has her company come out and publicly distanced itself from the comments? And if not why not?

    • Keeping Stock

      Fairfax contacted DPF yesterday to advise him that Ms Stewart is no longer a contributor to them.

      • shykiwibloke

        That’s good they took the matter seriously – thanks for the info.

        • Keeping Stock

          I don’t think she’s no longer with Fairfax because of this, so hold your praise for a moment. What DPF said yesterday was this:

          UPDATE: The Taranaki Daily News informs me that by coincidence (or possibly not) that Rachel Stewart’s last column for them was the 14th of September and she was no longer a columnist for them when she tweeted her threats of violence. This may explain why she thinks she can now make such threats without consequences.

          14 September was Wednesday last week. The tweets about DPF are time-stamped on Saturday 17th September at 11.25pm. One can draw one’s own conclusions about that.

  • Bob Dazzler

    The Crimes aCt 1961

    306 Threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm?

  • taurangaruru

    How tough is this woman? Threats of violence in a dark alley, breaking of legs. She must be a kiwi Rhonda Rousey or is she just another tough guy thumping away at her keyboard & then admiring herself from head to toe? Weak Rachel this is really weak.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    This is what she said in a Stuff article about police investigating hate speech against her: “Free speech is important to me but hate speech is unacceptable . . .”


    • Big_Al

      Yep, very typical, but not unpredictable of these type of bullies.
      The old “Do as i say, not as i do” Brigade.

  • Ross

    For someone who supposedly encourages debate, her twitter feed clearly demonstrates she cannot handle someone with a different opinion at all! If she thinks you’re “thick”, you’ll just get blocked anyway. She just seems vile…

    • curry4me

      Leftists are vile for the most part. Pollies, journos,academics,celebrities, etc. Joe and Jane six pack who vote for them usually aren’t.

      • Usaywot

        Totally agree. I put some very innocuous remarks up on FB about the flag change but mine weren’t anti-Key. You should have seen the vilification I got in return. And this was from people who consider themselves intelligent. I got the last laugh, I’ve blocked them without them knowing. Now I don’t have to read their hatred filled bile. Nasty people, lefties.

        • curry4me

          Blocking them sounds like a smart move. With these people, on knows what they’re going to say before they start speaking.

    • Debate for lefties is defined as “listen to what I say and agree with it”

  • Martin

    Threats of violence by women against men are assumed to be ironic, because “I’m just a girl!” (twists short blue hair into pigtails).
    Like that song “lorena bobbitt” by a Polynesian female singer about threatening to cut her partner’s dick off, complete with video of her chopping phallic veges then abducting him. Not a peep from feminists, try doing it the other way around.
    Feminism is about equality? Yeah right.

  • Tercrit

    Haha I just looked her up, pretty sure she’s a bloke.

  • Odd Ball

    The impression I have of David, is that he is a fairly conservative moderate person, so I presume the lady has issues?

  • Odd Ball

    Isn’t it interesting that they refuse to debate any subject with anyone that would disagree with them.

  • JEL51

    I didn’t read the ‘80% recommended’ piece Rachel put out but when it was first raised on the Farming program, my first thought was… “What a dangerous person”.
    I was really meaning that her thinking had been so infected by the Green Virus, that if people were to follow her expertise, how dangerous that would be to our whole economy.
    It seems she may be a threat physically as well. Maybe she should just go hide for a while until the hysteria subsides. It’s ok Rachel, Nature always recovers what mess-ups we make, go see Hiroshima, Nagasaki, even Chernobyl is on it’s way to recovery.

    (thinking Milo may have a lot to say about such a person like this)

  • Boondecker

    This woman resorts to threats of physical violence instead of focusing on the actual issue and debating it. Yep, that sounds like the leftie way alright. And she has the gall to call herself a ‘journalist’ you say? Well, you can certainly tell why she is a “former Fairfax journalist”.

  • Anthony

    Getting rid of 80% of dairy cows.
    synthetic milk in five years
    people wouldn’t be eating meat in 10 years.
    “The dairy industry is in decline, and I’m sorry to say that we need some people to go under.”
    What planet is the s woman from?

    • OneTrack

      Planet Totalitaria?

  • Red

    “I’ve written columns about millions of subjects, in fact I have written 108 of them over the last 4 1/2 years…” she says. “Millions” must mean a minimum of 2 Mil, so she includes about 18,000 subjects in each column she’s written…
    Drama queen, much? – or am I exaggerating wildly…