French Muslims object to French Burkini ban while German Muslims take photos of nude women

It seems that wherever there is a beach there are Muslims challenging the status quo.  In France, Muslim women have demanded the right to cover up and in Germany, Muslim men  have turned up at German nudist beaches to take photos of uncovered German women.

…Here in Germany, in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own backyard, there has been a pretty toxic debate over a woman’s right to wear nothing at all.

‘People are angry. It’s always been in our culture to sunbathe naked. Now our naturist beaches have to have signs which say “No Photography” in Arabic because these so-called refugees are filming them,’ says Jens Schneider, a local candidate and activist for Alternative Fur Deutschland — Alternative For Germany — in Mrs Merkel’s home state.

…In Botenhagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, in north east Germany, a sign has been posted in Arabic on the beach warning people against taken pictures of people swimming nude

…The new party has virtually wiped out the Far-Right NPD party along the way. This neo-Nazi outfit had been running an aggressively anti-Muslim campaign, one which also involved lady sunbathers.

Their posters show a model looking out to sea wearing nothing more than a tiny thong. She has not noticed the two, crouched figures ogling her from behind. Their black hoodies say ‘Rapefugee’. The slogan above says: ‘Tourists welcome. Out with failed asylum-seekers and Islamists.’

…But there is a clear sense that mainstream Germany feels that it has been doing the decent thing for long enough. Thus far, the people have been happy to bankroll the poorer parts of Europe and a huge immigration programme out of a sense of national pride, fair play and guilt for the evils of Nazism.

However, now many feel that their culture is under threat and that their generosity is being abused.

  • contractor

    Those people filming don’t seem to understand basic discretions that are fundamental to civilisation. Hope we don’t allow them here (we will).

  • Dave

    If only, the SJW’s, media party and beauracrats pushing for more immigration followed four principles, then the vast majority of the issues would go away, as we would end up with decent immigrants, not the ones trying to ruin the country by turning it into the hell hole they came from.

    1). Would I be happy with this family,more this individual living in my community, next to me or sharing my home and bathroom with my children, if no, or if any doubt, then they don’t come in.

    2). Can they assimilate, fit in, leave their old archaic, repressive or/and violent ways behind, can they “fit in” with our societal ways, values and systems 95%? Again, if no, they don’t come in.

    3). Will they abide by our legal framework and laws, accept them and not want their old ways, it’s either a 100% fit in here or leave.

    4). Can they add value, work hard, have specific skills or similar, or will they be a drain on our society. Not just have the cash to splash and ignore the systems, but actually add value.

    If that can be achieved, and monitored “or you’re out” then immigration could work, add value to a country, whilst maintaining the countries ways, norms, culture and so on. (But add a class of citizenship, fit in forever, one warning, next breach, it’s cancelled, and farewell)

    Every time I heard Ms Small Kepler or the ex little John Campbell producer Pip Keene banging on about how we needed to take more refugees (particularly from Syria) I asked if they would be happy to host a refugee family or two in their big luxury homes, offering them a bedroom and sharing the bathroom with their children. Funnily, they never answered or engaged, its always other people who must provide, never the ones with the outrage.

  • sandalwood789

    I think we should force apologists like Devoy to put on a bikini and go to a beach where there are a few drooling Muslim men who will take photos of her.

    Let the men get right up close to her – maybe even let them paw her. Only *then* might she get the faintest idea that “hey, maybe letting these people in isn’t such a good idea….”

    • KatB

      I think she would just see it as a failing on her behalf, enticing these poor hapless chaps.

      • OneTrack

        And that she needed to be more “tolerant”.

  • Chris Bell

    Yep – and when you invite in people whose religion is about as religious as a fruit salad you are going to get these misfits – Angela Merkel – well done on destroying Germany

  • cows4me

    Maybe the German nudists should invest in a a herd of does and have them in a little fenced off patch, divert the photographers attention.

  • JEL51

    Funny…..” many feel that their culture is under threat and that their generosity is being abused.”…. tells a story about the same place so differently to Susan Wood on zb, this morning.
    Ms. Wood who has been to Germany just recently I gather, and so has seen for herself, portrayed a people deeply apologetic about the past…blah….blah….two wars..blah…We … Bush…blah….America…..blah…..Trump…Blurrrrch, with out any cogency. I was left wondering what she actually saw and who she spent time with to form that opinion or was it just a continuation of the usual biased drivel she left home with
    ……funny? I know which reports I trust and hers just doesn’t stack up.