From despicable, to evil genius, to master of political games…all in a day

Yesterday I was described as despicable by ratbags in Marlborough who have come under some much-needed scrutiny.

And Colin Craig called me an evil genius and a master of political games under cross-examination.

The cross-examination of Craig was awful in its entirety as his words were picked over bit by bit. From the love letters to the booklet, every phrase was read out by Craig and he was asked what he meant by the sentence.

No journalist managed to capture the sheer embarrassment of it all. You had to be there.

Adam Hollingworth has some of it.

Jordan Williams’ lawyer has gone on the attack in cross-examining Colin Craig, at the defamation trial against the former Conservative Party leader.

Peter McKnight questioned Mr Craig in depth on Monday morning about his decision to use the literary device ‘Mr X’ in pamphlets he sent to hundreds of thousands of households last year.

Mr Williams took the defamation case against Mr Craig after the latter called him a liar for spreading “false allegations” about him to other members of the Conservative Party, particularly regarding his behaviour around former press secretary Rachel MacGregor.

On Monday, Mr Craig told the jury ‘Mr X’was a nom de plume in his Dirty Politics leaflet at the centre of the defamation trial.

But Mr McKnight suggested that was dishonest.  

“I guess some people would see the use of a nom de plume as dishonest, but I don’t,” Mr Craig replied.

At one point he reproduced what he called the view of political strategist Simon Lusk, who figured in the Nicky Hager Dirty Politics book as Mr X, but said he didn’t agree with his view.

“You don’t agree with that view and yet you publish it. That’s reckless,” Mr Knight suggested.

“It’s not reckless at all,” replied Mr Craig.

“What’s the factual foundation? I’m asking the factual basis for these opinions. You know the law of defamation,” Mr McKnight said.

“It’s a viewpoint,” replied Mr Craig. “I was setting it out as an opinion.”

Basically, he admitted, though Craig doesn’t realise it, that he just made it all up. I can’t wait to let Brian Henry loose on this clown.

Because some of the pamphlet is written as an interview with Mr X, Mr McKnight picked through each statement to work out whose view was represented.

But Mr Craig has been unable to recall whose opinions he was representing for some of Mr X’s statements.

At one point Mr X described Slater as an evil genius. Mr McKnight suggested that was a horrible phrase.

Mr Craig referred to one of the allegations he had made about his family.

“To go down that route and make false allegations because it involves children and innocent people, I would use the phrase ‘evil’.”

Apparently, it is evil to ask questions privately of a subject, questions that have never been published. Craig believes that questions shouldn’t have ever been asked.

I think Jordan’s lawyer is being a big girl’s blouse. I don’t think it was a horrible phrase…I might add it to my business cards.


– Newshub

  • Keeping Stock

    Here’s a question for those with a legal background. When Hager gives evidence on Craig’s behalf, he will be cross-examined by Williams’ lawyers. So if he mentions dirty politics, can he then be cross-examined on Dirty politics?

    If the answer is yes, it could become very interesting.

    • He has a real problem with s68 (2) of the evidence act. Because any evidence he gives about dirty politics is actually hearsay. He could easily be required to reveal who his source was.

      • Keeping Stock

        That’s what I was hoping to hear.

  • Isherman

    This trial should really should have been the one to be livestreamed IMO, we’re definately missing out.

    • Seriously?

      Available on a webcast near you. Rated M, contains clumsy sexual innuendo and the destruction of political ambitions.

      • Keeping Stock

        I wonder if Colin Craig has some Greek blood in his whakapapa from somewhere back in the day. What is playing out in the High Court is a classic Greek tragedy, with lots of pathos

        • waikatosinger

          I’d say it was more bathos than pathos .

  • Brian_Smaller

    Sometimes people say “Evil Genius” like it is a bad thing.

    • Kevin

      I wouldn’t mind being called an evil genius.

      • johcar

        With the name “Kevin”, you’re more of a Minion… :)

  • Damon Mudgway

    Watching Craig being cross examined on the News, I have to admit I felt quite sorry for him. A pathetic, sad individual, who found the allure of politics too appealing. What’s even sadder is his inability to realise he should slink off into the background.

    And then I remember the countless times he has threatened legal action on those simply telling the truth. Then I think, stuff him, he deserves everything he gets.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I think Peter has been quite gentle on Colin. Seems almost similar to hammering a Downs Syndrome sufferer in the box. Not pretty to watch.

  • Nebman

    Under “Hubris” in any modern dictionary should be a picture of Colin. The lack of self-awareness is staggering.

    • woollyone

      Could get crowded. Hillary needs to be there to according to Colin Powell

  • TheRobberDog

    “At one point Mr X described Slater as an evil genius. Mr McKnight suggested that was a horrible phrase”
    Cam, this is when you should have jumped up and called “Objection!!!!”
    I’d love someone to call me an evil genius 😈