Goff wants to be mayor – so trashes PPTA schools

Phil Goff gets up union dominated schools in South Auckland who are failing their students.

At last week’s Auckland mayoral debate on Morning Report, the city’s four main candidates blamed ‘white flight’ on a divided society and poor schooling.

Mark Thomas said the council’s role was to provide more affordable housing and better facilities.

John Palino said it reflected Auckland’s changing society.

“I mean as far as schools, why pakeha go to different schools is because parents want their children to go to better schools.”

Phil Goff also blamed poor education at many of the south Auckland schools.

“My kids went to one of those south Auckland schools, it’s a decile one school, Papakura. I don’t think that it does its duty by the students that go there. I think we are not getting the quality that we need in some of those schools.”  

Vic Crone said Māori and Pacific communities were experiencing increasing alienation.

“I think that the Mayor of Auckland has a role to play in championing a city that is more inclusive and more compassionate.”

I think this is telling in that all candidates with the exception of Goff miss the point that schooling has got nothing to do with local government. It is a core central government responsibility and there is not one thing that the Auckland MAyor do to change anything.

Until the union hegemony over schooling is broken then poor results will continue to be delivered by schools. This is why charter schools have very long waiting lists in South Auckland.

Goff recognises this, after all, it was probably those South Auckland schools where his daughter learned to smuggle ecstasy in her bra.





  • jcpry

    He should have been charged with child abuse. If you had the option and the ability to do so you would not send your children to that school.

  • Fuglybud

    The State and Local Bodies cannot support apartheid and then cry foul when the results aren’t up to scratch. Lets start talking problems for what they are and not race based. If we don’t soon SA might stop playing rugby against us.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

    People moaning about ‘White Flight’.

    Atlas: *shrugs*

  • If people have a choice they won’t take second best.

  • reubee

    Re: the last line about where Phil Goff sent his daughter to school, according to the link it was Hamilton Girls. I don’t recall him ever being MP for Hamilton.

  • SAM51

    Is it one of these schools that Goff learned to throw paint over returned servicemen? An early form of graffiti?