Good judge tells bad wogs to stop bludging as he sentences hate-preacher Anjem Choudary to prison

Good job, hate-preacher Anjem Choudary is off to the pokie for more than 5 years, by which time all his pals in ISIS will probably be dead.

A senior judge has challenged Islamist extremists who live on benefits while claiming to “despise” Western democracy, as he sentenced hate preacher Anjem Choudary to five-and-half years in prison.

Choudary has lived on benefits in the UK for the past 20 years, during which time it is understood he has claimed up to £500,000 from the state.

While living off the state – dubbing his benefits ‘Jihadiseekers’ Allowance’ – Choudary became one of the country’s most notorious radical preachers – professing hatred against the West.

But he managed to avoid a criminal conviction until he was charged last year with drumming up support for a terrorist organisation by pledging allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (Isil).

On Tuesday he was sentenced alongside fellow radical Islamist Mohammed Mizanur Rahman after both being convicted of inviting support for the terrorist group.

Before sentencing them, Mr Justice Holroyde heard that the pair were both living off benefits.

After hearing Mr Rahman’s lawyer speak, the judge asked: “Is it not an anathema to be funded by the liberal Western democracy he so adamantly despises?”

MPs have now called for the Home Secretary to be given powers to block hate preachers from receiving benefits.

What a good idea.

A former work and pensions secretary also spoke of his frustration at being unable to deprive terrorist suspects of state benefits.

The Old Bailey heard a “calculating” and “dangerous” Choudary had published an oath of allegiance to Isil knowing it was likely to encourage his vulnerable or fanatical followers to commit terrorist attacks.

Mr Justice Holroyde dismissed regret from the 49 year-old, saying he “knew exactly what he was doing”.

The judge said Choudary had invited support for Isil while it was “engaged in appalling acts of terrorism”.

He said: “At no point did either of you say anything to condemn the violent means by which [Isil] claimed to have established a caliphate.”

The Old Bailey heard Choudary was an influential ideologue who had tens of thousands of followers on social media. He publicised his oath at a crucial time just as Isil had launched its self-styled caliphate in Iraq and Syria and many people were looking for guidance on its legitimacy.

Choudary’s influence was so strong that Siddhartha Dhar, who is later believed to have succeeded ‘Jihadi John’ as Isil executioner, asked him for a “verdict” on the caliphate, saying his words “would be gold on Twitter”.

Sentencing both Choudary and Rahman, 33, each to five-and-a-half years, Mr Justice Holroyde said they had shown “no remorse at all for anything you have said or done, and I have no doubt you will continue to communicate your message whenever you can”.

Their supporters in the public gallery shouted “Allahu Akbar” as the two men were led from the dock.

Of course they did. Export them back whence they came.

It’s a small win, but essentially pissing into the wind.


– The Telegraph


  • Old Kiwi

    Total madness, and now the poor British Taxpayer is going to continue to support them as they continue to spread the hate to a captive audience. What a shame the Tower of London is just a tourist attraction these days.

    • Isherman

      The real injustice is that it will cost the taxpayer even more. From the state he has averaged £25,000 p.a. The cost of keeping an inmate in the UK is £40,000. p.a.

      • Legallysane

        Perhaps, but better in than out in my view.

  • shykiwibloke

    Once upon a time he would have been charged with Treason or Sedition, and the punishment was more likely to be shackles than loss of state sheckles – I can see why people on the outside think the west is a soft target.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    It makes my blood boil every time I see this loathsome character. To think he’s been bludging of the very system he’s trying to bring down, for 20 years!!
    Ironic really, because if he does succeed and England became an Islamic state, you can bet there wouldn’t be any welfare handouts.
    Hopefully once his sentence is finished, he’ll be deported to whichever cesspit he hails from.

    • Sponsz

      Choudry was born in the UK so, unfortunately, the possibility of deportation doesn’t arise. Also, release is virtually automatic after completing only 50% of his sentence – he is looking at only 33 months inside.

      It’s a start, I suppose, but the UK will need to toughen up its justice system a lot more to be effective against their Moslem fifth column.

      • Isherman

        Its the structure of the sentencing that’s the problem with the charges that are used. When you are calling for, or supporting attacks on your own country and or counrtymen, it makes a pretty good case for full treason laws, and the more appropriate sentencing structure that would normally accompany it.

        • jimknowsall

          Yes, that would be a good idea. Up until 1998 and the Human Rights Act of Tony Blair, that would have been the death penalty. Irrespective of that, for some reason, the authorities seem very reluctant in general to go for a charge of treason and last did so in 1946.

      • veridian

        Being born in a stable doesn’t make him a horse. He should be deported to one of the Islamic hell-holes he so admires.

        • Brian Dingwall

          Wellington may have finished Napolean off at Waterloo, these guys will be harder……(recognizes quote)

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      The Jizya of the British caliphate will be levied on those non-Muslims allowed to live, for the benefit of the believers…how long before this becomes realistic? Its not that different from today….
      The place will become like everwhere else in the ME by then of course…a hellhole.

  • JEL51

    How many of the so-called moderate muslims worked with Police to bring this man to justice over those 20 yrs?
    5 yrs is not long enough for fanaticism that wants to wipe-out the rest of society.

  • lyall

    I think this is why the ‘West’ is viewed as weak and apathetic, this guy can do all this from the middle of England for years, while being paid by the English taxpayer (far from being anathema this fact merely emboldens those waiting in Calais) – how long would a radical christian preacher in a majority muslim country last? I dont even think the ‘authorities’ would need to get involved as the nearest ‘muslim cleric’ could easily organise the beheading!

  • ross

    He’ll have a comfortable time in prison with more expense to the taxpayer but it’s the best the impotetnBritish legal system can do until UK citizens stage a revolution for these scum to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

  • Martin

    This is a great summary . . .

  • Hobbes

    Good judge??? Like Hell! He could have given him the maximum sentence, 8 to 10 years I think, but didn’t. He will be out in two according to the Times. A disgusting cop out by a Judge worried about charges of racism and possible retaliation I think. The comments section of the Times is awash with outrage.

  • Raibert

    Surely this should make the people of the U.K. look at their welfare system. How can someone not be gainfully employed for 20 years? If he was a full time religious leader his followers should have paid for him not the general public.
    If he had been required to work after say 3 years on a benefit (more than adequate time to gain some skill) would he have been able to cause the trouble he has?
    Time for those democracies like Britain and around the world to wake up to the enemy within and act.

  • Sponsz