Green Party: Trougher in, trougher out as Kevin Hague resigns


Mr Hague has announced he will be taking up the role of chief executive of environmental organisation Forest and Bird.

He has been a Green MP since 2008, and is currently the party’s spokesperson on health, conservation and rainbow (LGBT) issues.

Mr Hague stood for the co-leadership of the party in 2015 but was unsuccessful, losing to James Shaw.

Barry Coates will be joining Parliament as the next person on the party’s list.

Mr Coates is the former executive director of Oxfam New Zealand.

Kevin is a decent enough bloke, but outside of his work during the Marriage Equality lead-in, he’s really not had any hits.  And he too can see that he’ll never be a government minister.

He put in the time, was quite accessible and was fairly well across his shadow portfolios.

First Russel Norman ran away to Greenpeace.  Now Kevin is off to Forest & Bird.  People who are frustrated being essentially useless troughers as Greens in parliament have a need to get closer to being able to make and influence policy.  And amusingly, being a Green MP doesn’t extend you nearly the same opportunities.



  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    So he’ll have been in for 3 terms, the exact amount of time needed to receive all the goodies for the rest of his life. Trougher all right.

    • Second time around

      If he came in with the General Election of 2008 he will be a year short. I hope that is right as I would like to respect him.

      • Alan Beresford B’Stard

        My understanding is its 3 terms, and I’m making the assumption he’ll stay until the next election, but I stand to be corrected if that’s incorrect.

        • Workasdirected

          3 terms was for the old scheme

    • Minnie Mouse

      No, not the case here. Thank goodness.. He hasn’t been in Parliament long enough.

  • Wayne Hodge

    So moves from a Luddite party to a Luddite lobby group.

    • pidge

      F&B have been useful with smacking down DoC in over the landswap with HBRC

  • Sally

    Interesting how time wasting useless list MPs can come and go with immunity while it is a lot harder for electorate MPs to leave because that causes by-elections.
    A list MP gets sick of parliament, just go and find another job, not letting any of the voting public down.
    This term the Greens have lost Norman and now Hague. No commitment.

    • MaryLou

      Or just resignation to the fact that they’ll never get anything done where they are! Imagine being a “true believer” in a cause, stuck in a place that has pretty much said it’s happy remaining outside gummint benches. Soul destroying.

      • Sally

        Probably lost the will after missing out on the co-leadership roll.

      • Ruahine

        True Believer in the use of other peoples money mainly.

  • Vutekno

    I’m surprised that other Green MPs don’t leave as well. Having a co leader like melon material girl would be a challenge to most people. Only really dedicated troughers could put up with her mind blowing idiot outpourings. Bet they don’t really want to “hang with her” either.

  • Aucky

    So Barry Coates is getting a free ride into Parliament. That will make two former Oxfam executive directors on the Opposition benches when he joins his old mate Phil Twyford.

  • john Doe

    Silly Party really. If they dropped all of the Social Warrior bullswool and concentrated on our forests and water ways, negotiated a few concessions from whatever party was running the show, they would be far better off. Everyone loves trees and a clean river.

    • benniedawg

      Agree wholeheartedly, if they stuck to their knitting as the early greens did, they would most likely be sitting alongside the ruling party providing specific advice/policy on green issues. The fact that they feel the need to be all over every political issue has rendered them useless and a burden for any mainstream party who gets near them.

    • duve

      I was member of Forest and Bird for many years, when it was what it purports to be, an environmental organisation. I resigned when they became politically involved in Maori issues. Their level of political involvement continues to grow.

  • Blueburd

    So yet again some plonker who couldn’t get close to being elected gets a free ride at our expense.

    I am no fan of MMP and this is one of the reasons why.

    • kloyd0306

      Totally agree. List MPs have no credibility. They do not represent me or any electorate. They merely represent their (powerless, minority), party.

    • OneTrack

      Like the sluper city, mmp seemed such a good idea in theory. In practice, somewhat different.

  • JLS

    Losing to James Shaw- what a recommendation. Forest and Bird just cemented my already low opinion of them.

  • Disinfectant

    Forest and Bird might now register as a political party and they will all be back in Parliament along with their socialist lawyer Peter Anderson.